My heart is flickering like a candle

The emotions are too much for me to handle.

If only I could disappear

Escape the anger, escape the fear.

I don't know where to run, or what to do

For me, the fighting is nothing new.

I'm drowning in a sea of tears and greif

Nothing but nightmares when I lay down to sleep.

I hate everything that I have to hide

When I try to talk, words choke inside.

I'm scared to trust, scared to speak

I'm falling down and becomming weak.

But I can't fall down, I must keep going

I must keep my candle glowing.

I won't leave my friends on their own

I can't leave them scared, unsure, and alone.

So I'll take the punishment, and keep moving on

Keep smiling for my friends, even when something is wrong.

Because even in the dark there is a light

The light that I won't give up on without a fight.

Reminded me of the book Heaven, how she was willing to fight for her family. For me its both, but when I wrote this poem, I was fighting to keep my friends alive and at the same time stay strong at home when things were really rough.

Returning Moon