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Day Two

The Joker clicked the small button, watching as the camera turned off before he turned to assess the woman who struggled against her bonds, her face wild with anger. He couldn't stop the grin that wrenched his features into a mask as he walked steadily over, his head hanging to the side. He watched in vague amusement as she winced, inadvertently tightening her bonds. Cursing, she bit her lip and tugged harder.

"My… my… my… what a TemPer." He drawled, crouching down to her level. Furiously, she glared at him, her eyes flashing dangerously.

"You kidnap me just to lure Bruce Wayne out of his expensive penthouse?" She half shrieked, her face turning red. The Joker smirked, raising an eyebrow.

"You're looking… too closely. It's noT about the boy… it's, ah, it's about the chaos ensuing beCause of iT. They begin to debaTe… whose life is worth more?" He hissed between his teeth as he laughed at the look of disgust on her face.

"And this is funny how?" She asked, lowering her voice in fear. The Joker hauled her up, dragging her behind him as he began walking brusquely. She stumbled behind him, the ropes on her ankles ripping her skin slightly as he wrenched her harder. Wincing, she attempted to follow faster, hating how she depended on him to hold her up.

"People... who, ah, have to question the- the morals they've foughT sooo hard for… become inhuman." He breathed in his low voice as they reached the stairs. Looking back at her, he grinned as he grabbed both of her shoulders, and pushed her down the stairs. Melody cried out loudly in pain as she hit a metal step, her shoulder screaming with her as it slammed against the stairs. She rolled in the air before landing on her back on another step, and as she hit the bottom, she slammed against the wall, pushing out choked screams between gritted teeth. She felt fire licking areas of most pain, and she coughed for breath, her tumble squeezing it out of her lungs.

The Joker walked down after her at a leisurely pace, his grin widening, growing too large for his face. The Paint seemed like it was a part of his skin, the way it molded and blended into his skin. As he reached her, he leaned down, picking her up again, and set her straight.

"They starT thinking… like animals. Which is really top dog? Whose… beneficial to KeeP alive?" He crooned in her ear. Melody turned to face him, tears in her eyes as she gritted her teeth.

"I can walk down the stairs." She informed him, much to his amusement. The Joker grabbed her chin and shook her head slowly.

"I can'T… uh, allow thaT." He replied as he made her mouth mimic the motions of his. Melody jerked her head away, feeling gross that he was touching her. The Joker smiled as she looked uneasily down the next batch of stairs. "BuT… I can't give back harmed merchandise. It wouldn't, uh, be beneficial for me... yet." He added as he roughly grabbed her by the waist and slung her over his shoulder. Melody screamed out in pain as he gripped her side that had slammed against the wall. Her head reeled, and her stomach churched as he took the steps quickly, jauntingly. How the heck was he holding her up!

They went down the rest of the stairs this way, Melody holding back nausea, The Joker laughing hysterically as she cried out when he hit a sore spot. When they reached the bottom, he set her down, brushing imaginary lint off of his jacket. His face was darkly amused as he chuckled to himself, his black eyes boring into anything he set his gaze on. Melody stared, shocked at him, and as he looked up, his grin faded.

"… WhaT… would you be staring aT?" He asked, temper flaring. "Is it… oh Gawd…" he balked, rolling his eyes. "Don't tell me it's… ah, the scars, is it?" He asked, acting concerned. Melody shook her head, but as she did so, she felt her body falling, and sluggishly she registered that she was in pain.

"Ah... it musT be... whaT a piTy." He crooned drolly, staring down at her. Bending on one knee, he grabbed her face roughly, his features dark and hauntingly forboding. "BeTTer get... a very, VERY gooD look at them... sweeThearT. Cuz you're going to have a pair. Just. LiKe. Them." He stood up, shoving her face roughly away. Looking up, blackness ate away at the corners of her eyes as she saw The Joker stare down at her, head cocked to the side.

"I… can, uh, really bring the house Down." He smirked, stepping over her.

Day Three

Bruce walked into the police station, his face grim. People stopped to stare at him, but he was used to eyes on him all the time. Even in disguise, he had people watching. Stepping past the secretary, he ignored her protests, letting adrenaline press him onward, his face set in anger. He had made up his mind, and he wouldn't stop to think.

The Commissioner's office was busy as people ran in and out, yelling and panicked as they moved. As Bruce stepped into the room though, the motions stopped, and Gordan looked up from his desk, his face grim. He wrinkled his nose as he stared, his eyes telling Bruce he didn't have a clue what to do.

"I want to help." Bruce said in his low, calm voice. Everyone stared at him, some even slack jawed as he kept his gaze right on Gordan. He was used to ignoring people too.

"You can't." Gordan said simply, his shoulders firm. Bruce cleared his throat, and walked foreword, putting his hands on the desk as he leaned over it.

"Let me rephrase… I'm going to help." He kept his eyes locked on Gordan's, channeling his energy into his gaze. Gordan stared back, but as he looked into the dark blue billionaire's eyes, he felt his shoulders droop. There was no way to say no to that.

"How would you help anyway?" He asked, his face bitter. "We can't trade one hostage for another."

"At least I wouldn't become a rape victim under his care." Bruce replied heavily, keeping eye contact. The room was silent as they stared.

"You're the Prince of Gotham… she's-"

"A citizen." Bruce cut him off, his eyes turning hard. "If you don't let me help, I'll do it the old fashion way." Bruce shook his head, his eyes still trained on the Commissioner. "As the Prince of Gotham, I would find a way."

