A/n: Hello citizens of Gotham! This is just a fair warning: This story is shameless Starfire/Robin smut, or it will be eventually, so if you are offended by smut or just plain don't like the Star/Robin pairing (which is totally canon, by the way) I'm giving you a heads up right now, So don't you dare flame me.

And in this fic, I'm assuming everyone is legal by both United States and Tamaranian standards. That said, please enjoy. And keep in mind; this is my first attempt at such shameless smut, so any constructive critism is greatly appreciated, as is shameless boosting of my self-confidence.

Continuity wise, this takes place after Trouble in Tokyo, approximatly three years since Transformation, so spoilers for that I suppose. I also tried my best to blend Comic-Starfire with Cartoon-Starfire. Because regular Cartoon Starfire always seemed kinda wimpy to me.

As for the disclaimer- I do not own any of the characters in this story, or much of anything in it, just a few Tamaranian words and customs I made up, and I borrowed some ideas from a great Doctor Who story I read once: Wolf Moon by ThroughanAmberFocus (which can be found on whofic). I hope if she ever runs across this, she'll forgive me. I am such a fan of her stories.

That said- Please enjoy this little smutfic. I certainly enjoyed writing it.




Chapter One: Maulth'ice

Starfire woke up for the third night that week, her body abnormally warm even for her. She seemed to burn with undiffused energy, and barely controlled need danced under her skin- tantalizing her even as it tortured. Her body was soaked with sweat and her limbs trembled with the force of it.

For the last month she had feared its arrival, the Maulth'ice- the Need that followed the Transformation. As her powers reached their zenith so did her need to find a mate, a Gendæn, someone to share her life with.

It had been three earth years since she had Transformed and started on a new plateau of power. And now that she was at the height of it, her body believed it was time that something else be accomplished.

Her mind alighted on something, and she bit her lip to keep from whimpering. She wanted to- oh X'hal how she wanted to. But she couldn't possibly. She was an alien to this planet and their ways- how could she possibly ask him about something like this? Even on Tameran, it went beyond normal "friend" behavior, and she didn't want to ruin their friendship.

The scent of her pheromones filled the room- pineapple and passion fruit- growing stronger, headier all the time.

Desperate, her hands worked their way down her flesh, clothes long discarded for her sleep cycle, and she began to quake inside. But as soon as her hand met the inside of her thigh, she knew mere fingers weren't going to be enough to assail her Need.

With a strangled cry of frustration, she grasped towards her bedside table and retrieved the object whose sole task was to elevate sexual tension. Raven had presented it to her a month ago, when she had confessed of her fear of what was to happen.

"It's a vibrator, Starfire." Raven had said, barely concealing her amusement as the auburn alien turned it over in her hands and toggled the switch. "It should help with your little problem for a while, but from what you've told me about the nature of this…problem of yours… you're going to need to find a flesh-and-blood substitute eventually. All I've bought you is a little time to think of a battle plan, before you ravage our poor fearless leader the next time you see him in the hallway."

Starfire had blushed quite fiercely at the suggestion. "I thank you most kindly for this, Raven." She turned away, trying desperately to think of the shortest and most deserted route to her room so no one else would see her with the… vibration machine.

Raven put out a hand to stop her. "A little advice, Starfire? Just talk to him about this. I doubt he'll be very adverse to the idea." The empath, of course, probably knew exactly how their friend and leader felt, but out of a sense of privacy for her friends thoughts could only hint at them. Unfortunately this vague expression could not give Starfire the answers she sought.

Starfire, if possible, grew redder and she nodded. "Perhaps you are right, Raven. But I cannot burden him with something like this. I have only just gotten him to admit a relationship between us might be possible. My raging hormones must not be allowed to destroy our fragile understanding."

Raven had just given her a look then, one that conveyed long sufferance and disbelief. But she was right- even this wonderful human invention wouldn't stem the Need to Couple. What she wouldn't give to be reaching out for Robin instead…

She grabbed the faux-phallus in one hand and brought it to her, nearly shaking in anticipation. Her thoughts strayed to a certain masked vigilante as her hands, seemingly of their own free will, flicked the on switch.

The purple object in her hands buzzed happily and she set it to work. It was not too long after it had touched her just there, that her mind exploded with satisfaction, her body riding out the tremors, arching prettily. She bit clean through her lip to keep from making some tell-tale noise and waking up her roommates.

Blue blood trickled slowly out of the bite, and she brought her hand up to it. It was nothing, a small flesh wound. It would probably be healed by morning.

With that last thought on her exhausted mind, Starfire fell into slumber.

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