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"…the iris is most beautiful in the rain, even if it is a rain of blood."

It was a rare night when the man known as L slept. It was even more unusual for the detective to be asleep and for Raito to still be awake. The auburn-haired student was perched, motionless, on the edge of the bed he was forced to share with the dark-eyed genius, due to the chain that bound them together. He stared fixedly out the window at the rain that pattered relentlessly against the glass. His chocolate eyes were vacant and haunted. Sheets rustled faintly, two black eyes blinked blearily, and Ryuzaki struggled into a sitting position.

"Raito-kun? What's the matter, can't you sleep?"

Raito gave no reply.

"Raito-kun?" the detective ventured hesitantly.

"It's raining, Ryuzaki," Raito said quietly.

Ryuzaki nodded slowly. "Yes…"

Raito shivered and wrapped his arms around himself. "I can't sleep when it rains."

Ryuzaki cocked his head curiously, but said nothing.

"When it rains…I dream of a rain of blood," Raito whispered.

Ryuzaki crawled closer to the brunette, laying his head on Raito's shoulder. Both were silent. The rain continued to fall.

"Ryuzaki," Raito whimpered, turning into the black-eyed man's embrace. "Ryuzaki!"

Ryuzaki stroked Raito's back gently as the younger man trembled in his arms.

"Shh, Raito-kun. I'm here, shh…"

Raito's slim fingers clenched tightly in Ryuzaki's loose white shirt. "Ryuzaki," he cried brokenly. "Ryuzaki, help me!"

Ryuzaki's hands tangled in Raito's auburn locks. He tucked the brunette's head under his chin.

"I can't save you…"

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