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Ikuto: This is interesting, a guy writing a Shugo Chara fic.

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The birds were chirping outside, the bright sunlight beats down from above, and the teacher lecturing in class covering the materials on the next exam

The birds were chirping outside, the bright sunlight beats down from above, and the teacher lecturing in class covering the materials on the final exam. It was a usual day for the students at Seiyo High School. Everyone wished that class would be over soon so they could enjoy the nice spring weather outside, especially a certain individual.

I wish class is over already, thought the dark blue-haired boy as he looked out the window next to him and sighed. It was Tsukiyomi Ikuto. He is the richest kid in Seiyo High currently since his father is the managing director of the Easter, a large music production company, and his mother is the inheritor of the Hoshina financial group.

Usually, Ikuto would spend his time laying under the shade in the park rather than coming to class, but he was caught by his teacher and was forced to come. His grades had always been the highest in school, he had his own fan club, everyone looked up to him, life looked perfect, but not to him. He lets out another sigh as his sapphire eyes looked into the distance outside.

"Ikuto-kun, Nikaidou-sensei just asked you a question. He's going to get pissed again if you don't answer," said the brown-haired guy sitting next to him. It was Souma Kukai, the soccer team's captain. "Sensei's walking over here," he said as he tried tapping on Ikuto's shoulder again before retreating back to his seat.

"Tsukiyomi-kun, I know you like the scenery outside, but would you please answer the question I put up on the board?" Nikaidou-sensei said as he puts his hand on Ikuto's shoulder.

Ikuto took a glimpse at the board. "X2.395" he answered right after he looked at the question and went back to staring outside.

"Tsukiyomi-kun, even though you know the answer, it is not nice to act like this in class. You shouldn't come if you are in this bad of a mood," Nikaidou-sensei as he closed the book on his right hand and looked at Ikuto with a disappointed face.

"I didn't want to be here. Someone just told me I should go to class, so I came," Ikuto said in his ice cold voice as he continued looking out the window.

Nikaidou-sensei lets out a sigh as he went back to lecturing. Ikuto had acted like this for years now after his real father died. He acted like a delinquent for years after that incident. His childhood friend left him because he was a "bad seed" and no one was willing to get close to him other than Kukai, Kairi, and their brothers. Yoru, the school's "stray cat," usually hangs around him as well since they like to share the same shade in the park.

School was finally over. Ikuto left the classroom by jumping out of the window. He usually carries his outdoor shoes with him since he hates walking down the hall with all the fan girls behind him.

"I'll see you tomorrow!" Kukai yelled out to Ikuto as he walked down the almost empty school yard.

Ikuto rose up his hand and waved it as he walked toward the car waiting for him outside. The crowd of students came out behind him after he got into his car and his driver started the engine.

"Looks like Ikuto-kun still wouldn't open himself up to us," said the dark green-haired guy with glasses. It was Sanjo Kairi, Ikuto's other friend. Despite the fact of him being in junior high, he was voted as the captain of the kendo club for the oncoming year. No one had ever seen him crack a smile since he looks and sounds serious all the time. "How does he expect us to trust him when he doesn't even try getting close to us?" he asked as he pushed up his glasses and crossed his arms.

"Don't be like that, Kairi. Remember the last time we tried to figure out Ikuto?" Kukai asked in his usual upbeat tone. He's usually a fun guy to be around when there's no sport involved.

"Yea, I remember," Kairi answered. "That guy called him Death Claw Ikuto if I remember correctly."

"How was your day, young master?" the driver asked Ikuto as he looked out the window like he usually does in class. He had not said a word since he got into the car and continued being silence. On rides like this, he usually likes to look for the one girl whom he admires from afar. She wore her pink hair in a ponytail and held it up with an X-shaped pin. She usually walks around wearing a red plaid skirt and a white shirt with a black jacket over it. Hey tie was loosely hanging from her collar. Even though she acts cool and uncaring toward most situations, she was still surrounded by friends who would laugh and be near her. Ikuto envied what that girl had.

