A Lemon-Flavored 4th OVAry. Now a Two-Part One-Shot. /// Momiji finally turns 18. Her childish figure has long since been replaced with a woman's physique, and Kusanagi can't hold himself back anymore. He wants her. Edited to include more, more, and more! Like a totally different story now!
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Author's Note: The whole story was rewritten in March 2009. It is now a two-part One-Shot. No action packed adventures, but plenty of loving for MxK fans! Don't forget to review!

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Blue Seed / / / Loving You Too / / / Part One / / / A Ring

"My name is Fujimiya Momiji, Offical Kushinada. Blood Type A, Libra. Today is my 18th birthday. And just three years ago I helped save all of Japan"

The October sky blazed with an autumn tint as the sun sank behind snow-tipped mountains far off in the distance, settling in like a personified day tucking in for the night. This happened just as the park was quieting down, because all the children had hopped onto their bikes and rode home, and with them went all the laughter and noise. Only the older couples remained longer to linger under the sakura trees, holding hands or kissing passionately.

On the walking bridge by a small pond stood a lonely looking redheaded girl with light green-blue eyes and peach-white skin. She was staring down at her reflection in the murky green water, but every now and again she'd glanced up at the couples who were holding each other close, and she'd start to blush and fume in envy, thinking only one thing.

"… Why doesn't Kusanagi want me?"

She sighed. The day was darkening and so was the usual sparkle in her eyes. She felt as cold as the water below, and it pained her. She leaned against the railing of the bridge, putting her head down in her arms and staring blankly at the scenery. The last three years rushed to her mind like a bad movie on fast forward. But she paused at every moment he gently held her hand, kissed her cheek, or smiled at her softly.

"Kusanagi San…" she mumbled.

Tears sprang to her eyes, and she was overcome with the urge to sob. But she held it all back. "Fool…" she muttered, grinding her teeth. It was stupid to cry like a spoiled child; she shouldn't have to cry over him. Being with him should be enough comfort. Enough... but it wasn't.

Every day, it felt more and more like being stuck in her grandmother's holy water, always washing, constantly purifying her soul. Holding onto some sacred agreement she didn't remember making. It was tiring, and it made her sick. She wasn't a child anymore. She hadn't been a child in a long time.

In fact, she no longer had a baby's figure either. She was a full-grown woman now. Her breasts were above average and her thighs were lean and curvy, and lately when she was naked and looked at herself in a full-length mirror she could see the shadow of a sexual deviant in her stature. Would Kusanagi ever notice these things too?

The leaves of a nearby tree rustled in disturbance, unbeknownst to her. Behind them sat an idle figure on a branch hidden from her view. The figure stared at the redhead in quiet yearning, aching at the sadness in her eyes. He could feel her misery, and he felt it was his fault. And he knew why, and because of it he felt no good. He was too afraid to be with her, but couldn't let her go. He was holding her back from finding true happiness with someone who may never hurt her. But he still couldn't let her go.

Even from the height and distance where he sat, he could still see her lips, and they excited him. They were soft, and slightly pink, and so smooth. She'd part them to sigh, and his heart fluttered in his chest. But all he could do was look. "Damn…" he cursed, but the shadows still hid his face.

The sun finally set and the raw energy of night marooned the sky. In the east the stars already started to blend into the dark velvet. They showed themselves slowly, taking their time.

The girl decided it was time to leave, and pushed herself up from the bridge to walk along the sidewalk. The figure in the tree stirred, and then immediately jumped down from the tree directly behind her.

"Yo!" He greeted.

She spun around quickly, looking rather taken aback. When she realized who it was, her distraught facade brightened, and she smiled for the first time all afternoon.

"Kusanagi San!" She sang happily, running to him and grabbing his arm. Every trace of melancholy in her facial appearance was promptly well hidden, but Kusanagi couldn't help feeling his own anguish sink in deeper. She was no longer a child; he could see that blatantly in her face. She couldn't pretend forever. Neither could he.

