Fyndhum & Ketchum

Warning: Spoiler for DH

Some ten years after the the first of their kids started Hogwarts, both Harry and Hermione came to the realization that they had similar marital issues after talking late one evening. After going to the Chudley Canon's clubhouse to pick up Ron, he wasn't there. Both came to similar conclusions, Ron had developed a pattern of absenteeism from the home in a similar manner that Ginny had developed.

Harry and Hermione approached Fyndham and Ketchum, a dynamic pair of respectable private investigators. Miss. Katherine Ketchum was hired to tail Ron, while Mr. Fergus Fyndham tailed Ginny.

Miss. Ketchum watched many of the Chudley Canon practices under an invisibility cloak -- Mr. Potter was their most generous client. Mr. Fyndham started by staking out the local farmers markets, and then kept a close eye out in Diagon Alley . Miss. Ketchum and Mr. Fyndham soon found themselves frequently crossing paths before they reached a mutual picture. On the morning after Boxing Day, Mr. Fyndham and Miss. Ketchum decided to deliver their findings to their client. As they approached the Burrow, they heard the loudest of rants.

Miss. frequently and Mr. Ketchum dashed to the door just in time to catch a glimpse of the scene in the living room. Hovering, Mrs. Molly Weasley was glaring at her youngest son, though an adult, as he scrambled off the floor, from under a blanket he had been with his sister, both of whom were starkers.