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I walked into the Cullen house after a hearty dinner with Charlie, and found them all in the living room, discussing something. Edward turned and smiled a brilliant crooked smile, coming toward me to grasp my hand lightly.

"Alice has an announcement." He said, amused. I was instantly curious. The pixie had a file folder filled with papers, and was grinning widely.

"She's here! Let's start!" Emmett whined. The grin dropped off her face and she became serious. Now I was worried.

"Everyone here has seen the show Big Brother before, correct?" She asked, knowing the answer. I nodded. I tuned in every time.

There was a collection of people, from all over the USA, and they got stuck in this big house, with cameras all over, for three months. Every week they participated in competitions, for different purposes. There was a head of household competition, which determined, well, the head of the house. This person puts two people up on the "chopping block" This means they have a chance of getting evicted. There's a food competition, where they compete against each other to see who eats food for the week, and who eats slop, a weird and unappetizing concoction. Then a veto competition, where you battle for the right to take one of the two people on the chopping block off. Then the eviction, where the rest of the people vote as to who gets kicked out of the house. This repeats until there are two people left, and then the evicted house guests choose who wins the game. There's also a "diary room" where it's like a video diary. Home viewers can get the 24/7 cam, and watch the house guests whenever they want.

Alice snapped me out of my daze.

"Well, I had an idea. Let's make a Cullen version!" Edward rolled his eyes.

"There's just the small matter of a house, and cameras, and..." I trailed off when I realized everyone was looking at me funnily. "What?"

"We're the Cullens," Jasper explained, rolling his eyes. "Obviously that's been taken care of." That made sense.

"Bella gets her own human-friendly competitions." Edward demanded, staring Alice down.

"Of course!" She said, smiling. "And for the food competitions, we compete for distance and time limits on hunting. Instead of slop, it's human food. For Bella it's normal slop. And instead of hunting rights, she wins human food. See how it works?" She explained. We all nodded. This might actually be cool.

"We need a host and stuff, right?" I asked. She nodded.

"Well, I need to be able to work, so I'll make up competitions and be the host on the side." Carlisle informed us. I nodded slowly.

"Well, we need to get moving!" Esme declared. Everyone picked up suitcases I hadn't noticed. Alice handed Edward a suitcase that she explained to be mine. I grabbed Edward's ipod on the way out, tucking it securely into my pocket. Let the fun begin.

An hour later we reached a huge fence.

"What do you need a fence for?" I asked, trying to see the end. I couldn't.

"Hunting boundaries." Alice chirped from the back. I nodded. We entered the gate, while Carlisle got out of the car and ran up to a station. He pressed a button, and waved as the gates opened and we moved through. We approached a large house, and Edward pulled over.

"Home sweet home..." He muttered, wrinkling his nose. I giggled. We lined up on the steps as a big t.v was lowered from somewhere, and Carlisle's face appeared.

"Hello,and welcome house guests to Big Brother, Cullen style. Our motto is not expect the unexpected, rather beware the unexpected." I laughed and Alice glared at me, shutting me up. "As I call your name, you may enter the house and claim your bedroom. Alice, Jasper, Emmett. You may enter the Big Brother house." The three named spun and ran up the steps, rushing inside. "Rosalie, Esme, Edward."

"I'll save you the comfiest bed." Edward whispered to me before going in.

"And last but not least, Bella." I turned and ran up the steps. I opened the door, revealing a magnificent hallway, with glistening lights along the side. I ran to the door at the end, which opened into a large, open space. There was a sitting room in one area with a part-wall that held a t.v, a kitchenette in the corner, with a table that looked strangely like the real Big Brother table, complete with a lazy Susan in the middle. Then there were six doors set in the back wall. Edward stood firmly in front of one, and I rushed to it.

"Hey love. Found the best one." He smiled at me. I pushed into the room, and gasped. It was beautiful. There were two single beds against the left wall, and a dresser at the side. There was a door in the right wall, probably toward the bathroom. And in the back wall was a double glass sliding door, with curtains over it. I rushed toward it, shoving the curtain back. The view looked over miles of forest, mountains in the distance, a valley...it was a dream come true. I turned to smile at Edward. A voice sounded from a speaker.

"Would the house guests please come to the living room?" It was Carlisle. We ran into the living room, choosing chairs. The t.v came alive, Carlisle's face appearing.

"I see you have all gotten settled. It's time to mix things up a bit. As in, we didn't think seven people was enough house guests. Please welcome, the pack!" We watched in dismay as Jacob, Embry, Paul, Quil, Leah and Seth walked through the door. "Everyone else is busy at La push. Let's start the first HOH competition, shall we?"

-Meanwhile, at the REAL Big Brother house..(BB 10)-

Jerry walked into the house, and stopped short.

"Uhh, guys?" Everyone filed in. They gaped at the spot where their table used to be.

"Hey, there's a note!" Dan pointed.

Dear BB 10 cast,

Sorry I had to take the table! Hope you'll forgive me! I'm a big fan!

Alice Cullen

"Who the hell is Alice?"

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