"Happy Birthday, Momiji," he said, and bent to peck her on the cheek.

Momiji blushed. "I'm glad you remembered," she said, and paused to look away, momentarily caught in her own thoughts. Then she turned back, grinning. "You're still coming to the party Oji San and Takeuchi Chan are throwing me, ne?"

"Nnn," he agreed, but stared at Momiji from the corner of his eye as they started to walk. After a few moments of silence, in which Momiji led him to her car, he started to speak. "Say, Momiji…?"

"Mmhmm?" she purred, smiling keenly as she hung from his arm.

"Do you…" Kusanagi started, his cheeks tinted red, "… Do you want to, er, spend some time with me… after the party…?"

Momiji stopped. Looking up at Kusanagi, she couldn't help but let the sudden electricity in her heart burn through. "A date?" she asked quietly, looking for assurance in his eyes. They hadn't been on a real date all summer. She refused to let him see the joy in her bubble over, but it was impossible to hide.

"Yeah… a date…" he looked down at her and smiled. She started to glow, literally glow, and it made his heart beat fast. It was so great seeing her happy. It didn't seem like much, usually that was enough. But then it dawned on him once again that he couldn't make her happy, especially if he was afraid all the time. "Sometimes…" he thought miserably to himself, "… I feel like I'm leading you on."


It was one word, but the high pitched death shout was enough to shake the whole Kunikida house. Birds on fence posts outside actually fluttered into the air and flew away. The sound of a crash from inside was next, and it became more than obvious that something was going down.

"Heh!" Kusanagi spat, "Kome's at it again." He shut the car door of Momiji's vehicle and began heading up the driveway.

Momiji giggled. "Kunikida bought sake this afternoon before I left. Kome started drinking in no time flat. She must be all over poor Yeagashi about the wedding."

"Eh, she's had cold feet since January. Two weeks to go, I bet she cracks."

"Nah…" Momiji said, grabbing Kusanagi's hand and entwining her fingers with his. "She loves him."

Kusanagi blushed and looked away, embarrassed, but kept holding her hand.

As they entered the house another crash vibrated from the living room, and Kome's slurred words seeped out of the doorways.

"… How hard is it to put together a stupid machine, Yeagashi? Momiji will be here any second…!"

"I know, I know—shh! I heard someone at the front door!"


"Go, go, go! Stop them if it's her!"

Something fell again, and seconds later Kome burst from the living room doors, a plastered grin on her face. She was, most definitely, intoxicated.

"Momiji Chan!" she said, her voice radient with enthusiasm. "Birthday girl! Let's get you a drink, ne? Come with Onee Chan Kome. Put a few hairs on your chest, ne?" She laughed, very hohoho, and drug Momiji off into the kitchen before the Kushinada could try and answer. Just like that, and she was gone.

Kusanagi smirked, amused, and walked into the living room out of plain curiosity. "Oi!" He said loudly, causing Yeagashi, who was sitting quietly on the floor tinkering with something, to jump ten feet in the air.

"Ah-ta-ta-ta-ta!" Yeagashi stuttered, adjusting his askew eyeglasses. "Oh, Kusanagi San," he panted, holding his hand to his chest to calm his heart. He took a deep breath and sighed. "Is Momiji Chan busy?"

"Nnn, Kome took her to drink sake in the kitchen," Kusanagi said, pausing to stare at the contraption in Yeagashi's lap. Yeagashi was holding a small metallic ring attached to a laptop on his leg, plugging in a wire on the the inner side. "What's that for?" Kusanagi asked.

Yeagashi looked down, confused, but once he saw the ring his face lit up and he hurried to move the laptop and stand. "This… this is a gift for Momiji. It's actually for you. For your mitama."

There was a split second of awkward silence, and Kusanagi's eyes flashed with anger. "My mitama…?" he whispered.


Kusanagi looked down at the metallic ring. It was ordinary looking like a wedding band, except for the small hole around the inner side where the wire was connected. Yeagashi held it out for Kusanagi to hold.

