Welcome to Tales of Symphonia: Radiant Dawn. This is a crossover between Tales of Symphonia and Fire Emblem: Raidant Dawn (which is a sequel to Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance). You may call me Lunar. I hope that everyone enjoys my story and appreciates all the twists and turns in it. And I give special thanks to my beta, eragonfanatic92, aka Mieu. ;) I now submit my story to your scrutiny. Don't be too mean, okay?

EDIT NOTE: This is version 2 of the prologue. To those who have read this before, I gave Mia more interaction with the village, so it wouldn't seem like she was forgotten. For those who have yet to read this, you will meet Mia momentarily.

Prologue: A Journey's Depressing Start

Two words could easily describe Lloyd Irving's day right now: downright horrible. His day started out great, however. He had made up with his father, Dirk, gotten a Key Crest for Marble, and intended to join his friend and Chosen of Sylvarant, Colette Brunel, on her journey. That's when everything started rolling downhill.

Genis Sage, Lloyd's best friend, suddenly showed up at his house looking for him. Genis informed Lloyd that Colette had already left on her journey, accompanied by their teacher and Genis' sister, Raine Sage, and the mercenary Kratos Aurion. Lloyd told Genis that Colette had told him they were leaving at noon and realized that Colette had lied. The two boys immediately rushed to the nearby Village of Oracles, Iselia, to get some answers.

Upon arriving in Iselia, Lloyd and Genis went to Colette's house and met with Phaidra and Frank, Colette's grandmother and father. Phaidra gave Lloyd a letter from Colette. In it, she told Lloyd that she had lied to him and prevented him from going on the Journey of Regenration to keep him safe. She wished for Lloyd to live a wonderful life in the regenerated world and said she was lucky to have met him.

Just as Lloyd's mind was absorbing the details of what was going on, explosions and chaos erupted outside. Lloyd and Genis rushed outside to see that Desians were raiding the village and demanded that Lloyd reveal himself. Lloyd and Genis forced their way into the center of the chaos.

The Desians were led by one of the Grand Cardinals, the ruling body of the Desians. His name was Forcystus. Forcystus was clad in a black shirt, wore gold armor over it, and had a red and white jacket covering his armor. He also wore black pants and black, white, and gold boots. His left forearm had been replaced with a gold-plated cannon. His right eye had been gouged out and was covered by a red and silver eyepatch.

Forcystus announced that the village had violated the non-aggression treaty when Lloyd attacked the ranch and talked to Marble and they were here to exact punishment. Lloyd countered that the Desians violated the treaty first by attacking the Martel Temple yesterday and demanded that they leave the village.

Forcystus laughed off Lloyd's bravado and accusations and sent a grotesque, green monster called Exbeula after Lloyd. Lloyd was forced to fight the monster, with only Genis helping him out. This is where our story begins.

The fight started with Genis casting Fire Ball to distract their foe while Lloyd charged, readying his blade to use Sonic Thrust. However, the monster recovered quickly, sidestepped Lloyd's attack, grabbed his arm, and threw him right at Genis. Lloyd collided right into Genis, sending them tumbling back several feet.

"Damn… I was not expecting that," Lloyd hissed.

"This guy is tough," Genis added.

"I know, but we can't give up," said Lloyd.

They got back up and Genis fired off Stone Blast, this time stunning the monster. While stunned, Lloyd rushed up, slashed at it a few times, and then used Sword Rain. The monster was struck with every blow, and was sent reeling. Genis then followed up with Wind Blade, which sent it to the ground.

"Did… Did we get it?" Lloyd asked.

"I think so," Genis answered.

Just then, the monster used its arm to strike Lloyd, causing him to stumble. It then grabbed Lloyd's throat and hoisted him into the air. Genis tried to save him with another Fire Ball, but the monster used its free arm to deflect the spell right back at Genis. Genis was hit by his spell hard, causing him to drop to his knees.

Exbeula then slammed Lloyd into the ground, pinning him. It then pulled its fist back, ready to smash the red-clad twin swordsman's head in. At the last second, a blue blast from out of nowhere came soaring at the monster and struck it, send it into a tumble across the ground.

"Who did that?" Genis asked himself.

