I now give you part two. I finally finished my Algebra homework, but I don't regret taking Algebra a whole year early. Here is the final part of the story:

After going through thirty seven sheets of paper, nineteen bags of lime and vinegar chips,and not to mention 4 ghost attacks Danny had finished his paper. Now all he had to do was hand it to Mr. Lancer tomorrow and he would be safe, maybe.

Lancer sat at his desk shocked. In disbelief he reread Daniel's paper.

In Between,Not One or the Other

This paper is supposed to be about the real me. The truth is I'm actually two halves. My name is Daniel Fenton, I prefer to be called Danny. I am now what you would call a halfa. I used to be fully alive and human that is until a few months ago. It's no secret that my parents are ghost hunters or that they had been trying to built a ghost portal. What you don't know is that they did only it didn't work or that I was stupid enough to investigate it. It killed me just not all the way. I am now half ghost. Why didn't I tell my parents? Well when you're half ghost and your parents only talk about dissecting and ripping ghosts apart molecule by molecule you would rather not. You already now that one half of me is Danny Fenton. The shy,clumsy,often clueless,and unpopular kid you gets shoved into lockers. You also have met my other half its not to hard to figure it out. Danny Phantom the cocky ghostly ghost hunter. Yet that's only part of it.

From my powers I have learned the truth about ghosts. We're more alike than we think. Not all of us are evil, we're like people there is the good and the bad. Ghost's have emotions. They can feel pain and bleed. Most ghosts want to be left alone like most humans. Others want to be known. Most people forget that they're hunting ghosts of people. They were alive once also. I'm not only a ghost I'm a teenager also. I still have to go to school and be labeled like everyone else. Like all other teens I have a few good friends. They know what I am and stand by my side thick and thin. That unlike most teenagers I don't fear not being able to fit in,besides I can never fit in. I walk the fine line between life and death. I protect two worlds, I am part of two worlds, have two lives to live, and two futures. We are born innocent it all depends on what path we take. I will remain a hero at heart even when people think I'm a villain if I stay on the path I'm on now. If I take the path that leads to the darkness that shall rot my soul, the blood of innocents will forever remain on my hands. Those are the futures I know of, there are others. I must admit I'm taking chances writing this but this job is taking it's toll.

The truth is my paper could have been a completely made up but I'm sick of lying. Some days I wish I could scream it out to the entire planet that I'm Danny Phantom. I'm really a hero trying to protect you all. I'm really just a teenager with the weight of the world on my shoulders. Everyday I get beaten and bruised with no explanation. Every single day I'm told that I need to be more responsible. Every moment of my life I am reminded that I'll never be normal or fit in. I'm ghost and human trapped in between,not one or the other.

Lancer gave a slight smile as he saw Danny Phantom fighting a ghost. He knew that Daniel was going to do great things. He just didn't realize just how great. He looked down at his open grade book and found Danny's name and changed the grade from a D to a B.

"A hero can get cut a little slack every now and then. Your secret is safe with me, Phantom." Lancer said to himself.

Well that's it what do you think? I'm planning on finishing my other Danny Phantom story then stating a new one called Superman's Dead. Here's a sneak peek.

We were a broken family. We have been for seven years. The sad part is that it's not uncommon for a family to be short a few members here in Amity Park. My name is Jenny Fenton. It's only me, my mom, and my twin brother Danny. Our dad was killed in a shooting along with four other people. My sister Jazz would be 18 today but she commited suicide a few months after dad died. Most of the time we dream of a hero to come save this town, but Superman's dead.