"A year ago, after Kome and I got engaged…" Yeagashi lightly blushed here, his ears vibrant red, but he continued, "I took the liberty of taking the research Momiji's been doing on your mitama from her work station. It wasn't quite finished, but she was making good progress, and it just needed a little push from someone who knows technology, and has studied the Kushinada effects."

Kusanagi's eyes were wide with shock. "Momiji's been… researching my mitama?" he asked quietly, looking down at the ring in his hand. Silence fell between them again, in which Yeagashi stood by uncomfortably and did not reply. "So what does this do?" Kusanagi finally asked.

"It's a stabilizer. It should keep your blood-level calm enough to put your mitama into a dormant stage whenever you wear it." Yeagashi answered matter-of-factly. Then he blushed red again when Kusanagi glared at him. "I mean, I haven't tried it yet… but now you're here!"

"You're saying," Kusanagi started, peering down at the ring with mild curiosity. "That when I wear this little thing… I won't be able to use my mitama?"

"Hopefully. That's the idea."

Kusanagi continued to pause. The ring in his hand was cold and light, and seemed almost too surreal. He refused to believe something so small might be able to contain all his power. But Momiji's smiling face flashed before his eyes. He held the ring out to Yeagashi. "Finish it then. I'll try it."

Yeagashi's face lit up. "Really? Thanks!" He said, immediately sitting back down on the floor and grabbing the laptop he had recently been using. "It should only take me a few more minutes. I almost had it coded last time…"

Kusanagi plopped down on the couch with a long, loud sigh. He wasn't exactly in favor of being a science project, but the last year had been more intense than the years before that. He knew it was time to at least try something. Something to help him control his mitama, so he'd never transform into Aragami, and Momiji would always be safe. And if this failed, he'd know it was time... time to let her go.

The clock on the wall chimed eight strokes. Kusanagi looked out the grand window where the moon was starting to shine. In the dark evening sky it was large and full, with an ominous glow. Kusanagi couldn't help feeling nervous.

Momiji's face burned into his thoughts as he waited. She was smiling in his head. She was always smiling when they were together. It hurt him sometimes to see her smile that way, when so often he saw her sad from a distance. It hurt to know he was the reason she'd been acting less and less childish than before, like it was him who took her happiness and innocence.

Really, in fact, he just refused to believe maybe she was growing up.

The bitter smell of sake sickened Momiji to the stomach as Kome poured a third shot glass for each of them. Momiji wasn't sure she could take any more. "Ne! Kome Chan! I can't—"

"Sure you can," Kome laughed, picking up the cup and holding it out to Momiji. The Kushinada reluctantly took it, but did not drink.

Kome slammed the shot in seconds. "Ah…" she sighed, grinning stupidly. Momiji knew from experience that Kome wasn't near plastered-drunk yet, but if time and sake had its way, she'd soon be singing sappy folk songs and beating up on Yeagashi for kicks. Thinking ahead, this thought made Momiji giggle.

"Say, Kome…?" Momiji said quietly, glancing at her TAC co-worker from the corner of her eyes. Kome had already poured herself a fourth shot and was sipping it much more lady-like than last time.

"Nnn?" Kome hummed in acknowledgment of Momiji's voice, her eyes closed as she sacredly drained her cup.

"Does Yeagashi-san… I mean, do you…" Momiji started, blushing deeply. She took a deep breath and continued to concentrate on the cup in her hands. "Do you guys… ever… do it?"

Kome's glass dropped unceremoniously to the floor. It rolled under the table and clicked to a stop against the leg like a cricket in the dead of night. Kome's shoulders had tensed up like someone just hit her, and she was turning a faint pink. Then, "Oi!" she shouted, the silence broken. She whipped her head around to glare at Momiji in shock. "Just what kind of question is that?"