As if the Goddess Martel herself had answered his prayers, a woman slightly older than Lloyd appeared next to him. She was clad in an orange sleeveless trench coat that covered her toned body, black gloves that went all the way up her arms, black boots that went halfway up her slender thighs, a black sleeveless shirt, black shorts, and a brown belt that doubled as a sword holster. She had indigo hair that went halfway down her back, held back by a white headband. Her emerald eyes had a fire in them that showed she was a veteran warrior, the smirk on her face showing the enthusiasm and confidence she possessed. In her right hand was a majestic, white-hued two-handed sword.

"Are you okay?" the girl asked as she extended her free hand.

"I'm good. Thanks for saving me. Who are you?" Lloyd asked as he grabbed her hand.

"We can talk later. It's not over yet. I would appreciate your help with that thing," the woman continued as she pulled Lloyd up.

A Desian braced himself to go and attack the new warrior that had appeared, but Forcystus held him back.

"Not yet. I want to see if my theory is right first. And one inferior being will not make much of a difference," Forcystus smirked.

Exbelua started to get back up, a black aura radiating from its body.

"You got it! Genis, you ready?" Lloyd asked.

"For you, I'm always ready," Genis replied as he got up.

"Here it comes," the girl warned.

Exbelua charged the three warriors, ready to end this once and for all. It raised both its fists into the air ready to pulverize them. As its fists fell, they made contact with steel. The girl has used her blade to block the attack. She then swung her sword forward, delivering a deep gash to Exbelua's torso.

"Now!" she shouted.

"Wind Blade!" Genis chanted.

"Sonic Thrust!" Lloyd shouted.

The girl got out of the way right before the attacks connected. The Wind Blade had struck where the monster was wounded, followed up by Lloyd impaling Exbelua in the same wound with his sword. As Lloyd glared down the wounded monster, the bandages on his left hand fell off, revealing his Exshpere to the world. Lloyd twisted and yanked his sword out of its flesh sheath, causing blood to spurt everywhere, and Exbelua fell to the ground, defeated.

"Lord Forcystus! Just as you thought, that boy has an Exsphere!" said a random Desian.

"…It must be the one from the Angelus Project that we've been searching for!" Forcystus deduced.

He then turned to Lloyd, pointed his cannon arm at him, and ordered, "Give it to me!"

Lloyd stepped back, protecting his left hand.

"No! This is a memento of my mom's, who you Desians murdered!" Lloyd refused.

"Stay away from Lloyd!" Genis shouted, appearing at Lloyd's side.

"I don't know what's going on, but after seeing all the crimes you Desians have done, I won't let you lay a finger on him!" the female swordsman proclaimed, her sword pointed right at Forcystus.

"Pathetic humans…" Forcystus mumbled as he glared at Lloyd. "And what the hell are you talking about? Your mother was…"

Before Forcystus could finish his sentence, Exbelua came back from the dead and restrained Forcystus.

"Run… away… Genis… Lloyd…" a garbled voice echoed through the air.

"Wh… what was that voice? It… sounded like… Marble?" Genis whispered.

"It can't be!" Lloyd shouted.

"Uh… ugh… guh… Get away… hurry! ….Genis… you were like a grandson to me. Thank you. Goodbye…" Marble's voice whispered in the wind.

Lloyd tried to run to Marble to help her, but the blunette held him back. Marble self-destructed, badly injuring Forcystus. Her Exsphere rolled over to Genis' feet. Genis, in a state of shock, picks up the Exsphere.

"…Ugh," Forcystus spat out, breathing raggedly due to his injuries.

"…No! Protect Lord Forcystus!" a soldier ordered.

The Desians surrounded their Grand Cardinal, ready to protect him with their lives.

"…Lloyd. We will always come after you as long as you possess that Exsphere. Always!" Forcystus proclaimed before he and the Desians retreated back to their Human Ranch.

"M…Marble! …Marble! No!!!!!!!" Genis shouted to the heavens, mourning for his fallen friend.

Lloyd fell to his knees, upset at all that had happened. The woman that had aided them holstered her sword then knelt next to him.

"Hey. It's okay. You did great back there. I can tell that the monster was your friend. I'm sorry she killed herself to save you. I'm sorry for your loss," she told Lloyd.

