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Chapter One,

In Which Simon Examines his Wounded Leg

It was a lot of hard work, but the Grace children managed to fix up the house rather nicely. After Mulgarath the ogre and his goblin army had partially destroyed the already shabby house, Jared spent most of his free days cleaning up the ruins.

As he sat on the very top of the rickety wooden ladder, giving a fresh new coat of paint on the top trim of a doorframe, he saw his twin brother passing through the hallway. They stopped for a brief moment to look at each other and give a small smile. Then Simon turned, and limped out of the room.

Jared's expression saddened a bit as he watched his twin walk lamely. His leg had not completely healed since the goblins had attacked them. Even through all the chaotic commotion, Jared was able to remember vividly the brutal attack on his family. The boy could still hear in his mind the agonizing cry his brother made as his older sister Mallory poured hydrogen peroxide over the wound.

As the young teenager turned back to his job of painting, he momentarily pondered when his brother would be able to walk properly again before shoving the thought to the back of his mind.

Simon sauntered up the creaky, splintered stairs and into the bathroom. He took a seat on the edge of the white porcelain, claw-foot bathtub. Lifting up his right leg gingerly, he held his eyes shut and bit his tongue down hard as he unwrapped the bandages that bonded around his slim calf. He released pressure off of his tongue and took a deep, calming breath. The boy could not understand why his wounded limb still throbbed with pain, even after Mallory had tended to it.

He examined his shank closely. The gashes did seem to have closed up quite a bit. Nothing appeared as if there was something wrong with his injury. After all, Mallory had downed it with hydrogen peroxide, which would had no doubt prevented infection. Throwing away the dried-up bloodied bandages into the flowery trash bin, Simon shakily stood up, and swayed to the bedroom he shared with his twin.

Making his way across the room, he collapsed onto his lumpy mattress with a scarcely audible sough. Pulling the covers over himself, up to his chin, he ignored the squeaking of his pet mice, Jeffery and Lemondrop, and barely acknowledge his tabby cat, Mister Tibbs' presence as he jumped up onto the bed and curled up right next to Simon's face. Stroking his fluffy fur gently, the boy instantly fell into a deep slumber.

When Simon Grace would wake from his somniferous stage, it was uncertain if he could later have remembered what he was dreaming about. Whether he was able to or not, he probably wished he never did experience such a dream. For such horrid images manifested in his mind, it surely would driven him into insanity.

The only thing he could remember was the memory of the goblin attack.

"It's gonna be bad! It's bad!" he screamed as his sister carried him over near the stairs and sat him down.

"Oh, God. No, that's bad," he exclaimed as Mallory pushed up his pant leg.

"It's okay," Mallory tried to reassure him. "Simon! It's okay!"

"No, it's not okay!" It's not! It's not!"

He stirred in his bed, tossing his head from side to side, before the night terrors ended and settling into a dreamless sleep.

Jared wandered into the room not too long after his twin had entered, and flopped face-first onto his own bed. Despite that it was only four-eighteen in the late afternoon and still light outside, Jared reasoned that a nap couldn't hurt. He was so worn out by all the work he had done around the house, that he did not even bother changing out of his dirty and paint-dripped clothes. Then, just like his brother, fell quickly asleep.

Red-glowing numbers blinked annoyingly from the nightstand next to Jared's bed. He squinted, comprehending that it was two-fifteen in the morning before shoving the clock in the other direction so that the radiating bright light would not shine in his face. Shifting his weight on the bed, and turning his head to the right side on his flat pillow, the boy forced his eyes shut, hoping to fall back asleep and get a few more hours of sleep.

The squeaking of his twin's in-built metal wheel in the cobalt mouse cage was no less annoying than the digital alarm clock's lit face, as both of the white-and-black spotted mice ran at full speed, turning the wheel vigorously. Jared pulled his pillow from underneath his head, and pushed it against his left ear. Having lived at the Spiderwick estate for a good several weeks, he had gotten used to the stillness of the night.

While he groggily wished he still lived in New York, where the excessive noise of the city drowned out the chitter of Simon's creatures, the boy barely noticed the unusual raspy breathing coming from the bed on the opposite side of the room. Jared flung the pillow off of his head and peered over his shoulder to stare at the dark figure that normally slept soundlessly.

Propping himself up with his elbows, then onto his hands, he pushed himself off the bed, and made his way slowly over to his twin. The floorboards creaked from underneath his weight as he fixated on the patch of black chestnut hair highlighted by the moonlight that streamed through the glass-panaled window.

"Simon?" he whispered. Gently sitting down on the edge of the bed, Jared noticed how his other half shivered feverishly. Sweat plastered his neatly combed hair to his forehead, making it seem unruly. He put a hand lightly on the other boy's upper arm and shook him softly. "Simon," he spoke again. Still, the boy's eyes stayed shut; only his body shaking and a sharp intake of breath was his response.

Jared frowned. "Come on, Simon- wake up!" he said in a voice louder than a whisper, shaking his shoulder a bit harder. He released his grip after a few moments, and stared for several more moments. Then, Simon's eyebrows knitted together, and a low groan emerged from his candy pink lips.

The young boy scooted back from his seat, scrunching up the sheets. "Mom?" he called. His voice came out dry, barely making a sound. He swallowed. "Mom!" Jared called again. "Mom!" he continued to cry.

The sound of doors opening, and hurried feet were heard along the wooden hallway floors. Not a moment later had the bedroom door swung open, and his mother rushed in with her hair messily tied up and her glasses askew.

"Jared, what is it? What's the matter?" she asked worriedly.

"There-" His eyes glazed over as he glanced down at his twin before looking back up at his mother. "There's something wrong with Simon..."

End of Chapter One

Author's Note: The idea for this fanfiction was inspired by the movie, where Simon gets bitten by the goblin. Although this story (which was written on the Fourth of July weekend) will mostly follow the book, I did keep it a little open-ended for those who prefer the movie. For instance, I did not specify the boys' age so the reader can decide what age the characters are.

21 August 2008