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Severus sat there in shock. "Woman are you daft I can't be pregnant; I didn't take the male fertility potion nor did me and Harry do the spell." He was at a total disbelief; he would never in his life think that he would get pregnant. He suspected Harry would become pregnant, but not him. Severus felt his entire life go down the drain.

Poppy knew Severus would not take the news to well. She knew he was afraid about the whole situation. "Severus you are pregnant; the only explanation that I can give is that your and Harry's magic combined with each other. During a night of sex, the bond became so strong that you got impregnated with Harry's child."

Severus felt sick, he was the stern potions master, not someone that gave birth. "I already have two at home, I'm not about to deal with another one."

"What you going to do," Poppy asked afraid.

"What do you think? I'm going to get rid of it. I can't deal with another baby."

Poppy slapped the ignorant man. "Severus you know that is illegal."

Severus growled at the woman as he held his cheek, which was turning dark red. "What fucking chooses do I have? When Harry founds out he is going to want to keep the baby."

"For course he is. That child is half his. Lily and Taji are wonderful, but this child in you is your first biological child."

"Poppy I don't want another child; before this gets to out of hand I'm going to abort it."

"Severus don't be selfish, you're denying another life to be born, plus you can go to Azkaban. Severus I'm telling Albus and Harry."

"You wouldn't dare." Severus stood up to challenge the woman.

Poppy wouldn't back down. She had know Severus, since his first year at Hogwarts. "Yes I would to insure that the child is safe."

"Poppy it's my decision."

"Severus think about Harry; if you abort the baby and he finds out. The act could destroy your marriage." Severus turned his head away from Poppy. He knew she was right. Poppy walked toward her medicine cabinet and got a bottle of pills. "Here Severus since you are male, the baby is going to take more nutrients from your body. You are going to have to take these vitamins twice a day. One in the morning and the other one before you go to bed. Also you shouldn't do any late night brewing, so your body can conserve strength."

"I'm not keeping the child, Poppy." Severus said leaving the room.

Feeling scared, Poppy quickly flooed to Albus's office where she found Albus, Minerva, and Remus sharing tea. "Poppy do you want some tea," asked Albus.

"No, Albus, Severus is going to do something stupid and you need to stop him."

"What Poppy," the three professors asked.

"Severus is pregnant and he wants to get rid of the child." Remus and Minerva turned pale.

"Does Harry know," asked Remus.

"No Severus just found out today; he is not thinking of Harry or the kids."

Remus quickly flooed down to Severus's office, there was no way he was going to allow Severus to destroy his future godchild. With the other kids, Taji had Draco as his godfather and Lyra as his godmother. Lily godparents were Ron and Hermione. Without Severus knowing, Harry had promised Remus he could be the godfather of the next child. Bursting into the dungeons, he found Severus spooning a potion into a vial. "Severus are you going to drink that potion?"

"No you idiot this potion is to help infertile women," said Severus capping the vial. "Why are you here?"

"Because I'm not going to let you destroy your family, by getting rid of something that is precious." Remus to that point was passive toward Severus, but now he was going to be more active.

Severus rolled his eyes as he kept spooning the potion into vials. "So Poppy told you, the woman is like a parrot, so I assume she told Albus?"

"Yes and Minerva also knows. Severus don't get rid of it please, for your family's sake."

"Leave you damn mutt," growled Severus.

Not liking Severus's tone of voice, Remus grabbed Severus by the shoulders. "Don't be stupid Severus Tobias Snape."

"Let go of me," Severus said escaping from the wolf.

"Severus, if you harm that child in you; I swear I will tell Harry."

"If you do, you will not be receiving the Wolfsbane."

"I don't care; I'm sure by now Albus has contacted Harry."

"Damn you," said Severus going upstairs to Albus's office.


During the time Remus was with Severus, Albus had sent Harry a patronus telling Harry to come to Hogwarts immediately. The two were currently having tea. "Why did you call me sir," asked Harry not drinking his tea. He was scared that about what Albus would say.

"Well Harry it is about Severus," Albus said as he put a lemon drop in his tea.

"Did something happen?"

"Yes in a way. I'll get straight to the point. Harry, Severus is pregnant."

Harry's mouth fell open. "What? But he is a male; males can't get pregnant."

"Yes, they can by special potions and spells. In this case yours and Severus's magic bonded when you to had sex, resulting in Severus's pregnancy."

"Why are you telling me and not Severus?"

"Because, Severus doesn't want the child. He wants to get rid of it, without you knowing."

Harry couldn't believe his ears, but he knew Albus wouldn't lie to him. "He would never do that."

Albus could see the fear in Harry's eyes. "Harry, he legally can't get rid of the child."

"Why not," Harry asked a little relived.

"Because very few wizard children are born and that abortion is illegal in the wizarding world."

"Does Severus know that?"

"Yes, Harry you have to convince him to keep the child. If he tries anything he'll end up in Azkaban."

"Why is he thinking about doing this?"

"Severus is not thinking clearly. He's scared."

"Of what?"

