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"Hermione I don't care what you say; I can't convince Dobby to ask for a bigger salary," said Harry eating his eggs.

"But Harry Dobby does so much; he deserves a raise," the brown headed girl answered.

"Hermione please it's too early to talk about this, besides I have to mentally prepare myself for Snape." Harry looked over to the staff table and gave Snape a very dirty look

Severus noticed Potter looking at him like he was a piece of shit, that damn boy 50 points from Gryffindor.

"Harry please don't make us lose anymore points for Gryffindor," begged Ron. Yesterday Snape and Harry got into it, not only did Harry get detention, but he also cost Gryffindor 75 points.

"I'll try my best Ron, but that man pisses me off to no end. That bastard stills holds a vendetta against my father." Harry knew Severus was abused by his father, but Harry was nothing like him.

"Look on the bright side Harry," Hermione piped in. "It's our last year with him and we'll never see him again."

Harry was glad Hermione was the voice of reason sometimes. "Yes just nine more months; I wonder how I'll ever survive." Harry knew once he left Hogwarts he would never see Severus again in his life; his plans after graduation were to become an auror and marry Ginny once she graduated. He was hoping on three or five kids he could love and give them the life he was deprived of as a child.

"Harry it's time for we get going for class," said Hermione breaking him from his thoughts. Harry and Ron thought it was too early to head for potions class, but Hermione was determined to be early to give Gryffindor redeeming qualities in Snape's eyes.


"Potter, you can't even do a simple potion; you're a waste just like your father," snapped Snape. The potion that was suppose to be made was a simple (simple for Snape) potion to help clean the heart of fatty deposits. The potion was suppose to be a red/yellow color, but instead Harry's was a deep black. "Another 50 points from Gryffindor and you have detention tonight to remake this abomination."

"What the hell! When did I lose 50 points?"

"This morning when you decided to give me a nasty look," Severus smiled seeing angry looks on the Gryffindors faces. He knew they blamed Potter.

Harry was stoned face, "I'm not doing detention with you or ever again you greasy git."

There was a collective gasp heard through the room; Severus could barely control his anger. "You will have detention with me for the rest of the year and 250 points from Gryffindor."

"I don't give a damn about points; I'm not about to let me bully me anymore; you will start showing me respect Severus Snape." Harry stood up and looked Snape right in the eye. Then there was a standoff no one said a word. The only sounds came from Harry's cauldron, which started to boil.

"Get out of my face Potter," hissed Severus.

"No," Harry took out his wand and pointed it at Severus. "I defeated the Dark Lord I can certainly do something to you."

Severus also took out his wand, "You got lucky; you're not a true wizard. You're a mistake." Everyone waited for Harry or Severus to make the first move. "Expelliarmus," shouted Severus.

"Protego," yelled Harry to protect his wand. Severus then cast a hex toward Harry; Harry also sent a hex. The two spells collided with each other and sent a blast hitting Harry's bubbling cauldron. The classroom filled with a thick black smoke that choked the students. Severus quickly spelled the smoke away and then made sure everyone was ok. Harry was in a daze as he walked toward Hermione. Before reaching her he almost tripped over a ball on the floor.

"Harry are you ok," asked Hermione breathless.

"Yes, I almost tripped," bending down Harry was shocked to see a tail come from the ball. "What the hell?" As Harry grabbed the tail, the ball uncurled itself and quickly bite into Harry's hand.

p.s. What is this mysterious creature I'll let you know next chapter. Miscellaneous info Harry defeated Voldermort his sixth year.