"Th… Thank you for helping us, uh…" Lloyd whispered.

"Mia. Mia Wayu," she introduced herself.

"Thank you, Mia. My name is Lloyd Irving. Nice to meet you," Lloyd replied, cheering up a little.

The two turned to Genis, still in shock about what happened. Mia and Lloyd approached him.

"Genis, are you okay?" Lloyd asked.

"Marble…" Genis whispered, eyes full of tears.

"Genis, she saved us all. She cared about you. Don't dishonor her memory by wallowing in misery," said Lloyd.

"Lloyd's right. Buck up," Mia added.

"Lloyd…" Genis whispered.

"You fought well back there! Nice to meet ya! Name's Mia!" Mia introduced herself.

"I'm Genis…" he introduced himself, still somewhat sad over what happened.

Just then, a crowd led by the avaricious Mayor of Iselia approached Lloyd, Genis, and Mia.

"What have you done!? Look! Look what happened to our village! It's all your fault!" the Mayor shouted.

Lloyd and Genis looked down in shame.

"I'm sorry…" Lloyd apologized.

"You think you can fix this by apologizing!? The Desians marked him as your enemy! As long as you are here, this village will never be at peace. Do you understand?" the Mayor ranted.

Genis and Mia rushed in front of Lloyd, ready to defend him.

"Wait a minute! You're going to exile him!?" said Genis.

"Yes," the Mayor responded.

"That's not fair! Lloyd didn't do anything wrong! He just saved Marble…" Genis proclaimed.

"Now hold on! Lloyd here helped prevent the total destruction of your village. You owe him your lives!" Mia shouted.

"Yet, had he not meddled at the ranch, there wouldn't have been any destruction in the first place!" a villager shot back.

"Any involvement with the ranch is forbidden. There are no exceptions," said the Mayor grudgingly.

"So it's okay to let people die at the human ranch as long as the village is safe!?" Genis asked.

"The people at the ranch are just going to rot there, anyway," a female villager said.

"Yes. Had you not done something so stupid, they'd have been the only ones that died," the Mayor glared.

"You humans are all the same…" Genis sneered.

"So, you'll turn a blind eye to the victims of the Desians, leaving them to be slaughtered like cattle, while you hole up and appease your enemies? And I thought that the Mad King and the senators of Bengion were heartless. Seems like Soren was wrong. I heard him say once that when the peace you so cherish is shattered, that then you will comprehend the misfortunes you so long pretended not to see. You just proved him wrong, which I never thought would happen. You have no heart. As Soren would say, 'I have no sympathy for you.'" Mia spat.

"Who cares about the Desian's playthings? So long as we are safe, what the Desians do in their ranch is their own business," the Mayor spat.

Mia and Genis looked livid and were ready to strike down the Mayor, but Lloyd stopped them.

"Mia, Genis. That's enough. This was my fault and my fault alone," said Lloyd.

Lloyd walks up right to the Mayor and looks him right in the eye. For a second, some thought that Lloyd would strike the Mayor down.

"…I'll leave," Lloyd announced.

"Mayor, surely you don't have to be so strict on a child?" a female villager came to Lloyd's defense.

"What are you saying?" a male villager asked. "Do you realize how many people died here because of him?"

Genis then approaches the Mayor and glares at him.

"It's not Lloyd's fault! I'm the one that took him to the ranch. So it's my fault!" he said.

"But it's Lloyd the Desians are after. And besides, Lloyd isn't from this village to begin with! He's an outsider, raised by a dwarf," the Mayor said.

"So what if he is? He defended your village with every fiber of his being. He deserves better than this," Mia replied.

"Yet, it was him that caused this travesty," another villager glared at Lloyd.

"Then I'm leaving too. I'm just as guilty as he is!" Genis announced.

"Genis…" Lloyd whispered.

"Fine then. By the rights invested me as mayor, I hereby announce the banishment of Lloyd and Genis from the village of Iselia. GET OUT!" the Mayor shouted.

He then turned his attention to Mia.

"As for you, you are no longer welcome in this village. Leave now or face the consequences," the Mayor threatened.