Albus tried to explain. "That things are going to fast for him. Last year he was single with no children and now he's married with two kids. In addition, the fact that he is actually pregnant is getting to him. He only found out a couple of hours ago."

"Albus, must you tell my business," said Severus entering the room. He had heard a good portion of the conversation. He hated that Albus, went behind his back, but was glad that he didn't have to say he was pregnant to Harry.

Seeing his lover, Harry jumped out of his chair and hugged the older man. "Severus please don't get rid of our child. I promise we'll make this work."

"Harry, please I don't want to talk about this." Severus said as he pulled out of the embrace.

"We have to, Severus Snape. Do you want to destroy our family?"

"No, I just can't deal with another baby right now."

"Severus, we can get through this together. I know we can. We need to go home and talk about this."

As much he wanted to Severus, knew there was no way he could get out of this. "Fine, I just have to clean up everything in my lab."


Back at the house, Severus sat stone-faced on the couch as Harry conjured up some tea. "Harry I can't have this child."

Harry sighed he knew Severus was going to say that. "This child is special, because it will have both of our genes. Albus told me how males became pregnant and this one is truly a gift, because we didn't need to do the preliminary stuff. I'm sure Taji and Lily will love to have a younger sibling.

"Taji can barely stand Lily," Severus pointed out.

"He's learning to love her. He didn't love us at first either Severus. Severus this child can make our family complete. Please can we have it?"

Severus knew there was no point in fighting anymore. "Yes, I don't want to end up in Azkaban anyway."


After dinner that night, Taji with Draco was watching a movie while Severus and Harry tucked Lily into bed. After they were done with her, the pair went into the living room. "Taji come here," said Harry sitting on the couch.

Getting up quickly, Taji was happy to have his daddy all to himself. He hated that Lily took up so much of Severus and Harry's time. "What daddy," Taji said as he was sat into Harry's lap.

"Me and Severus have some news," Harry said as he cuddled Taji. He hoped Taji wouldn't react to badly.

"What Potter," said Draco sitting by Severus's legs. He had found it weird that Severus and Harry had been acting funny, since they got home. Severus was more irate, while Harry tried to get closer to Severus's stomach.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Taji you're going to get another baby brother or sister."

Taji was stunned, he already had to compete with Lily. He didn't want another baby here. "No want damn baby," he yelled. "Babies are bad. No new baby, get rid of Lily to."

"Taji that is evil," scolded Harry.

"No care," Taji screamed as he stuck his tongue out. Feeling his anger mount, his tail started to involuntary hit Harry.

Harry and Severus could clearly see Taji's anger. "If you're going to act like this, then you can go to time-out and think about it. Harry said taking Taji to time-out. He was met with much resistance as Taji yelled and struggled to get down. Harry decided Taji would be spending fifteen minutes in time-out for his behavior.

"No Harry," cried Taji.

"You need to calm down for awhile; I'll be back soon," Harry said leaving a sniffling Taji.


Back in the living room, Draco and Severus were discussing the baby. Severus had told Draco how it happened. "I knew the thing with Taji would happen."

"I'm sure he'll get better." Draco didn't want to admit it, but he was a little jealous to. Before Taji, Harry and Lily came into Severus's life, he was the only person that Severus wanted to be around.

"I doubt it; I am afraid Taji will try something against Lily and the new baby."

"Is it because of what he told us about his other siblings?"

"Yes, I know I shouldn't be paranoid, but we still don't know everything about Taji."

"Severus, things will work out," said Harry coming into the room. Sitting next to Severus, Harry took the older man in his arms.

"Harry just because I'm pregnant, doesn't mean I should be treated like a woman," snarled Severus.

"I know," Harry said kissing his husband.


Getting Taji out of time-out, Harry held the small boy in his arms. "Why were you in time-out?"

"Cause, I don't like the damn baby."

"If you want to get spanked say damn again," threatened Severus.

"No spanking," Taji said as he hands went to protect his bum. "I said I don't want new baby here."

"What about Lily," asked Severus.

"I said to get rid of Lily, I was bad."

"Yes you were, but we forgive you." Harry said giving Taji a big hug.

"You get rid of me when new baby come?"

Harry knew Taji feared rejection. "No we would never do that; we didn't get rid of you when Lily came. Taji we'll always love you and never think about getting rid of you."

"What if Rufio come back?"

"He'll never touch you, we promise. It's time for bed," Harry said. Putting Taji in a bath and then tucking him in, Harry thought about the situations they had been through with him. Taji was the greatest thing to happen in his life. "Good night Taji," Harry said kissing his head.

"Night Harry, Sevy, and Draco," Taji said as he closed his eyes, squeezing Edo close to him.


After Draco had gone to bed, Harry and Severus sat near the fireplace. "Severus, I love you," Harry said pulling Severus closer to him.

Severus rolled his eyes. "Don't get sentimental on me, but I love you to."

"Are you ready to begin another chapter of our lives?"

"Possibly, Merlin only knows how stressed our lives will be for the next seventeen years."

"We'll get through it," Harry said pushing his tongue into Severus's mouth.

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