"I--" Momiji started, her face colored like a ripe tomato, eyes wide with embarrassment. "I just meant since you're gonna be married soon you might know how it feels getting to the next step and I—" Momiji stopped and closed her eyes tight, bowing her head in shame so quickly it bounced off the table and she lost sense of thought. "… Owie!" she moaned, rubbing the new lump tenderly.

"We…" Kome said quietly, clearly unaware of the injury. She was staring at the bottle of sake. She swallowed her tongue, hard, and then blushed a deep red that surpassed even Momiji's. "We… do."

"Oh!" Momiji said in shock. Her eyes became bright with curiosity, no longer mortified. She reached for Kome's hands and held them. "Can you tell me how to get Kusanagi San to notice me that way? Please, Kome?"

Then, completely changing the subject, Kome muttered, "Aren't we doing karaoke or something?" She was still bright pink.

"Please, Kome?" Momiji begged, her eyes tearing up. "I can't ask anyone but you. Sakura Chan would never let me live it down, and I don't want to ask Valencia Chan… And lately it'd just be weird if I asked Takeuchi Chan. Please."

Kome looked into Momiji's watery eyes in thought. There was a long pause in which the rift of innocence versus knowledge teetered on a wire. Then, "All right," Kome sighed, giving in with a shrug. Innocence lost. "I do have a lot more experience than you," she encouraged herself, smirking. "Still though, ne? I can't believe you and Kusanagi still haven't gotten anywhere. Sheesh."

Momiji blushed again, but let go of Kome's hands and smiled. "I suppose so. I never know what to do when we're together… I know he... loves me. But his mitama…"

Kome continued to smirk, looking over her shoulder at the door where the boys were. "Don't worry about that, Momiji, things have a way of turning out." She retrieved the fallen cup and poured herself another shot. "The best way to seduce a guy is sake!" She grinned, drank the cup, and then sighed. "If that doesn't work, though…" she took a moment for dramatic effect, still grinning, then said, "... Just kiss him."

"Kiss him?" Momiji asked, her once hopeful expression turned blank. "Just… kiss?"

"Don't you know how to kiss the right way?" Kome laughed. "Tongue kiss?"

Momiji's new blush gave her away. Kome started laughing again.

"Okay, okay," Kome huffed, wiping tears from her eyes. "Like this."

There were a few moments where Kome looked at the wall opposite of her in a weird sort of determination. Momiji wasn't sure what the drunk was doing. Then Kome closed her eyes, opened her mouth and lightly puckered up her lips. She slowly stuck out her tongue, and licked the air softly, like an ice cream; licking her own lips every now and again, and bobbing her head in soft jerks. Then she stopped, opened her eyes, and looked at Momiji with a cocky grin.

Momiji blushed again. "That seems… kinda complicated…"

"Nah," Kome said, brushing Momiji off. "Once you start kissing like that, the rest comes real easy. Guys really like foreplay."

Momiji sighed, blushing a fire engine red. She looked at the opposite wall as well, her features stern. Then she childishly stuck out her tongue, like a toddler, and licked the air. If someone had been standing across Momiji at that second, they would have quite literally thought she was an angry five year old.

"Eh," Kome sighed, humiliated. "Keep practicing."

"Finito!" Yeagashi said beaming with pride. He unhooked the ring from the cable and walked over to Kusanagi, where he dropped the wedding band look-a-like in the warrior's hand. "I'm sure I got it right this time."

Kusanagi took a few seconds to analyze the ring by sight and sense. He anticipated the idea of controlling his mitama, but a fear enveloped his mind from the darkest corners. He'd never been without his mitama before. And not only that, but what if it didn't work? For those last few seconds Kusanagi was actually excited about this breakthrough; he was hopeful he'd never have to worry about hurting Momiji again. He could be with her, and they would be happy. But if it didn't work... would he take it as a sign?

"Are you gonna try it on?" Yeagashi asked.

Kusanagi didn't answer, but stood up and walked to the window, holding the ring between his fingers in thought. He looked up at the moon through the glass panes and contemplated his next move. It wouldn't hurt to try, but would it be the answer?