"Like I need to stay in a village of arrogant bastards," Mia grumbled.

The Mayor and the villagers then left the carnage, leaving Lloyd, Genis, and Mia to themselves. Then Frank and Phaidra approached the three warriors. Lloyd looks at them, sadness evident in his eyes.

"I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble," Lloyd apologized.

"If you feel that way, please catch up to the Chosen and protect her. She is on her way to Triet: The Desert Oasis. If in doing so, the world is saved, surely everyone will change their minds about you," Phaidra informed him.

"For I'm sure Colette would want that as well," Frank added.

"…Yes. I will atone for what I've done. I swear to protect Colette for the sake of those who have died because of me," Lloyd promised.

"…I'll follow you, Lloyd. It's my fault that you were banished. So I promise to stick by you, always," Genis swore.

"I'll stick with you for a time as well. I'm on a journey to find Boss and my friends and Boss always said that there is safety in numbers. Besides, I can help you in swordplay," Mia vowed.

"Mia, I know I just met you not even 30 minutes ago, but thank you helping us, sticking up for me, and joining us," said Lloyd.

"Don't thank me. It's what I do. Besides, I know Boss would never forgive me for abandoning someone in need," Mia replied.

"Regardless, thanks," Lloyd finished.

He then turned to Genis.

"Say, Genis. Why don't you use that Exsphere? That's Marble's memento," Lloyd suggested.

"…Okay," Genis reluctantly agreed.

"I'll explain to you on how to use the Key Crest later. After all, it looks like it's going to be a long journey," Lloyd continued.

"Yeah…" Genis sighed.

"I've been on long journeys before. This will be fun," Mia smirked.

"Good luck to the three of you. Remember to use the Houses of Salvation. Servants of the Goddess reside in each one and will be willing to help you in any way," Phaidra informed them.

"Yes, good luck, and when you find Colette, tell her that our prayers are with her," Frank added.

"I will. Thank you, and goodbye for now," said Lloyd.

As the three turned to leave Iselia, a large green/while dog-like animal met them. It made a whine-like sound at Lloyd.

"Let's go, Noishe," Lloyd told the protozoan.

This animal puzzled Mia, but Lloyd knew it and this 'Noishe' seemed harmless. She resolved to ask about Noishe later.

"Don't throw your lives away," Phaidra advised them.

"May the Goddess Martel protect you," Frank prayed.

"We'll be back, and we'll make things up to the village," Lloyd vowed.

The three waved to Frank and Phaidra as they walked away.

A couple of hours of walking later, Noishe began to howl. Lloyd turned to Noishe.

"Hmm? What is it? What's that in your mouth?" he asked.

"Look, your bag's open," Genis observed. "You probably dropped it yourself."

"Here, I got it," said Mia as she closed Lloyd's bag for him.

"Oh. Thanks, you three. Let's see…" said Lloyd as he took the item from Noishe and examined it.

"It's a letter from Dad," he told them.

"From Dirk?" Genis asked.

"Yeah. I wonder what's written in it?" Lloyd pondered.

"Well read it and see," Mia suggested.

"Dear Lloyd… Did you read the Traveler's Guide? It has the seven most known Dwarven Vows as well as knowledge necessary for your journey written in it. Make use of this information and be sure to protect Colette. Fourteen years have passed since I found you and started raising you. You were still barely able to walk. I remember how you were scared of me and always crying. And now, you've grown into a strong swordsman. I'm grateful for you calling me, a non-human, your father. Someday, when you are a full-grown man, I'll have a gift for you. Keep that in mind as something to look forward to as you go out there and fight," Lloyd read out loud.

A tear leaked out of Lloyd's eye.

"Dad…" he sighed.

"We'll make Dirk proud," said Genis.

"Sounds like your dad cares about you. Don't betray his faith in you," Mia advised him.

"Thanks, both of you," Lloyd whispered.

Lloyd put the letter away. Then, the twin swordsman, Trueblade, half-elf mage, and protozoan walked off to the south, beginning a long, tedious journey, leading to places beyond their wildest dreams.

So, those of you who play Fire Emblem will recognize Mia. How did she get here and how will her arrival here impact the Journey of Regenration? That's what the rest of the story is for. Please review!

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