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Chapter Eight
: In Which There is Smut.

Robin unceremoniously threw his unconscious rival over his shoulder and booked it out of the rocky cave as fast as his legs could carry him, fueled by the promise of things to come. He couldn't wait for the police to come to him, not with what was waiting for him at home, so instead he took the R-Cycle to the station, and left the thief literally on their doorstep.

His whole body had been singing with hormones on the ride home, and stepping into the tower, he could literally follow her scent back to her room.

He opened the door, ready with some smooth line or playful quip as always, but what he saw waiting for him locked up his throat and literally took his breath away. Oh yeah, the extra wait had been worth it.

The room was lit by candles, but that was all he noticed before his eyes were drawn to the large, circular bed and what lay on top.

She wasn't naked, not yet, but her armor was gone, and she had done away with her shirt somewhere along the way, showing her simple, unadorned bra straining against the flesh beneath. She looked simply radiant, her cheeks flushed and her pheromones almost sparkling in the air.

"I hope that you don't mind, Robin," Her voice was a mere growl and only served to drive him forward, "but I started without you."

'Mind?' He thought. 'How could he mind when…' Like a man in a daze, he walked forward, and she came up to meet him their mouths and bodies meeting somewhere in the middle, hunger impatience getting the best of both of them. They kissed as if the other person were air, and they were suffocating, all hungry mouths and roving hands, bodies pressed so close together they were almost one.

Starfire broke away from him, just a little so that she could look at him. "Wait." She whispered.

Now she wanted to slow down? With her body pressed up against him like that, he could barely think, let alone… He bit back a groan of frustration, but stilled his hands that were aching to explore every curve of his… his… her.

"This is our first time." She whispered again, her green eyes luminous in the dark. "I want to take it slowly, as slowly as I can. Though I cannot promise it will be slow later." She grinned seductively. "And besides, Robin, you are wearing far too many articles of clothing."

Stunned, he let her push him back onto the bed, laying still as she gently, ever so carefully, stripped him of his uniform, simultaneously taking away any and all defenses he might have had. Even if it was going to be rough later, she was going to try to be as gentle as possible, even with her head spinning like it was.

She caressed his skin lightly as she went, taking first his gloves, then his cape, then running her hands down his Kevlar and spandex-covered body, carefully missing any erogenous zones, to end up at his feet. She removed his boots deftly before turning to his torso, running her hands over his lean muscle.

"You're beautiful." She whispered to him. "X'hal, you're beautiful."

He chuckled weakly, not making any moves to stop her. "Isn't that my line?"

She chuckled low in her throat, and he reacted to it, causing her smile to take a wicked edge.

Finally, the dance was done and his clothes were removed. She knelt over him, and it was all he could do not to tackle her and have his way with her right then and there. But as if through some unspoken agreement, he knew this was her show, tonight anyway. A part of him may not have liked giving up control, but the throbbing in his abdomen told him it would be worth it.

Starfire came down to kiss his face, nipping at his lips, then down his throat until she had found the pulse point. Robin shuddered as she licked with her rough tongue and nipped slightly again, her teeth rasping against his skin.

When she came up to meet him again, face to mask, they were both breathing hard. She reached for his mask, then stopped, unsure."May I?" she asked, voice high and breathy.

He nodded, at a loss for words, and as fast as she was able, she swiped the mask from his face. She gasped as she met his bare eyes for the first time, reveling in how beautiful they were. To her, they were the color of a perfect blue sky, just after a heavy rain storm. That time when the air tasted sweet and the wind was soft, the rays of the sun most treasured.

"Gorgeous." She breathed. They transfixed her, like a mouse caught in a snake's stare, and it was his turn to smirk.

"Glad you like them." He felt more empowered now, but there was just one problem…

"Oh, I do." She said, unable to look away.

"There is just one problem now." He said, and her face contorted with her confusion. "You're wearing too many clothes."

She seemed to come back into herself then, as he got up, balancing himself on the bed, and began taking her garments off. He slipped her gloves off easily, but his clumsy, lust-addled brain needed help in removing her undergarments.

He ran his hands over her golden curves, reveling in how warm she was. They kissed then, her ample, pert breasts crushing against his paler hairless, chest. Her arms went around his neck, caressing and teasing his hair, the tips of her nails nipping across his bare skin. His hands explored the flawless plain of her back; dipping lower then he had ever dared before.

Finally, she broke away from him, not even breathing hard while he was gasping for air.

Robin heard a low rumbling, and realized it was Starfire. She was purring, and it only served to make him marvel at how amazing she was. He could feel it through her skin, this vibration that seemed to turn him on even more.

She pushed him on the bed, so that his back was propped up by her multitude of pillows and he was staring up at her with wide, blue eyes.

"Before we can get to the main event, there is something that must be done." She said, her eyes half-lidded. Her skin screamed with flame, wanting her to ravish him and have it done, but she pushed it back again, calming it with the promise of soon.

She had chosen her mate, body and soul. There would be time for marking it later.

