Chapter 1- Hello New York City

"So" Jonathon said as the old bus shook across the rocky road.

"So?" Melissa said obviously annoyed with Jonathon's sudden 'I'm bored lets talk cause it's awkward just sitting here'.

Melissa sighed it was awkward having him forcibly in her 'bubble'. All of the sudden the bus took a nasty shake and everyone was tossed on top of each other. The moment Jonathon's hand touched her wrist she well freaked out.

"Jonathon! How many freaking times to I have to tell you airhead! DON'T TOUCH ME!"

"Sorry Melissa I didn't mean…….." But Jonathon stopped cause the bus was slowing down.

"What they hell! It's almost midnight we have to meet Mrs. Daylight."


"Shut up Mr. Daylight"


"Hey it's either that or Mr. and Mrs. Airhead"

"Did I ever tell you how much I love the name Daylight?"

"Shut up Jonathon" he remained silent.

Suddenly the driver stood up and said,

"Sorry folks but it seems we've received a flat tire. I'm afraid we'll all have to exit the bus for a short time."

Everyone all at once got up, well everyone except Jonathon and Melissa.

"It was bad enough touching you air head but I think if I can taste everyone's freaking swears from here I don't want to touch them"

Jonathon didn't argue it was obvious Melissa wasn't in the best of moods.

When everyone else was off the bus Jonathon and Melissa stood up at the same time. She gave him and evil stare and he sat down and let Melissa go first. When everyone was off the bus and the driver had taken multiple head counts he began to change the flat tire. "How much time do we have?" Jonathon asked

Melissa looked down at her watch,

"Ten minutes"

"How far away from the meeting point?'

"The outskirts of the Big Apple is just under 15 miles"


"We start running" They both nodded and inconspicuously made their way to the back of the group.

"I say we continue back until we can't see them then start so we don't have any followers"

"Wow Melissa you sound just like Rex" Jonathon said, Melissa looked as if she was about to punch his guts out but stopped and just walked back into the brush. They were lucky these weren't the stupid Flatlands of Bixby cause they would of only been able to hide behind dead bones and burry themselves in sand. Here there was much more brush to hide in. "Ok we have 9 minutes to run starting…now" And guess what, they started to run.

"You do realize we'll get no where in 9 minutes" Jonathon huffed between breaths. "Well it's better than nothing we need sometime to get into New York City and at least try to get something accomplished, nine minutes. Jonathon looked back surprisingly the bus was shrinking in size.

"You know what I just realized Melissa?"


"Running sucks"

"Wow this coming from the idiot who wanted the Blue Time all the time so he could prance around weightless making out with his girl friend. I would have never expected you to come to reason with that."

By then they could say no more so they just ran toward the rising lights of New York City.

"We should stop here only 40 seconds left" Melissa said between breaths.

Without a second thought they both fell to the ground huffing and puffing.

"Who knew a 9 minute mile was so exhausting"

"Well were one closer just more time now, besides all those daylighters were annoying me with there stupid issues."

"Melissa when the Blue Time ends how do you expect to handle New York City, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, the…….."

Jonathon stopped cause Melissa had punched him, hard.

"We should get ready, to jump I mean the sooner we get going the sooner we meet up with Jessica"

"And the sooner you can make-out with her" Melissa said with a smile

"How much time left?"

"Lets do a special countdown" Melissa said looking at her watch, "10 seconds till you can make out with Jessica 8 seconds till you can make out with Jessica, 5 seconds till you can make out with Jessica…….."

"Shut up!" Jonathon said turning red.

Melissa laughed,

"Ok 3, 2,1 hello Blue Time!"

All of the sudden a shudder past through them as the world was dyed blue.

"Ok jump in 3, 2, 1 now!"

They both pushed of the ground.

"Remember the last time you flew with me?" Jonathon said pushing his luck.

They pushed off the ground. Melissa looked at him,

"I'd rather die"

The rest of the ride was in silence well in talking that is. Thoughts were running across both their minds their own thoughts or each others. Wow Jonathon thought, she must be dieing inside. He thought laughing. Then a very clear thought came in his mind. That's because I AM! Airhead! God so naïve I'd like to punch you so hard…. She trailed off. Jonathon looked at Melissa, she did not look at him. Then he thought, Thanks Melissa for those wonderful thoughts of world peace and happiness when you punch me and we go falling to our death I'll be sure to thank you if we survive. Now Melissa looked at him, then turning away she thought, Just be lucky you'll have Jessica as a witness when we get on the ground otherwise you'd be dead.

Wow, Jonathon thought, Do you think the Darklings would give me a nice funeral after you leave me in the middle of the Blue Time? He heard Melissa breath out a laugh

Sure then afterwards they'd have pizza, that would be you. Their conversation ended there because not to far in the distance they saw Jessica flashlight out and on burning up a bunch of slithers.

"Jessica!" Jonathon yelled.

"Hey Jonathon, what took you guys so long!"

"Sorry we'll be right there! Okay Melissa big jump this time"

"Wow really Jonathon?"

"1, 2 ,3!"

They jumped as hard as they could angled for Jessica. They landed right in the middle of the circle of slithers,

"Hey daylighter"

"Nice to see you again too Melissa"

"Hey Jessica"

"Jonathon! I missed you so much!"

"But it was only minutes in your head since you last saw me"

"But hours for you since you saw me"

They looked at each other a kissed

"Excuse me but this area is only for people who want to kick darkling ass, if you want to go love each other then do it somewhere else!"

"Gosh Melissa we just miss each other, don't you miss Rex?"

"Oh sure like death that will never come." Jonathon looked at Jessica,

"She's been really cranky lately." Jessica rolled her eyes,

"When isn't she?"

Jonathon shrugged before taking out his steel chain Apostrophized Perfectionism Determination from his backpack. Melissa rolled her eyes and grabbed her pole Irreplaceable Psychosomatic Understanding. It was the sickest thing ever, it could fit inside her bag and then when she needed it she'd pull it and it'd get bigger,

"One thing I need to thank Dess for" she said to herself

"Now can we be done with this in 5 minutes we have an appointment with New York City.

"Deal" Jessica said.

They each took a quarter of they circle and in three minutes the job was done.

"Take that Darklings! Well that was fun lets get to New York" Melissa said with exasperation.

They all grabbed hands a flew to the entrance of the city. As they looked up at the big skyscrapers and fancy buildings Jonathon broke the silence.

"We are defiantly not in Bixby anymore"

Melissa took a step forward and whispered, "Hello New York City."