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Chapter One: The Mission

Pain engulfed his entire being like fire engulfed dead grass for fuel. They had been ambushed by some rouge ninja on their way to Kumogakure.

"Neji look out!"

Neji turned around in time to get some cast off blood on his face and attire. He wasn't sure who it belonged to, the kumo-nin or her. He was hoping it wasn't her. The ninja fell leaving her still standing, a kunai buried deep into his chest. Unconsciously he let out the breath he didn't know he was holding. His heart sank though as she fell backwards into his arms.


He looked around for Sakura seeing as she was the medic-nin or even Hinata, she knew some medical techniques. Angrily he looked at the shuriken embedded in her stomach. Her cough pulled him out of his daze as he looked around with his Byakugan for a safe place to hide her. Not too far away was a cave. Even though he was no medic, he knew he had to stop the blood from spilling out of her stomach like a waterfall. Out of his bag he took a small pill and popped it into her mouth.

"Hold on Tenten, I'll get you to safety, but you need to swallow this blood pill to stop the bleeding so I can pull out the shuriken."

Luckily she was still semi-conscious and did as he instructed. He turned his head to glare at the weapon in her gut.

"This is going to hurt a bit Tenten," he said as he turned to face her once again, she gave him a small nod and looked away.

In one fluid motion the throwing star was out, she didn't even move. He pulled her into his arms; his muscles ached from the strain as he began to run to the cave holding her fragile frame close to his chest.

"Neji behind you…"

Quickly he reactivated his Byakugan to see two more shinobi behind him. Just as he jumped into the cave they threw a kunai attached to it was an explosive tag which detonated upon impact with the solid ground. Neji set Tenten down behind him and summoned all the chakra he could in one final effort to save Tenten.

"Hakke Rokujoyon Sho! Two strikes, four strikes, eight strikes."

He hit any rock that dared get close to her, turning it to small harmless pebbles or dust with one hit. A few rocks caught him off guard and the jagged edges pierced his flesh easily but he didn't quit.

"Sixteen strikes, thirty-two strikes, sixty-four strikes!"

More rocks continued to fall towards him and Tenten, and he did the only thing he could do, the pale-eyed boy covered her body with his, resting on his elbows and covering her head with his broad chest.

"Neji…no…please…not for me," the weapons mistress pleaded with the Hyuuga prodigy.

He ignored her desperate pleas and continued to be her personal shield from the rocks that were piercing his flesh like a hot knife through butter. She shut her eyes and clutched his jacket for dear life. Tears spilled across her cheeks when he fell unconscious and still didn't budge from his spot.

"Neji, please don't die."

Even though she desperately wanted to hear his voice, she didn't want him to be awake to experience the pain.

"I love you."

Her words fell on deaf ears, and all she knew was darkness.

"I've gathered them like you asked Hokage-sama."

"Thank you Shizune."

She opened the door to reveal Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto, Hyuuga Neji, Tenten, Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba with Akamaru, and Nara Shikamaru.

"What's this about Baa-chan?"

Sakura quickly hit him over the head.

"Oi Naruto! Show some respect to Hokage-sama!"

Tsunade cleared her throat, "this is no time to be joking around. I have a very important mission for you all."

Sakura let go of Naruto as he raced toward Tsunade's desk.

"What rank is it?"

"This is an S-Rank mission, Shikamaru as the only Chuunin your leading the team."

"Hokage-sama, if the mission is of such a high rank why don't you have an ANBU team or a Jounin team complete it?" Neji questioned.

"I would if we weren't so short on ninja at the mo-"

"Oh who cares about all that junk! What's the mission?"

Sakura one again hit him over the head, this time hard enough to make him hit the floor.

"Don't interrupt baka!"

Everyone just sighed and shook their heads at his antics, save for Hinata who only sighed. Tsunade hit her desk hard, causing it to crack under her monstrous strength.

"I said ENOUGH!"

Everyone was deathly quiet as they stared at the Godamine Hokage, "This mission is crucial for the survival of Kohanagakure. I need you eight to take this treaty to Kumogakure."

Her gaze switched from Hinata to Neji trying to read their reactions. Hinata was surprised to say the very least, her eyes had widened at the name of the village and her normal fidgeting had stopped from the shock. Neji was a lot harder to read, but his gaze had hardened, and jaw clenched for a brief second before returning to normal. The only reason she had caught it was because she was one of the legendary Sannin, and Godamine Hokage of Kohanagakure.

"Why are you sending Hinata and Neji there? Kumogakure tried to kidnap Hinata for the Byakugan years ago!" Kiba made his presence known, Akamaru barking in agreement with his master.

"Not only that but Ne-"


He said her voice calmly, but she knew to continue no further with her statement.

"I know, but I have no choice. You eight are the only shinobi available at the moment, and this mission must be completed ASAP."

"What are the details of the mission?"

"Well Shikamaru, you must get the treaty to the Raikage within one week. No one else besides the Raikage is allowed to see the treaty. Once the Raikage has received and signed it, send me word. When I receive word from you, I'll send you the okay to come home."

"W-what about the treaty?"

"I'm sending you with two for him to sign. One he keeps and one comes back with you."

"When do we leave?" Naruto was over ecstatic about the mission.

"Tomorrow at 7am. You are dismissed."

With that they all bowed and left.

Shizune walked up to her long time friend's desk with Tonton in her arms, "Tsunade-sama, are you sure about this?"

Tsunade shut her eyes and placed her chin on her folded hands, "We don't have any other options. We are over expended with Orochimaru and Akatsuki running around. "

Shizune nodded and turned to leave, as soon as she was gone Tsunade pulled out a bottle of sake and a cup.

"I really need this now."

Shizune opened the door again and saw the bottle.



Kumogakure – The village hidden in the Clouds, Hidden Cloud Village

Hakke Rokujoyon Sho – Divine Sixty-Four Strikes

Baa-chan – Granny, Old hag, this is what Naruto calls Tsunade.

Oi – Hey

Baka – idiot, moron.

Godamine Hokage – Fifth Hokage

Kohanagakure – Village Hidden in the Leaves, Hidden Leaf Village

Raikage – Leader of the Hidden Cloud Village