It's about time that I owe you guys an explanation as to why I haven't been posting. No, this isn't that final message that I'm hanging up the fan fiction writing biz just basically what's going on and what's taking me so long.

Well I'll start off to say that as always, writers block comes in and I either can't think of what happens next or I end up having to rewrite the chapters. That has happened to GKOD, Friends with Benefits, and partly Skin Deep especially. So really, there's no telling when I'll update those but I'm trying my hardest to get it done cause I know the feeling of waiting for a story that's taking forever to post.

Besides the norm, my laptop's black light blew out so I had to send it to a shop to get that replaced. That in itself took about a week to get done. After that, another problem computer came… this one much bigger and more serious. The operating system refused to work so I had to let my friend who helped me out with it a while ago take a look at it. He tried a few ideas to try to get it back going but the machine is being stubborn to the core. Now he has to wipe it and there's a possibility that I'll lose all that's stored on it… 4 years of music, pics and art, and documents. All my writings of both finished and unfinished works, side projects, and ideas might be gone by the time I get my crappy little laptop back. I'm definitely not happy about that outcome but I'm trying to keep my hopes up that he will find a way to restore most, if not all, of my files.

So all I ask is to bare with me once again, whether I do lose all of my things or not, I'll do my best to keep going. Well out of all this I did come up with a new one shot revolving my little problem… when life gives you lemons right lol? If I don't get my computer back by the time I finish writing it out in my notebook then I'll most likely type it up on the house computer and post it from there.