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Melody watched as her one and only true friend, Rachel Dawes, was buried, the black coffin not giving justice to the wonders that woman had done. The shiny ebony cover reflected her face in a warped way, and Melody almost smiled at the twisted face leering back at her.

"Are you ok?" Someone asked smoothly beside her, and Melody turned to the side to see a very cute guy watching her with a funny look on his face. It was like he had seen the warped picture of himself on the casket as well, and had also found it ironic. Bruce Wayne was staring her down, as if he knew exactly why she was smiling. He wasn't amused like she was though. He looked like he was about to hit someone.

"I'm perfect." Melody muttered to him sarcastically as she turned to look back at the casket. Bruce Wayne had always brought out the worst in her. They had never gotten along as childhood friends, which would explain her anger towards him now.

There were only close friends and family at the funeral now, the others long gone. To them, it was merely a gutsy DA assistant gone… just like the others. They could go home and watch TV, cowering together in fear as The Joker wreaked havoc on the city of Gotham, yet again. Tears falling, she kept staring at the warped picture, imagining what it would be like if Rachel had been saved in time.

Melody had heard, of course. When you were close to the GPD like she was, Melody heard all of the real truth that most people were hidden from. She had even heard about the Batman and his regular meetings on the roof tops with the new Commissioner. Melody had the talent of hearing and watching. Anything else and she would tell you straight up that she was next to useless. Yes, she had heard about how Batman had said he was going to save Rachel... but The Joker had tricked him into saving the DA. The thought made her sick.

"Melody dear, are you ok?" Mrs. Dawes had linked her arm with Melody's, and looking over at the aged woman, Melody winced. Mrs. Dawes had always had a young and vibrant look about her, as if she could never age. Now, her face had wrinkles in it that a dinosaur would envy. The pain in her eyes was almost tangible, and Melody hated seeing it.

"I'm just as fine as the next, mom." Melody smiled weakly at the age old nick name. She should really stop calling her that. It didn't seem fitting anymore.

"You're welcome to out house anytime you need to." Mrs. Dawes smiled and enveloped Melody into a clinging tight hug that seemed to scream, 'don't let go, whatever you do'.

"Honey… we need to go." Mr. Dawes gravely put a hand on the small of his wife's back, and smiled bleakly at Melody. He looked rumpled and aged as well. Melody inwardly sighed; her best friend's death had been hard on everyone who knew her. As she watched Rachel's parent walk away, shrouded in black, she looked back at the almost covered casket and saw her warped face again. The slant of the wood made her eyes bug out at her, and her face thinned out and appeared hollow. Sighing, she turned and walked away, letting the death of her friend weigh down on her.

Her car was a little farther back than the others; she had wanted it that way. She couldn't bear to see others walk past and talk to her; she wanted to walk alone. She wanted her thoughts to be hers and hers alone. It was things between her and Rachel anyway, no one else needed to know.

There was also another reason why she wanted to park farther away from everyone else. Her car was a brand new Tesla Roadster, and the thing was as expensive as a mansion almost. It was an electric powered car, and she wasn't going to risk it getting hit or door dinged by envious mourners. Melody snorted; like there would be any envious mourners. What was with her today?

Walking over to the driver's side, Melody cursed when she saw someone standing next to it. Picking up her speed (as fast as she could go in high heels) she stomped up to the man standing there and hissed angrily, "What do you think you're doing, bub?"

Wow... bub… what a nice insult. Maybe I should go on the show, Yo Mama.

There was an awkward silence as the man leaned forward, his gloved hands gripping the side of the car for support as his body rippled with awkward laughter. Melody blanched as she studied the guy before her. From what she could see, his suit was in need of a patch job, and his hair needed washed. It had a gross chlorine look to it. As he turned around though, Melody felt her throat close up and her breath hitch as she stared into the eyes of the strangest villain of all time.

"Why, I'm going to a funeral… aren't you?"

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