sorry guys, not a chapter this soon. but i've gotten so many reviews on how there shouldnt be a fight to the death or how crap happened in breaking dawn and blah blah fuckity blah (i do love your reviews guys, if you knew me, you would know that my cursing is complimentary). Well i wanted to explain this to yall. Sam and Jake will NOT have a fight to the death, and there will NOT be two packs. There will be a fight, though.

Think of it as Fight Club. First, I will give you the eight rules to Fight Club (because fight club is the shit!), then I will give you the rules to my fight.

8 rules of fight club [book written by chuck palahniuk, movie directed by david fincher] --

1. you do not talk about fight club

2. you DO NOT talk about fight club

3. If someone says, "Stop", goes limp, or taps out, the fight is over.

4. only two guys to a fight

5. one fight at a time

6. no shirts, no shoes

7. fights will go on AS LONG AS THEY HAVE TO

8. if this is your first night at fight club, you HAVE to fight

3 rules to my fight --

1. you do not talk about the fight

2. if someone says "stop", goes limp, or taps out, the fight is OVER

3. the fight will go on as long as it has to

So, this fight is pretty similar to fight club, but wolf style. Someone also said something about how in breaking dawn that sam couldnt "turn off" his alpha-ness, and that once jacob used his alpha-ness, he couldnt turn it of either, thus a fight to the death or a split pack must occur. I dont wish to offend anyone, but guess what guys? This is MY story, not breaking dawn. I can do whatever the fuck i want (once again, please do not be offended by my language).