Dear readers, this is the last chapter of the Dancing with the Devil. It was fun while it lasted. I'll be starting a new fic soon. Look forward to it.

Sayuri: So what should we do for our last chapter skit?

Ryuga: I don't know, Tadase's gonna die so we can't play with the little gay boy anymore.

Tadase: I'm not ga... wait... I'm gonna die?!

Ryuga: Yes, and Ikuto's the one who gets to finish you off.

Tadase: WHAT?!

Ikuto (Pulls out claw): This is going to be fun.

Ryuga: Ikuto, don't get ahead of yourself.

Ikuto: Okay. (Puts claws away)

Ryuga: Well, I would like to thank heather for letting me use Aisha as one of my characters, the readers for sticking with me up to this point, and Peach-Pit for making a little gay boy we could all use as a stress reliever.

Tadase: Hey!

Ryuga: Haa, he just admitted to being gay. Well, enough with the jokes. Let's end this series with a big bang! I do not own Shugo Chara! If I did, I would've made Amu and Utau kiss each other by accident at least once.

Amu and Utau: WHAT?!

Ryuga: What? Everyone likes it when two characters accidentally kiss. Well, enjoy the story!

A loud crash came from the side of the house as Yoru jumped out with Kiseki. The fight outside had not calm down yet as the endless waves of enemies tried to make their way back into the house. The blood drenched snow on the ground and unconscious bodies piled up as the team holds their positions.

Yoru ran up to Ryuga as he shot off another wave of explosive needles. "Ryuga! I need some help nya!" The blood from Kiseki's arms and legs were slowly dripping down to the ground. It had already stained Yoru's clothes.

Ryuga lets out a sigh. "So he's willing to go that far. I was kind of worried about that. Let me break down a path, just hang on." He lifted his hand up to his ear and pressed down on his communicator. "Team, we are finishing this fight, now!"

Two small metallic cans were flung out into the crowd from Ryuga's black coat. "Time for a little overkill," Ryuga said with a smirk as two beeping shot out at the cans from his left hand. Even though it still hurts when he does anything with that hand due to the injury from before, he was still able to maneuver it to an extend. The needles hit the cans and gave off an explosion similar to the one back when he was at the Easter building.

"Let the Devil's Inferno burn everything to the ground!" Ryuga lets out a demonic laughter as the guards in front of him get knocked out by the initial blast of his special liquid explosives. "Utau, you're up," he said softly into the communicator in a cold voice.

Long wires shot out and moved the remaining guards into a tightly packed area. "Demon's Cradle," Utau whispered as the thin wires spread out into a web, creating a wall so the guards couldn't escape. The guards were lined up in a row, caught in the razor sharp web which meant their doom.

Kairi and Musashi followed the attack. They jumped up to the top of the web as they made their way to the middle of the group. The two jumped down into the group with their sword drawn. They ran in opposite direction while lashing out a fury of attacks, leaving behind a bloody trail. As both of them reached the end of their direction, they made a jump out of the net. By the time they got out, they were out of breath. "I'm never going to use Inazuma Blade at a hundred percent ever again," Kairi said as he tried to regain his breath. "Utau, commence final stage!"

With a quick tug on the thin wires around her wrist, the guards were all tied up and set up into a circle. Ryuga threw Sayuri four cartridges which he had hidden under his coat. "Those should be enough to finish the job without."

Sayuri grinned. "So you really do want to finish this with a bang huh?" Four guns were drawn out as Sayuri switched the cartridges and started juggling them like knives.

"Do whatever you like," Ryuga responded as he took a high leap above the group of guards with Sayuri next to him. With their bodies turned upside-down, the wave of attack begins. Needles and bullets rained down on the guards tied up under them like a huge storm. The pair landed safely on the other side of the guards. Their coats slowly floats down as Ryuga took out a small remote. "Heaven's Inferno," Ryuga said as he pushed down the trigger on the remote. A large explosion surrounded the guards. When the smoke cleared, there was no trace of their body left.

Yoru, Kukai, and Temari were looking at the result of the assault in awe. "I think they overdid their attack nya," Yoru mumbled to himself.

"No time to stare, Yoru! Get Kiseki to Temari this instant!" Ryuga yelled out as Yoru made his dash toward Temari. "We are heading in to help Ikuto out," Ryuga said as the group started making their way into the house.

