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Chapter 1
Welcome Home

He was back. My best friend, my safe harbor, my sun, was finally back. It felt like part of me flickered to life when Seth told me the news. I jumped in my new car right away and started driving to La Push. I hadn't been over there since Jake ran away. I was so happy to be able to see him again. Edward was hunting, and he'd left me in the care of Alice. When Seth called, she was at her house getting make-up so she could 'make me look good for Edward', as she'd put it. That gave me a great time to escape. Charlie was at work, and Alice wouldn't be able to see my future once I decided I was going to see Jake. I decided that before I hung up with Seth.

I got to La Push faster than usual, but that was probably due to the fact that with my new car, I could go over the speed limit without the engine threatening to die at any given second. I parked in front of Jake's house and went to knock on the door. Billy answered it and looked at me, shocked. I was wearing pajama pants, a tank top, and a sweater. Forget about shoes. I didn't have time to change clothes, I just ran out to my car.

"Bella, you haven't been here in a while. Is everything okay? Charlie said you were with the Cullens?" Billy asked, trying to sound like he knew nothing about his son being back home.

"The Cullens are hunting, and I escaped from Alice. Edward thinks I need a babysitter. I know Jacob is home," I said.

"Well, you should need a babysitter after this. He'll be furious."

"Good for him, I don't care right now. He's been acting weird the past few days, and now I know why. Because Jake was coming home. Seth knew it, the pack knew it, Edward figured it out, but everyone failed to tell me. Now, please, where is Jake?"

Tears were in my eyes now, and I tried to blink them away. Billy let me inside, and I sat down at the kitchen table.

"Jacob is visiting Sam right now. He shouldn't be long," he said, taking a sip of coffee.

"Thank you," I said, still fighting back tears. We sat there in silence for a while. Then, I heard the door open.

"Hey, dad, who's car is that? Its-" Jake said. He froze when he saw me.

I stood up and walked towards him. He stayed in the same place, looking only at me.

"Jake, I'm so sorry," I cried, wrapping my arms around him. I cried into his chest, and he ran his fingers through my hair.

"Its okay, Bells," he said.

I looked up at him and wiped away my tears. He was so gorgeous, his long black hair shining, his russet skin simply beautiful. I'd almost forgotten how warm he was, how I could be heated up by his very touch. I remembered the night in the tent when Jacob shared a sleeping bag with me to keep me warm. I shuddered at the memory of everything else that happened afterwards. My big brown eyes met his dark ones, and he leaned down, touching his lips to mine. All thoughts of Edward vanished from my mind as I kissed him back, pulling him closer to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist, his hot lips burning fire on mine. He deepened the kiss. I pulled away, gasping for air. His breath was ragged. He looked down at me.

"So, what now?" he asked.

"I don't know. Jake, I think I want to be with you. I...I love you, Jake," I said.

He moved a piece of hair out of my face, pushing behind my ear. I could only imagine how terrible I looked, but I didn't care. I realized that I couldn't stand not being with Jake. If I married Edward and let him change me, I'd probably never be able to see Jake again. I didn't want to hurt Edward, but he always says I can be with him as long as I want him. What if I want Jacob? It was so close to the wedding, Alice would be devastated. I wanted to be with Jacob, though. I needed to tell Edward that, tell Alice and the rest of them that. I'd give Edward back his mother's ring, and I'd thank Alice for trying to make a perfect wedding for me. I didn't know how I would tell them, but I just knew, as soon as he kissed me, that I needed Jake. Edward has never yelled at me from fury. He knows that I have feelings for Jacob. Well, now he'll just now a lot more.

"Don't worry," Jake said, as if he could read my thoughts.

"I know," I said.

"I love you, too, by the way. It feels so good to hear you tell me you love me."

I knew he was happy, and I wasn't going to ruin his moment.

"Wanna go to the garage?" I asked, thinking of the many days we would spend back there. That time seemed like so long ago.

"Sure," he said. He grabbed my hand in his and we went outside. It wasn't raining yet, but it was still cold. I pulled my sweatshirt tighter to me. Jake wrapped his arms around me. He was much warmer than my sweatshirt. The Rabbit was in the garage, so I sat in the driver's seat, my legs swung out the open door, while Jake worked on the engine. I looked down at the bracelet on my arm. It was the bracelet Jake had given me with the hand carved wolf. The crystal heart Edward gave me was dangling on it, too, and I quickly looked away from the bracelet. I would have to give Edward the heart back, too.

"You okay?" Jake asked, looking over at me.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking about something," I said.

"Bells, you never were a good liar. Tell me what you were thinking about, please."

"I was thinking about how mad Edward will be."

"He won't be mad at you."

"He'll be furious with you, though. He has no right to be, but he will be mad at you."

"Want me to come when you tell them?"


"I'll be there. Come on, its getting late, and I want to test drive your new car."

I chuckled, and we walked out to my car. He got in the driver's seat, and I in the passenger's seat. He put the key in the ignition and revved the engine. I smiled at how happy he looked. He drove me home. In the driveway, though, was Charlie's cruiser, Edward's Volvo, and Carlisle's Mercedes. My breath hitched and my heart started beating faster.

"Bells, it won't be bad. I'll be right by your side," Jake said, brushing his fingers along my cheek. Jake and I walked inside. I held my breath. The whole Cullen family was there, and Charlie was talking to Carlisle. I grabbed Jake's hand. Charlie looked at us.

"Jacob, you're back?" he asked.

"I had to think over some things, and I couldn't do it here," Jake said, explaining why he was gone.

"We were worried about you. At least I was."

Charlie looked from me, to Jake, to our holding hands. He smiled. I took in a deep breath, preparing myself for what was going to happen. Then, I saw Edward and Alice having a private conversation. They both looked sad. Edward looked like he was in pain. I shrank back into Jake.

"Just say it, Bells," he whispered.

"Edward, can I talk to you?" I asked, holding back tears. I nodded, and he followed me outside. I told Jake to stay inside, though. This was going to be hard enough for me.

"I know what you're going to do. Alice can't see your future anymore. That means you're going to be with Jacob," Edward said as soon as we got to the first few trees.

"I'm sorry, Edward. I love him, though," I said, tears streaming my face. I slipped the ring off my finger and gave it to him, along with the heart charm on my bracelet. He showed no emotions on his face, but I could see in his topaz eyes that he was sad.

"Do you want to car back?" I asked, wiping away my tears.

"You don't have anything else to use besides your motorcycle, and you'll probably kill yourself on that, so keep the car," he said.

I nodded, and we walked back into the house. Alice gave me a disappointed look when she saw me. Jake wrapped his arms around me. Charlie looked from me to Edward and saw the ring and charm in his hand.

"I'll go down to the station. I'm sure they need me for something," Charlie said. He gave me a small peck on the cheek and left. I held Jake's hand tight, and he kissed the top of my head. Emmett snarled.

"Stop it, Emmett!" I yelled, surprising everyone. I was going to have to give them a full explanation, and I shuddered at the mere thought of it.