Author's Note

I'm sorry for not updating. I love you all very much because you're my precious readers and now I have a favor to ask of you. I need a beta reader(s) for this story as I'm having problems with what I wanna do. Here is what I need from a beta reader(s):

Someone who can reply in a timely manner: my timely manner is like…a week. People get busy, so I don't really stress over stuff like that. As long as you let me know if it's going to be longer I really don't care how long you take….okay that's a lie I care but I'm not going to get on your ass about it. Whoever becomes my beta reader(s) is doing me a FAVOR and I'm not going to rush them or bitch and complain.

Someone who I can bounce ideas off of: this is my main problem. I have a lot of ways my story could end. A LOT of really GOOD ways. I have basic ideas for how I want it to end, but I want to see how people react to them and if said ending will cause evil plot holes! We don't want that!

Someone who will notice my grammar mistakes: I'm not saying you have to notice like every single one, but if you notice one that I missed that's helpful to me and makes me look less like…a person with really bad grammar.

That's pretty much it…maybe a few things more later on but those are the most important things to me at the moment. Now I'll tell you what the beta reader(s) get from me:

My never ending gratitude: while this has no cash value I'll love you FOREVERS!

Get to read everything before I post it: you get to be the first person/people to read the new chapters and can brag to all your friends who like the story and tease and taunt them. Because we all know being evil to your friends is fun.

Will be thanked at the beginning and ending of every chapter: I will thank/bow to you before I open up and close.

A review "cookie": I'll give you a fricken cookie man! While I don't like cookies much…I know other people do so if you want a cookie I'll give you a cookie! If you don't want a cookie and instead want something like "pie" I'll give you that. No problems.

Did I mention my never ending gratitude? Oh…I did…huh…that's it then.

I'm accepting more then one beta reader, probably two or three. First come first serve. I'll let you know if you do or don't become a reader. If you do then I'll send you a message and then the attachment of the story for you to review. I'll also be sending you spoilers, so if you want to be surprised by the story I don't suggest you asking to become a beta reader. If you don't get to become a beta reader I'll send you a message thanking you for being interested and I'll thank you in my AN at the beginning of the next chapter.

This is what you need to send me if you want to become a beta reader:

Screen name

Email address

Time Zone

Best time to contact you

I only ask for the time zone because I need to know if you'll be up/available when I'm up/available, I'm Pacific, just so you all know and I don't mind what time zone you are because I'm always up late anyway.

Thank you so much to all who have reviewed the story, I really appreciate it. I hope you can forgive me for not updating when I'm supposed too. I hope to hear from you all soon.