Blades were clashing in the room where Ikuto and Tadase were. Blood trailed down from both fighter's head and body as they forced themselves to keep fighting. Tadase swung his sword down as Ikuto blocked it with both his claws. He then made a quick sweep at Tadase's feet with his left leg. The kiddy king saw the attack and jumped back. The two were nearly on par with each other.

"Kiddy King, do you think my stepfather will actually listen to what you wish for after you finish me off?" Ikuto asked as their blades clashed again. A fury of attacks was launched by Tadase as Ikuto continued his defense. Right before Tadase tried to go for a straight stab at Ikuto; he turned to his left and avoided the sword's path. The claw on his left hand slashed across Tadase's face, leaving a long bloody scar on his right cheek. Ikuto let out a displeased sigh since his attack missed.

Tadase took a hop back. "I don't expect your power hungry stepfather to listen to by demands." With a quick push from his hind leg, he launched himself forward at Ikuto at a fast speed. "I'll kill that old man and take over the company!" The sword went right for his head again. Tadase was ruthless when he continued his attacks. Sparks flew again as it collided with Ikuto's claws.

(So that's what my old man wants) Ikuto finally figured out Kazuomi's plan. (He wants me to and the power hungry beast he created to kill each other. He couldn't contrast his lust for absolute power anymore so he wanted a fight to the death to happen.)

Ikuto's teeth started to grind against each other. He loosens his teeth as a sly smirk appeared. A kick shot out at Tadase right on his abdomen as he was thrown back. The large explosion from Sayuri and Ryuga shook the grounds they were standing on. "My teammates should be getting here soon," he said under his breath. Tadase was still trying to regain the breath that Ikuto knocked out of him. "I'm finishing this off!" Ikuto rammed his right elbow into Tadase's abdomen, knocking the rest of his air out. Before the little king tried to regain his balance, Ikuto slammed the back of his right claw into his face, knocking him into the air. The claws on Ikuto's forearms stabbed into his elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles as a fury of punches came at him. Right before Tadase hits the ground, Ikuto brought both his claws straight up. The claws slashed down in a cross in front, ripping off the breastplate Tadase had on. "Slash Claw," Ikuto whispered as he pushed himself forward, swiping his left claw through his waist.

Tadase finally hits the ground in a bloody mess. "Why wouldn't you kill me?" Tadase panted as he asked Ikuto. He looked pathetic as he laid there like a ragdoll.

Ikuto looked down on the person he once saved and called a good friend with an ice cold stare. "Repent on the sins you've made. You're going to die in a few minutes anyway. Hell awaits you." He turned and dragged his battle-worn body toward the door which Kazuomi was holding Amu in.

The door slowly opened. "Amu!" Ikuto shouted as he finally saw his princess being tied down on a chair with a bruise around her cheek, unconscious. His eyes shifted to Kazuomi, who was standing next to her, in a deadly glare. "What had you done to her," Ikuto said in a cold tome. He was about to lash out at his stepfather for hurting his Amu.

Kazuomi had a sly grin on his face. "Ikuto, you've finally made it to me. I'm glad to see you're still alive."

"Cut the crap! Give Amu Back to me this instant!" Ikuto's rage had taken hold of him as he pounced forward, just to meet a thick glass-like wall head on.

He slowly stands up as Kazuomi laughed. "You'll never defeat me if you fight like that." A gun was held right at Amu's head as Kazuomi continued. "I have some news for you. Your precious girlfriend isn't the only valuable person I have in my grasp. Your dad, Aruto, is here in this house as well."

Ikuto's eyes widened. "You're lying!" he cried out in disbelief. "You killed him when I was small!"

"Why would I lie to the person I'm about to kill?" Kazuomi chuckled. "I only held him up in a small prison here at this house. He has information I want and I will let him live until I pry all the information I need out of him."

Ikuto smirked as he heard what Kazuomi said. With one hand up to his ear, he clicked his communicator. "Ryuga, you know what to do." The building shook as another explosion erupted, shaking Kazuomi off his balance. The gun fell out of his hand as Ikuto cuts down the glass wall between them.

Kazuomi grabbed the gun and lifted it up to Ikuto but it was futile. With one slash, the gun, along with his hand, was cut into pieces. "How are you able to cut down that thick glass?" Kazuomi asked Ikuto as he screamed out in pain.

"It's because you didn't manage to kill one particular individual," he answered as he cuts off the ropes around Amu. He picked her up bridal style and made a quick dash, leaving Kazuomi back in the room, regretting his miscalculations.

