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In between

By Crystal Volcheck

Danny was sick of being constantly hunted down and nearly being killed on a daily basis. Everyday he he bled for the people of this town. Everyday he gained a scar to save all of the people that wanted him dead. No matter how many times he had saved them from dying a horrible bloody death they were so convinced that he was evil. Did no one realize that ghosts and humans are the same? Ghosts can feel pain and bleed. Sure you can say that you can't kill a ghost but it's possible. Just tear them apart molecule by molecule. Ghosts are like most people they just want to be left alone. There are a few that are evil, but humans can be evil too. In fact humans can be worse than ghosts. Human will kill for money,love, revenge,or just kill someone because they can. Humans went to war all of the time, you've never heard of the Ghost Zone going to war. Danny sighed as he flew into his bedroom and changed back into Danny Fenton. He wasn't a full ghost he was human too. Half ghost half human he understood both worlds. Ghosts were once alive so they understood humans. Danny chuckled. Most people thought he wasn't smart. Even though he was a C-student in school, he could be considered a genius. If only the ghost hunting didn't affect his studying, he could almost be a straight A student except for math. Tucker would say that he had taken to many blows to his head that's why he can't get a B on a test. Danny looked over at the blank sheet of paper on his desk. His report was due tomorrow. He had to write a paper about the real him. A smile spread across his face.It was time he opened up about being a halfa. He sat down and stuffed a handful of lime and vinegar flavored chips into his mouth before picking up a pencil and writing down the title.

In between, Not One or the Other

You see I used to be normal just like you. A normal teenager with embarrassing parents and annoying older sister. That all changed when my parents created the ghost portal. After that accident I was never the same again.

Now I'm split in half.One side of me walks among mortals going unnoticed, completely invisible to all of the other people in the world.Except a few that label me a trouble maker or loser. They wouldn't say that if they knew my other half. They think that Danny Fenton is one person in fact I'm two. They know my other half though in fact everyone does. Some call that half a villain other calls it a hero or punk,whelp and to my archenemy Daniel. Only a chosen few know that the loser and hero are one and the same. I walk the fine line between Life and Death, trapped in two worlds but belong in neither. A halfa is what those who know what I am call me. Two worlds and two choices for the future is not set in stone. To me the worlds are the same. Both have friends and allies as well as a fruit loop and many other kinds of villains. My choices are easy it's the consequences that are the hard part. Choose the path of good and be misunderstood but always have friends and allies to help you get through the battles. To choose the path of evil and let darkness rot my soul people die by my hand and in thousands. Yet not in war but cold blooded murder. I promised that would never happen even if it's still a possibility.

I have concered my demons and for the most part know who I am. Although at times I am confused. Eairler I mentioned that I belong in neither of the two worlds. That fact is true and its because of what I am. A ghost trying to fit in with humans or a, how did Spectra put it? Oh yeah, a creepy little boy with creepy little powers. In this world you want the hero half of me destroyed or thrown into the ghost zone. While in the Ghost Zone they want the loser half of me destroyed so they can lock me up in jail or in one case my pelt at the foot of their bed. Trying to fit in is the worst part when part of you is unwanted in the world.

Although that will always be a set back. I shall never regret my decisions all long as I shall live. My parents raised me to think that all ghosts are evil, but that however is untrue. Being caught in between I realized that ghosts and humans are the same. It is not the ghosts that are wrong it is in fact the humans. We are all born innocent it all depends on fate if we are good or evil. Most ghosts just want to be left alone like most people. You can't say that ghosts can not feel pain,bleed,or die. In fact we can and do. No one can claim that ghosts are cruel killers when people murder others over a simple problem, money, love, or revenge. Also most people don't realize that ghosts were once alive to that you're killing someone all over again. For we're not so different you and I.

Danny read it once more and shook his head. It sounded cheesy, then again he never was a writer. He read it once more. What would Lancer's reaction be if he read this? He threw the paper away and sighed. His mind was not used to doing homework. Danny grabbed another sheet of paper and began again. This was going to be a long night.

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