Before he could overthink the matter much more, Kusanagi slipped the ring onto his ring finger. He took a step back, as if expecting some sort of bolt of electricity to hit him, and cringed.

However it wasn't a bolt that hit him, but more like a numb cold feeling that slowly spread from his fingertips, up his arm, and to his whole body. The ring itself started to feel warmer and almost hot, glowing orange for three seconds, before returning back to its normal golden color. And at the end of it all, Kusanagi started to feel a heavy weight lift from his shoulders, and then it was like he was stuck in a stupor, in which he became calmer, more mellow, and everything began to feel like the flow of a graceful wind.

"This feeling…" he muttered, putting a hand to his head as if to stop himself from becoming dizzy. "It's so… weird."

"I think those are just temporary side effects." Yeagashi started. "You've had your mitama since right after birth, so it's only natural to feel different when they're basically dormant in your body."

Kusanagi stiffened again and stood straight, holding his shoulders back as if to replace his sense of masculinity. He looked down at his hands, and tried to call his mitama. He could feel them pulse inside in palms, but they did not glow.

"Try to release your arm blades," Yeagashi said, looking rather pleased with himself.

Kusanagi widened his stance, holding his hands in tight fists. He pushed his power into his forearms, but his blades did not show. His heart beat quickly, but nothing else happened.

"I think this ring really works," Kusanagi said, smiling. Yeagashi was bursting with joy.

Kusanagi's heart was really racing now. Options were open to him, thoughts and feelings consumed his mind like they never have before. Little joys he used to indulge in now seemed to become intensified in his mind, small in their reality. He thought deeply about holding Momiji in his arms, and finally kissing her for longer than a minute. All the desires he'd kept pent-up began to take over his entire body. He suddenly felt everything.

"Thanks, Yeagashi." Kusanagi said. He briefly touched Yeagashi's shoulder, and then turned and left the room.

Momiji was hiccupping. Her fourth shot of sake that night burned just like the first as it slid down her throat. But Kome was oh-too pleased, and already pouring herself another one.

Kusanagi appeared at the kitchen's doorway, sliding the door back quickly and peering inside. Momiji sat very still with the sake in front of her, smiling under a red nose. He looked to her lips again, which excited him more than usual. And the air smelt like cherries.

"Yo!" he greeted, shuffling into the room. Momiji smiled at him and he sat down beside her, close enough that their legs touched. "Look at you, Ms. Lush," he said.

"Oh, hic-p, don't say that!" Momiji giggled. "It's all, hic-p, Kome's fault. She won't, hic-, leave me alone, hic-p."

Kusanagi smirked. Even her hiccups were cute.

Kome broke the mood. "Come'on, Kusanagi! Show me what you're made of!" She laughed, waving a new shot glass in front of Kusanagi's face to tempt him. But he just shrugged and took it, draining the shot without any dispute.

"Whoa! No hesitation!" Kome cheered. "I wish Yeagashi would drink like that. He's such a panzy; he has to have half a bottle in him before he can stop pinching his nose."

Momiji started giggling, but her hiccups got in the way. So she held her breath, to get rid of them. But she couldn't hold it, and started laughing. Kusanagi's face was starting to look really hilarious.

He cocked his eyebrow. She was squinting up at him with a hand over her mouth, almost in tears from laughing so hard. And he had this gut feeling he wasn't going to like the reason.

Then Kome busted up laughing too. "Kusanagi, it's so weird…" she said. " Your face! You have this divine girly face right now!"

Momiji couldn't hold it anymore. Her laughter slipped through her fingertips and she started cracking up. That was the word she was thinking of, girly. She put her head on the table to contain herself, but the image of flowers and bubbles in pink light surrounding a current Kusanagi popped up into her head. She slipped a glance at him, and exploded in fits again.

"Like whatever's been up your ass the last three years... finally crawled out!" Kome went on.