The house was collapsing as the cliff under it started to loosen. The house was about to fall into the ocean under it. "I hope they make it out in time," Kairi said as he pushed up his glasses. "Kukai-sempai, do you see anything?"

"I can't see anything. There are too much smoke around the house for me to get a clear image," Kukai replied as he tried to focus on the image given by his goggles.

The house finally collapsed as the cliff chipped off and fell into the ocean. The land which the house once stood had fallen into the ocean depth. "Ikuto!" Utau cried out for her brother. There were no signs of the two.

Utau's tears ran down her cheek as she started to mourn for the lost of her brother when Kukai shook her shoulder. "They're not dead," he said as he pointed at the spot where the house once stood. There were two shadows lying down on the snowy ground. One of the shadows stood up and picked up the other one in his arms.

"Ikuto!" Utau yelled out as she rushed toward her brother. Everyone else present rushed over as well.

"Yo," Ikuto said as he casually walked toward the team. His body was covered in dust and battle scars.

Temari pushed everyone out of the way as fast as she could. "I'll treat those wounds now."

Ikuto nodded as he followed Temari over to the first aid kit. Amu twitched a little before opening her eyes. "I…Ikuto?" She was still shaken up from the incident.

Ikuto looked down on Amu and smirked. "You're heavier than you look, you know?" He managed to tease her once before his legs gave out. The last thing he could hear was his teammates crying out his name before he was out cold.

(Three years later)

"I'm glad you're enjoying your trip, dad. When are you planning to come back with mom from Paris?" the midnight blue-haired man said into the phone as he sat at the office which once belonged to Hoshina Kazuomi. "Alright, then I'll see you in a week."

A call from the company front desk came right as he hung his phone up. He picked up his phone again to answer the call. "What is it, Kazumi-san?"

"Your wife is here to see you, Tsukiyomi-sama."

"Thanks, Kazumi-san," Ikuto said and hung up the phone. "Well, I guess I'm done for today," he said as he looked at the clock. It was slightly past five.

He reached the lobby of the company after a few seconds. The elevator door opened up as a person stood in front of it. "Anata, you're late!" the pink-haired girl said as she pouts. In her arms was a little baby girl with dark hair and honey-gold eyes.

"Sorry, Amu. I had a little problem with the board members," he smiled at his wife as looked at the little baby sleeping soundly in her arms. "How's our little Aisha?"

"She fell asleep because you took too long," Amu pouted.

Ikuto sighed a little with his gentle smile on. He walked up to his wife and patted her on her shoulder. "Let's go home."

Amu nodded and follow Ikuto closely behind with Aisha in the stroller. Her left hand moved up to the lock pendant she wore around her neck and opened it up. There was a picture of her and Ikuto together at her first masquerade dance party on one side and their wedding picture on the other side. The lock was unlocked by Ikuto after the group's confrontation with Kazuomi.

"How's everyone doing?" Amu suddenly asked her husband.

"They're doing great. Kukai and Utau are being pressured by the press on a daily basis ever since they revealed their relationship with each other. Ryuga and Kenga are having problems fighting back the paparazzi for the two of them since they are the head of the security force. Yoru and Miki are still running the Kuro-Neko Café. We're having a little group reunion tomorrow since it is Sunday. You want to come along?" Ikuto asked.

"Sure thing, anata," Amu said as they exited the Easter building which Ikuto now owns.

Happy ending, YAY! Just for those who don't know who Ikuto was calling dad at the end, it was Aruto. Yes, he found his dad and he's still alive. Happy ending for everyone except Tadase, YAY!

Amu: And we had a kid.

Ryuga: Yes, Aisha is just too cute! (Glomps Aisha)

Aisha: Hey! ...Who is this?

Sayuri (Angered): That's the wrong Aisha, Ryuga.

Amu: Who's that?

Sayuri: Aisha from the Koihime Musou storyline...

Ryuga: Yay! Aisha! (Clings closer to Aisha)

Aisha: Hii! Don't touch there!

Ikuto: Ryuga found someone new to play with?

Sayuri: Nah, that's just the grown up version of Aisha.

Aisha (Pins Ryuga on a tree with the Green Dragon Crescent Blade): That's a cute baby. What's her name?

Amu: Her name's Aisha.

Ikuto: Hmm... Our daughter sure grows up to be a true beauty...

Amu: Ikuto, don't look at her like that!

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