"She's expendable." Another cop stated firmly.

"Say it again." Bruce whispered, his voice suddenly deadly. Whirling around, his eyes pinpointed the idiot who had said that. He was a large man, sweat dotting his forehead as he stood, knees shaking. Others backed away from said idiot, annoyance crossing their faces.

"W… what I mean to say… I mean- come on, you know it's true." The cop blustered, looking around for help. None came. Bruce shook his head, his eyes turning almost black with anger.

"You're all going to listen, and listen well. She may be just another citizen of Gotham. She may not be as important to this society as the Wayne family. She may be just another victim of The Joker's to you… but that's not how it's going to be. I'm staying, and if I have to buy the entire police force off, I'm going to ensure that she gets out of this alive. Have I made myself clear?"

Melody groaned as she rolled over, her head on fire. Her scalp tingled and her brain felt like it had been beaten with a spiked bat. As she gently laid her head down, she was surprised to feel silk sheets greet her sore and bruised skin. As she shifted again, pain ricocheted from her shoulder to her side and back in mere seconds. She gasped in pain.

Opening her eyes, she saw a wall. The colors were simple beige, but it was enough to know that she wasn't in a basement cell anymore. Lifting her head, despite the protests her screaming head gave, she swayed drunkenly around as she stared at a decent room.

It was a simple queen sized bed she laid on, with faded red silk sheets. They were obviously old and worn, but still better than a simple floor. The floor was bare, save for random pieces of trash or wrappers. There was a simple brown dresser, and a grimy window.

"Good Lord." She muttered, pressing a hand to her head. Flames licked her scalp as she made contact with the string that crisscrossed her head. She felt blackness tearing at the edges of her vision, so she laid down slowly, letting her body rest as her mind roared.

It was scary to think, just yesterday, or was it the day before? She couldn't tell. But then, she was simply at a friend's funeral. Now, she was in The Joker's clutches. He obviously wanted to bring Gotham to its knees, and she was going to inadvertently help him do it.

Or would she? Maybe she was just a ploy to get others to bend to his whims. Maybe he would kill her before she got the "lucky chance" to help him.

Melody shook her head. She wasn't worth that much that he could bargain her off for a city. If he had taken Bruce Wayne though… they would have done anything to get him back. Hell, he would be back by now!

She didn't know how long she laid there, focusing bitterly on how she was still in that mad man's clutches, but when the door slowly opened and closed quietly, she couldn't help but flinch.

"Oh… scareD of a little, uh, noise?" A sick, twisted voice asked in a very amused tone. "It will be… interesting to see how you reaCt to loud noises. Bombs... eXplosives... how do you fare then, hm?" Melody stared straight ahead, her face frozen as she felt the mattress bend to another person's weight. A hand settled harshly on her shoulder, and icy hot pain electrified her side. She gritted her teeth, hiding a groan of pain.

"How's the baTTle wounds, hm?" He asked, and she heard his lips smack against his teeth, and she could imagine the grin curling around his stained face. Still, she kept her lips pressed tightly together, and her eyes watered as his grip tightened around her shoulder.

"I said… how's the baTtle wounds?" His fingers dug into her shoulder as he practically spat the words in her ear, and Melody cried out in pain. The Joker wrenched her over towards him, and his face was suddenly too close for comfort. His lips were pulled up in a snarl.

"When I... when I SPeaK," He hissed, smacking his lips, "It's... beneficial to, uh, listen, yes? So when I asK-" He pulled her closer, wrenching her hair out. She whimpered under her breath, "A queStion... it's, well, it's a good idea... to answer. So... little girl... how're the wounDs?"

"G-good." She stumbled over the words as she kept her teeth clenched together. The Joker let his grin take over. She saw, to her horror that he held a knife in his hand, and it was dangerously close to her. His breathing was ragged and coarse, like he had just run a great distance.

"Your performance… was, ah, enterTaining. They really have Gotham upside dowN… 'Cuz of you." He let his knife drag across her skin, and Melody flinched as she felt it nick her across her chest.

"So what?" She asked bitterly. "It's not like they'll find me!" She snapped, feeling an anger burn in her as she glared into his eyes. The Joker suddenly laughed, his breath harsh and hot against her cheek. His knife dug into her collar bone as he leaned foreword, his black orbs burning a hole into her eyes. The khol around his eyes only seemed to darken the satanic look, and it made her squirm inwardly.

"Oh… buT… they will." He grinned like it was the best joke he had heard. "And… stay with me now, they'll see…. whaT I've done to you… and they'll LocK. You. UP." He dragged the knife down her front, past her chest and downwards towards her stomach. His face became dark and twisted as his smile became a leer.

"What do you mean, lock me up?" She asked, horrified. This guy was as insane as he seemed.

"You'll be… the mistake that wasn'T… supposed to, ah, you weren't supposed to ha-happen." He smiled again as he leaned back and settled his back against the wall. Melody scrambled into a sitting position, refusing to let her back face him.

"Wasn't supposed to happen? What are you going to do to me?" She demanded, face bleak.

"It's… well, let's jusT say… it's ah, a worK... in progress. It's beautiful really... it's already, ahaha... beGun." He cackled at his words, his eyes shut, his gloved hands flying up to his face in amusement.

"What already began?"The Joker leaned back, his face almost serene. It was disturbing to see him seem so peaceful and at ease with the next words that came out of his mouth.

"You. BeComing. Me."

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