Kusanagi was blindsided, but Kome wouldn't get a reply, because she started hollering in laughter and rolling on the floor holding her gut going, "too funny, too funny…!"

Kusanagi's did his best to keep his composure. This was hard when Momiji started beating her fist on the table going, "so true, so true…!"

"Carrot-top wench." Kusanagi muttered.

Yeagashi then walked into the room holding a microphone. The scene of the kitchen astounded him. Kome was still rolling around and Momiji was doubled over laughing. And Kusanagi, bless him, was as red as a ripe tomato.

"Come help me put the karaoke machine up, Kome," Yeagashi said, avoiding looking at Kusanagi, who was radiating with miasma.

Kome started calming down, her laughter quieting until it was only a few bubbles of joy. She wiped the tears from her eyes. "Hai, hai!" she said, pushing herself to her feet. She wobbled, but kept her ground. Then she left the room with Yeagashi, saying something about not expecting her to plug in, test, or touch the thing. But watching was fine.

Momiji relaxed too. Her hiccups subsided among all the laughter and she was starting to feel lightheaded. She had to admit she had a good buzz.

She turned to look at Kusanagi's face, and couldn't control a snort. But she held back more laughter. "You do look a lot less… irritated than usual," she said. She closed her eyes and leaned against his shoulder, taking in a deep breath that smelled like leather and trees. It was his smell.

"Nnn," he mumbled. He turned to look at her. Her lips were vivid pink.

This would be the part where Kusanagi says something arrogant or bullheaded because he was offended she was laughing so hard; and whatever he'd say would make Momiji jump up and fume about his ignorance and lack of sensitivity for an hour. And then they'd fight about him being really full of himself and always acting like she didn't matter, and then she'd get up to leave. And then stand around the others all night so she wouldn't have to speak to him. Then he'd finally get her alone and maybe apologize, a little, and she'd give in and they'd hug, and maybe kiss once, and then they'd go back to the way things were. All over again.

But Kusanagi decided to skip all that for once. He bent in and kissed her right away.

The kitchen felt suddenly sucked up and everything was still, like magic stopping a feather in midair. Momiji hadn't been expecting this sudden approach, but she didn't pull away. Her eyes snapped open automatically. In that brief instant her heart started racing too.

And then there came a voice.

"We're home!"

Momiji jerked her head away from Kusanagi's so fast that their foreheads collided and she was momentarily seeing spots. Then she subconsciously heard footsteps before the kitchen door burst open and Kunikida, alongside Takeuchi, stood peering in.

"It's the love birds!" Takeuchi said, as if the scene were completely innocent. But she'd known the two long enough by now to guess it probably was. "Why aren't we at the karaoke machine, eh?"

Momiji abruptly stood up, smiling awkwardly. "You're right. Let's go!" She said, quickly moving out the door.

Takeuchi stepped aside, surprised. "Okay…" she said quietly, watching the redhead dive out of the room. Kusanagi still sat there, scratching the back of his neck.

Kunikida stayed silent, but eyed Kusanagi up and down. After a few moments he decided not to say anything, no matter how humorous it was, and then he left the room behind Momiji.

"Crying tears of joys.
Laughing and weeping.
We had too much at stake.
We just couldn't lose.

Our eyes did not give us away.
Our eyes did not give us away

It was odd, but somehow pleasant, to see Kome and Yeagashi holding the mic together, and singing as one. Although Kome did not really harmonize, Yeagashi's voice was level. And with him they sounded half-decent.

"They read into it.
Less than what was there.
They couldn't tell.
Thats how much we care.
We were busy thinking.
Thinking about destiny.
We were busy thinking.
Thinking about us.

Our eyes did not give us away.
Our eyes did not give us away

Momiji glanced to the corner of the room, where Kusanagi had been leaning for the better part of half an hour. She could tell this was killing him.

--Because he grimanced everytime the notes got higher. And his eye was twitching.

"If they knew what we knew.
You and I would have to part.
But luckily they don't know.
Enough to break my heart.