"You see, physically, we are compatible." Starfire purred, sliding her hand down him, making him twist in pleasure. "Our species are very similar despite our origins; your species coming from primates and my people coming from felines, different environmental conditions and all. Nevertheless, I must perform a test of sorts to find out if we are genetically compatible, and therefore in need of protection. It would not do to… further complicate our lives."

Through his muddled state, Robin was able to rasp out his question. "What kind of test?"

"Never fear, Robin. It is not harmful, dare I say, you may in fact find it most pleasurable." Her wicked grin undid him, and any protest died in his throat way before they could form.

She was floating, he noticed through a daze, and she floated down so that she was eye level with his pelvic region, stiffened with arousal. She considered him for a moment, almost calculating, before she descended.

He felt what happened next, a heat spreading over him, spiraling in every vein. He looked down through the haze, only to see her encasing him with her mouth. It was all he had time for before he gasped again, his fingers kneading the bedspread.

She drew off him long enough to chuckle a little, but came back down. She teased him for what seemed like an hour, barely even coming up to breath as she continued to perform her ministrations on him. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing, and that prehensile tongue only made it easier. Robin could barely think since the beginning of "the test," and from the sounds she was making, a low rumbling in her chest that seemed to send extra vibrations through him. She was enjoying it as well.

Finally, Robin rode the crest of his pleasure, gritting his teeth to keep from screaming as he came. After the roaring in his ears stopped, and his power of speech returned, Robin propped himself up on his elbows. "Wow." He breathed out, his cerulean eyes clearing.

Frankly, he thought, with any other girl he probably would have had trouble getting back up, but with Starfire, he was always ready, and probably always would be.

Starfire's smile would have been no less at home on a cat who had just devoured a carton of cream. "I am happy that you are pleased." There was a wicked burr to her voice that sent heat right back to his nether regions.

"How were you able to go so long without breathing?"

She laughed again at his question. "My people have what is known as a bypass respiratory system. They are quite common among flying races, although there are a few that genetically weaved it into their systems."

"A bypass-"

"Respiratory system. I can choose whether or not to breathe for a certain length of time. It is quite handy when one decides to fly above the troposphere, or even in space between worlds." She stood.

"So, did you find out what you needed to?"

Starfire considered for a moment, licking those lush lips as she did so. "Yes. We are genetically compatible, which means that we shall have to use one of these." She pulled open the drawer on her bedside table and searched, her eyes furrowing.

Robin watched her, only slightly worried. What kind of alien birth control device did she…

His sigh of relief was palpable as she drew out an ordinary package of condoms. He looked from the package to Starfire's amused eyes. "You will have to assist at this juncture, Robin. I am not quite sure how one uses such an apparatus."

He met her amused gaze with one of his own. "We'll figure it out."

When everything was primed and ready, Starfire slid back up, taking control once more. She let down all of her hard-won shields as well, and then the room seemed to fill with the exotic scents of pineapple and passion fruit, cinnamon and some strange exotic scent Robin still could not place, but was all Starfire.

Her ears roared, eyes glowing as the power she had been holding back spurred her onward. Robin could feel it through her skin, it was affecting him too. They were well past the point of no return.

And they were ready. Oh so ready.

She pushed him back down on the bed, luxuriating in the feeling of taking control. Then, before he could react, she straddled him, pleased that he was taking this so well. Her mouth found his neck, and she licked and nipped at him, her arms going onto his back and digging in as she moved.

It was all Robin could do to stay upright as she floored him with her carnal sensuality, letting her take control wasn't easy, but it certainly was amazing.

They moved together like it was choreographed, each little movement sending the pair to dizzying heights. She could feel him inside of her, pressed against the most intimate parts, and by X'hal, it felt amazing. Finally, after far too long and not enough time, Starfire's back arched, body shuddering and she let out a little sound. She let that long awaited climax wash over her, a fantastic beam of light that seemed to flood every synapse.

That little cry sent Robin right over the edge into a climax of his own, his body helplessly thrusting upward, vision going until all he could see were those green eyes boring into his.

They sat like that for a moment, both breathing heavily and just gazing into each other's eyes. Finally, Starfire slipped off of him and came to rest next in the crook of his arm. "Wow, indeed." She said, burrowing into his warmth and slipping her hand onto his finely muscled chest.

"Couldn't have said it better myself." Robin replied with a laugh. "So, we'll defiantly be doing that again."

Her eyes took on that wicked sparkle and she grinned at him, and he could already feel his blood stir in response. "Oh, yes. It would be a travesty, a crime against the very universe if we didn't."

She could feel it, somewhere in the back of her mind, like a lazy lioness basking in the sun. The Maulth'ice was stated for the time being, and she had managed to do it without simply ravaging her lover. She had kept control, which was such a feat for her, or indeed, any Tamaranian. Especially after seeing Robin sky clad for the very first time.

She cast his body another appreciative glance, and she let her hands rove over it again. Oh, yes. They would defiantly be doing this again. And again. And again. And again.

"Only, next time…" He returned her lazy, wicked grin with one of his own, and he leaned in a little closer, nibbling on her ear a little before he whispered, causing her to give a little gasp."I get to be on top."