Prologue: Seven Years

Kagome have never been one to be superstitious. She believed in things happening for a reason but nothing like bad and good luck. I mean, she spilt salt and a black cat had crossed her path and the world hasn't ended for her. She stepped on cracks and her mom is nice and healthy. She even opened an umbrella inside (although it was by mistake) and everything was still fine. However, what made her rethink the good luck bad luck thing was when she broke a mirror.

Being the clumsy child she normally is, she made a mistake and broke her mother's mirror while attempting to do her hair during a sleep over.

"Oooh Kagome, you broke a mirror, that's seven years of bad luck!" Sango said with eyes wide and hands covering her mouth.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "There is no such thing."

Oh how she wish that she could take her words back because she got bad luck all right. Bad luck in the form of the new neighbor boy.

For six years so far, he has been terrorizing her, making her life a living hell just for his pleasure. Hopefully with this year, the seventh year, her bad luck will end.

Yea, I know it's short so I will update again soon. I can't say that the chapters will be long as well but they will definitely be longer than this.