Must know ch.2

Bun followed closely behind Sword and Blade. He knew they were ignoring him. But it didn't matter to him. Nope, not one bit. All he had to do was follow them around and annoy 'em enough until they gave into his demand. What demand would that be, you ask? Well, after their first attempt at getting a peek under Meta Knight's mask Bun had hoped for a return to try again.

Of course they said no. But he continued to ask. And ask. And ask some more. This continued on for a week now and Sword and Blades patience had to be warring thin. If it was, they didn't show it. They just kept on ignoring him.

So Bun continued to stalk them. Luckily for him his plan had actually ended up working! Sword and Blade had finally snapped under his constant pestering.

"Oh my gawd fine! We'll do it! Just stop following us around already!" Blade screamed.

"I know! Geez." Sword agreed.

Bun smiled devilishly, "Heh heh. Great, meet me at my room after Meta Knight goes to sleep."

Bun walked away happily. Arms folded behind his head as he walked away from them.

Sword sighed. "What have we gotten ourselves into this time?"

Later that night

Sword and Blade waited, once again, for Meta Knight to go to sleep. Once he was they snuck out and got Bun. They went back to MK's room and opened the door carefully. Sword peeked his head in first. Then Blade above him. Followed by Bun.

They nodded to each other and walked over to MK's bed. Bun stepped on a piece in the floor that squeaked. Sword and Blade snapped their heads to look at Bun. Bun quivered but shrugged his shoulders.

Nothing seemed to happen so they continued onward. That is, until Blade stepped on a piece of candy. And something stupidly dramatic happened. Such as laser guns coming out of the walls. And pointing at them. And then shooting. They screamed of course.

"Waaaaah!!" They screamed together.

Another stupid thing that happened is that none of 'em ran away. They just screamed. A lot. Very loudly. Which brings to question why Fumu hadn't come down there to see what was going on? Oh well. She's a party pooper anyway.

So after they finished screaming because the lasers had stopped. Something else happened. Something funny to Sword and Blade, but not really to Bun.

A flamethrower had come out of the wall behind them. Sword and Blade had heard it come out, which wasn't hard since it's big and made a lot of noise. They jumped out of the way and Bun got charred. Bun was pretty mad at 'em.

"Ha ha ha haaa!!" Sword and Blade laughed.


"Uh oh. Uuuhh…I think we should leave now, Blade."

"Yeah, I think we should too."



"WAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!" Sword and Blade screamed at the same time as they ran out of the room.

Bun screamed and ran after them. Very angrily.

Somewhere else

"You think they learned their lesson?"

"Yes. Yes I do."