Ikuto was surprised when he saw the girl's usually surrounded by her friends alone with two large looking thugs. One of the guys was holding onto her arm not letting her go. The other looked like he had a pocket knife pointed at her. "Driver, stop the car now!" Ikuto yelled out at his personal driver. The car stopped and Ikuto quickly opened the door.

"Young master, where are you going?" the old driver asked Ikuto. "Please don't do anything reckless."

"I know, I just have a little thing I need to take care of," Ikuto said to the driver as he rushed out the car and dashed across the street. There were no cars or trucks coming from the other side of the road but the old driver was still worried about the young master's safety.

"Let go of me!" the pink haired girl yelled as the two large guys held onto her.

"I don't think so, kid. Your parents borrowed money from us and didn't pay us back," the huge guy with the black sunglasses said to her as he slowly pulled out the switchblade from his pocket. "Since they died, we need a way to collect that debt. You would have to work hard to pay off your parent's debt," he said as he puts up a grin.

"Gentlemen, I don't think you should be harassing her. She's still a minor and I believe that is a crime," Ikuto came up from behind the two and said. He had a cold expression on his face and his arms crossed.

"Get out of the way, punk! Or do you want me to mess up that pretty little face of yours?" the guy with the sunglasses said as he pointed the tip of his switchblade at Ikuto.

"You sure got guts pointing that thing at me," Ikuto said as he loosened his arms. "I guess you don't know who I am then," he said as he puts up a smirk.

The large guy was furious. Who could blame him since he was being looked down on by a skinny high school student. "I'm gonna wipe that smirk of that face of yours!" he yelled out as he tried to stab Ikuto's face.

"I haven't let myself loose in a long time," Ikuto said as his grin became wider. He was enjoying the situation. The thrill of fighting lets him release all the build up stress he kept inside.

The blade was about to touch Ikuto's face when he decided to retaliate. He used his left hand to stop the oncoming attack and lashed out his right hand at that guy's face. His palm hits him right on the nose, making him dizzy. Ikuto saw the opportunity and kicked his opponent's heel, knocking his balance off. With that, he slammed the large guy's head onto the ground without breaking a sweat. "Wanna be next?" Ikuto asked the guy behind the girl as he got up.

The pink-haired girl was amazed at what the young teen had done. The person who was holding onto her got scared and was about to retreat when a voice came from behind him. "What's with all these ruckus?!" a middle-aged man said as he walked up. He had a scar over his left eye and another one runs down his right arm.

"Boss!" the man yelled out. He looked happy that reinforcement came.

"I told you to get the girl and it took you this long. I thought you knew how to do your job better!"

"Sorry, boss. There was some interference. That kid came out of nowhere and took out aniki."

The man looked at Ikuto and was shocked at who he saw. "I can't believe you are still unhurt. You are a lucky man," that thug's boss said. The pink-haired girl and the huge thug were both confused at the situation. "Let her go this instant if you value your life," the boss said.

"I see you are doing well, ojisan," Ikuto said as he gave the middle aged man a smirk. "So what brings you all the way out here?"

"Just some business. And you?"

"I was just passing by when I saw one of your goons attacking the girl."

"I see. I guess you are fond of this young lady then?"

"You can say I've taken an interest in her. So how much does she owe you? I don't want to be here all day."

"Not much, just 2.5 million yen."

Ikuto walked over to the back of his car and took out five briefcases. He walked over to the middle aged man and puts it down in front of him. "There you go. I'll be taking her now if you don't mind."

"Go ahead, young man. She's all yours. We should leave now as well before anyone else sees us."

"I agree," Ikuto said as he lifted the pink-haired girl up onto his shoulder as she struggled to get free and walked toward his car. He then threw her inside and told the driver to drive off to a café around that neighborhood.

"Why didn't you take him on boss?" asked the big guy.

"That was Death Claw Ikuto, the person who nearly destroyed the third and forth district yakuza single-handedly and the person who left these scars on me," the guy said as he puts a smile on his face. "Just remember that smirk and you will never get hurt."

"Ye-yes sir!"

First chapter's done. I will be working on the later chapters soon. This is a fun story so I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did typing it.

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