Our eyes did not give us away.
Our eyes did not give us away

Momiji started to feel slightly annoyed at Kusanagi at this point. Kunikida and Takeuchi were holding hands, leaning on each other while their friend's sang their duet. They were completely relaxed. But Kusanagi was acting like a child.

"A ladder by your window.
And a ring made of gold.
That's all we needed.
We just couldn't lose.

Our eyes did not give us away.
Our eyes did not give us away

Momiji started to glare at Kusanagi. After a few moments he looked at her, rather surprised to see the death stare. But he just stood there, arms crossed, pouting.

"Our eyes did not give us away.
Our eyes did not give us away

Kunikida and Takeuchi started to clap. Momiji snapped back and began to clap too.

"You guys were great," she said, blushing.

Kome herself had turned red in the cheeks, a faint look in her eye, but she was grinning. Yeagashi, ironically enough, looked quite content without a trance of embarrassment. "Thanks," he said.

"Very good," Kunikida said. "Now it's time for cake, ne?" he added, standing and pulling Takeuchi to her feet beside him.

Kome started bouncing towards the kitchen, still pink in the face. "For sure! I'll cut it!"

"A-ta-ta," Yeagashi stuttered. "Maybe not. You've been drinking a lot and—"

"Are you saying I'm an incompetent drunk?" Kome shouted.

"No! But I, well, I… Okay, maybe you are…"



Their voices faded into the kitchen. Momiji smiled, getting to her feet. Their fighting was an odd comfort she learned to enjoy.

"Well, don't be too long gathering up Kusanagi," Kunikida said. "We'll open presents while we eat cake."

Momiji spun around to look in the corner Kusanagi had been standing in, but found he had disappeared. Her disappointed rose like a wave of silent furry. Couldn't he even pretend to celebrate her birthday?

"I'll be right back," she muttered, walking out of the room.

She had a feeling she knew where he was. Without much poking around she headed straight for the back porch. And he was there, leaning against the railing. Looking at the sky.

"You really hate karaoke, don't you?" Momiji said. He did not jump, so he must of heard her walk out. But he didn't turn to look at her either.

It was silent, except for the barking of dogs in the distance and the faint sounds of cars on the highway.

She moved closer to him. "Come inside with me."

Kusanagi shifted his weight, but did not budge. He was playing with something in his hand. Momiji looked over his shoulder, spotting the metallic ring. He quickly slipped it into his pocket and turned around to face her.

She was going to ask him about it, but his arms shot out and he wrapped them around her waist, pulling her closer.

Her body went numb, so close to his. Their waists were touching. It made her knees feel weak.

Then, as quickly as he held her, he let her go.

"Come'on," he muttered, stepping away from her and moving closer to the door. "They're waiting."

Momiji stood frozen, her heart still beating fast. But blood rushed through her legs again; her knees worked. She turned around to watch as his back fled the porch, and her heart cracked.

Then she felt angry again. "Kusanagi, wait!" she shouted. She ran after him into the next room, and he paused at the doorway. They stood still. The clock ticking.

"What's your problem?" Momiji finally blurted out.

Kusanagi twitched. "Keh," he spat. "Nothing. Damn."

Momiji frowned deeper. "Are we going to do this forever?" she asked, walking towards him. He said nothing. "Well?"

He glared down at her. "What, Momiji? Do what forever?"

But she didn't have an answer. She was stunned he was glaring at her. Hurt inside, wondering what was wrong. Having no idea what to say. Overthinking everything... like girls always do.

But she glared right back at him. "Dance around each other. Hot one second, cold the next. You just don't care, do you?" she snapped. "You never act like you care!"

It shocked even her to hear her voice sound so threatening and coarse. She was never this angry without actual reason. But she did not faulter. She stood her ground.

"What do you want from me, Momiji?" he snapped back. "What am I doing now?"

But now she was too angry to argue. She huffed, and pushed past him into the next room. He stood lingering at the doorway, watching her leave.

Deep down he was disappointed in himself too.

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