Title: Face Down

Chapter 7: A Tear Stained Memory

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"Jack, you know what's happened don't you?" It's Weiss' voice that filters through the hustle and bustle.

"Yes. He's cracked the encryption. Good." Weiss nods and leaves the room to be flanked by Vaughn.

"I think they're intimate." Weiss laughs at this piece of information.

"Nah, Sydney's got a good head on her shoulders man. I wouldn't think twice about it." Vaughn starts to protest, typical Vaughn style when Eric cuts him off. "No really, don't." The tone in his voice made Vaughn move back and cleared the way for Eric to get back to his desk just in time for the phone to ring. "It's done." And the line disconnects.

¸.•¨) ¸.•¨) ¸.•¨
(¸... ¸.•..'

"I'm just saying Irina, is it really that necessary that we do this?" A hit or two and he'd be in fine shape.

"Don't question me, boy." He stood ramrod straight and she continued her lesson.

"I want his wallet. And his hand. You have fifteen minutes." The boy nods and leaves quietly leaving Irina to stare at a photo of her holding two beautiful baby girls.

Ten minutes later the boy returned to her, face tear-stained and eyes bloodshot from his tears. He handed Irina a box with the wallet she had requested and a large male hand. She nodded at him approvingly and stopped to consider him. The boy that stood before her that morning was still there, he need to become a man. And she was just the one to transform him.

A phone ringing filters through Sydney's subconscious and she groans but rolls over in the general direction of the ringing only to be met with something solid. Almost instantly she was awake, gun trained at the object.

Sark rubbed his eyes and pushed the gun out of his face.

"Didn't mean to startle you, love. Don't worry, it's just mine." He threw his arm over her and pulled her back down onto the bed.

"No, I have to get up. I need to..." Sark sighed.

"Work can wait. We just barely cracked the encryption. I talked to Weiss this morning once already. He said we have two hours til wheels up. Apparently you're getting a family reunion." His face turned sour at the thought of having to do this to her but it had to be done.

"Alright. I'm going to catch a shower." He simply nodded and this time did not move to stop her from moving. He knew she'd go in the bathroom turn the water on and confirm what he had just told her. After all this time... He shook his head and got up to pack them both up. But she didn't turn the water on to cover her voice, simply closed the door and he gave her credit that she deserved as his partner.

"Weiss this is a bad idea. I think we should just leave them alone. I'm telling you." There was a pause. "She's got a kid!" Another pause. "Yeah, well..." She sighed heavily. "No, you don't get it. Back off of this. I'm not going." Sark could see the steam shooting out her ears coming up under the door. "Fine!" She slammed the phone down, it was the first time he'd ever witnessed a Bristow fit from her. And his mind drifted back to the last one he'd witnessed.

"You know Sark, I can't believe you could be so weak. You are a weak little boy. I asked for one thing, one thing! And here you are, crying over it." His eyebrows knitted together.

"Irina he had a child with him. I wasn't going to do that to her." She stood up at her full stature and narrowed her eyes at him.

"When I give you a target boy, you do it. No matter who's watching. You do as I say and you don't get caught." With a backhand worthy of a man, she left her mark on him. He stayed ramrod straight and unmoving.

"I won't become cruel." And with that she opened the door and a man appeared and beat him until he couldn't stand for two days.

"Did you hear me?" Her voice brought him back to the present. He shook his head no.

"Well, we still have to go. Let's go." Her mood had not improved with the shower and he followed her out with the bags. It was a skill he had learned while under Irina's "care" to perform a task but be somewhere miles and even years away.

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