Hey There, Blue-Haired Girl

Hey there, Blue-Hair,

It's been a while. A very long while. You may not remember me, Dawn, but I'm Paul. Remember ? That rotten emo kid from fifteen years ago that almost got you trampled by the hoard of pissed off Ponyta, and made fun of every Contest that you lost ? Yeah.

I heard you recently won the Grand Festival. Good for you. You're twenty-six, heading for a career, your life's not a bitch, and besides all of that, you still have that ditzy adorable look on your face.

Anyway, my life's been a total pile of shit. Reggie left for his own retarded dreams, and goody me, I had to go live with the bastard of my dad that goes by the name of Cyrus. Yeah, the emotionless guy of Team Galactic ? Yep, him.

Well, I was sent there at sixteen, and my life's been downhill for the next eleven damn years since then. Guess what ? I now lead the number one criminal organization in Sinnoh - Team Galactic. Ol' Daddy had a heart attack two years ago, so now I sit in a desk in Veilstone City and act like a total jack-ass. Ha. It ain't Candyland now, and it never will be. I got the big R treatment. That's right. He raped me. Man, every time he'd have his way, it would fucking hurt. Bruised lips, cut skin, bloody noses - the works - and of course if you have money, the gotdamn government just turns all of your problems into a deeper and bigger pile of shit, so...

By the way, I bet that loser friend of yours called Ash will have that fucking smile plastered on his face, 'cause my pokemon ditched me. Hard work and cruel words don't cut it, I guess. Yep, like I said, it ain't Candyland for me.

But I shouldn't be telling you my problems and all of this bullshit that's been going on. No use anyway, but you were always a good listener when I knew you.

Anyway...Dawn...it may seem childish, but I still have a damn crush on you. You're still cool, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to see your free face again. After all, I'm an asshole, evil, a stealer, and...an evil tyrant. You have better things and better people to hang around with, but you'll always be the one blue-haired girl that offered me hugs and cookies, which is love to me, so...maybe I'll see you soon on TV before I croak, 'cause I have one of those deadly STDs - AIDS. Yeah. Stupid fucking dad and his molestation policies. So...see you soon (maybe).


Paul Shinji.