If We Couldv'e fought!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Descripton: This is a story of how much Naruto wants To fight Sasuke and Bring him Back To Konoha

Sasuke…………if we could have fought I would've used my jutsu the Rasengan. I See you fight youre strong but im stronger but we would know who's stronger if we could've fought! I Admired you Sasuke but now I see you as an enemy I don't want to be like you anymore I want to be myself a unique shin obi who does his own jutsu. And Sasuke….I wonder if you have gotten any stronger Sasuke and I bet you have you have learned new jutsu while I have done the same learn new jutsu. Sasuke you have a purpose………..to avenge your clan and kill your brother but that doesn't make you strong if you truly have strength you would fight to protect the people you love that's how you get strong. What if you stayed in Konoha Sasuke I wonder how life would be now. What if your brother didn't Kill The whole INTIRE UCHIHA CLAN How would life be like NOW!! I wonder how your feeling sasuke I really wonder. Sasuke will you ever come back to fight but when that day comes I will be ready to defeat you Sasuke. If we could've fought back then we would know who is the better shin obi. I don't care if it kills me but I will fight you sasuke I will. And you know Sasuke when I see you bleeding I wont feel bad I will be full of joy cause I will finally be able to drag you back to the village and you will finally come back to Konoha!! Don't you want to come back Sasuke HUH!! Sakura wants you back Kakashi-sensei wants you back, AND IF IM GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE YOU PARALYZED THEN THAT'S WHAT IM GOING TO DO TO DRAG YOU BACK TO THE VILLAGE BY YOUR HEAD!! Don't you understand Sasuke that everyone wants you back they really do don't think nobody cared for you cause everyone cares about you here in Konoha. If I we would've fought I think I would win because I am stronger you know why Sasuke……CAUSE I FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT REASON TO PROTECT THE ONES I LOVE!! YOU JUST FIGHT FOR REVENGE…………..how selfish Sasuke how Selfish of you don't you want to protect your loved ones Sakura all of the people in Konoha you don't give a damn about them? Well I do and I will protect them with all my strength. Please come back from Orochimaru's please Sasuke cause and if you don't I will find you and bring you back here I promise!!

--the end--