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Okay, so Alice ended up being too late, and the Volturi had no proof that Nessie wasn't an immortal child. The Volturi ended up fighting everyone in the end of Breaking Dawn (in my story, anyway) and Jacob got away with Renesmee.



I watched the cluster of children disappear onto the bus, laughing in loud bouts and waving goodbye to their parents. I hated the end of August. All the kids got to go back to school, and I got to once again watch them go and learn about wonderful things and new worlds...none of them ever having to do with vampires or werewolves. How naive they were, and I was jealous. I pressed my hands against the glass, and looked behind me. Speaking of werewolves...

"Nessie, stop looking at me like that." Jacob glared at me, and in return, I gave him my best puppy face. It must have worked, because his face softened and his hand rubbed behind his neck, obviously guilty. "Aw, come on, Ness. You know why..."

I huffed. I did know why. I didn't like the reason. It was because I grew much faster than the children I had been watching. I was so much different than them. I was four years old this year, but already looked like I was 12. In no more than two years, I'd be fully grown. That wasn't the only difference between those other kids and me. I kinda' also occasionally had an undying urge to kill them and suck the blood from their veins until they were dead, but why go into details?

I turned around and sat down the right way, crossing my legs and placing my hands in my lap. I didn't look at him, and he didn't look at me. Or.. at least.. he tried not to. He really wasn't fooling anyone. I glanced at him long enough to notice his eyes watching my feet as they swung back and fourth, bouncing, their swinging interrupted by the couch. He then looked at my face, cracking a humble little smile.

"You know... most kids don't even like school." His voice was soft, apologetic.

I pushed myself off the couch and went to him, my palms reaching for his face, ready to show him the contrary I had just seen with my own eyes when he grabbed my wrists and held them together and away from his face, all in one of his big hands. He pulled me to him and I fell on his lap.

"That's one of the reasons why I can't let you be around people, Nessie! You have to learn how to talk like a normal person!" He sat me in an upright position on his leg and kept a hand on my back. My hands were released.

"I know how to talk." My voice sounded weird to me. I didn't use it much; talking seemed like a waste of time when I could just show people what I wanted to say, and make things move quicker.

"What are people going to say about your little mind pictures?" He gave me the 'I-got-you-there' look, and I crossed my arms.

"I wouldn't... do that around them. Just you." My voice squeaked at the end. God, was I out of practice. I sounded like a spaced-out chipmunk. The worst part was that he noticed it too. But of course he did... there wasn't a single little God-forsaken irritating little detail he didn't notice about me. This had pissed me off more often than not. His laughter came in an irritating little chuckle, but there was something else in his voice too. Something almost hesitant. Nervous. I pressed my hands against his face and let him see how happy the kids were to be on the bus, to be with their friends, to be going to school to learn...I wasn't about to give up so easily.

He shifted a bit. And then he frowned. "That's different. Of course things look better on the outside. It's the first day; they won't always be that ridiculously psyched about going to school. Yanno' something? The only time I liked going to school was days I could fake sick and go home. Not a hard thing to do when your skin is unnaturally warm...naturally."

I gave him a funny look. "Shouldn't one-oh-eight mean you're dead?"

He just shrugged. "Dead people don't have to go to school."

I rolled my eyes. "Maybe staying in school would have been a good idea for you."

He stuck his tongue out at me and I grinned a toothy grin, threatening to bite him. I parted them and lowered my face towards his arm. Before I could reach, he scooped me into his arms and held me with one hand, tickling my ribs insanely with the other. I screamed with bouts of laughter.

"Ahaa.. okay stop... hahahaaaa! Nonono Ja-ha-ke stop! Please! STOOOOOOP! Ja- JA-Ahaahaaaaaaaaaha! JAKE OHMIGODSTOP!" The hand left me and my chest was heaving from the laughter. It took me seconds to recover. I was ready to pounce on the stupid mutt when I felt something tighten around my neck, choking me for a brief second. I reached behind my neck and grabbed the heart that hung from the tiny gold chain and held it tight. Jacob looked at my hands, and then looked at me. His arms tightened around my body. I don't know what my face must have shown, but Jake was rocking me back and fourth and stroking my hair. I felt his hot breath in my locks as I nuzzled into his warm muscular chest. "Jake.. what was she like?"

I felt his chest rise and then fall in a heavy sigh. The movement should have stirred me, but I was lost in thought. I was thinking about my mother. Jacob stretched. "Don't you remember her?" What a dumb question, dog. Of course I remembered her. I remembered the smell of her hair, the feel of her skin, the way her voice could always glide across my mind and carry me away to sleep when the nightmares had become especially bad. I remembered hunting in the field with her. I remembered her protecting me from the vampire that was showing her how to use her power. I even remembered being inside her, and her defending me from my father, Carlisle and... Jacob. It seemed impossible... but I had an excellent memory, and it wasn't very long ago. My most recent memory... I remembered her saying goodbye to me that fateful day. I remembered the first time she held me, her hair all matted and blood all over her peach pale skin. And then the memories stopped dead. Nothing. Blank. I hadn't realized my hand was placed against Jacobs chest until I snapped back to reality. Jacob was watching these images in my mind. He knew what I remembered about her, and what I wanted to know. What was my mother like when she was human?

"She was a wonderful woman, Ness. She loved you very much." Jake smiled and shrugged.

I frowned. "That isn't what I meant."

He sighed. "She was beautiful. She was really a special girl. Clumsy and thickheaded sometimes... But other times..." He trailed off, then his eyes snapped back, looking at me like he'd just noticed me in the room after all this time. "Shouldn't you be sleeping? You were up all night!"

My hand loosened around the heart, my thumb and index finger tracing the sides of it as my hand fell to my lap. I was tired, but I didn't want to stop reminiscing about my mother. She was the light... She was everything. There was never a more passionate woman. It figured that something so wonderful was to be taken away from me at such an early age. No one was allowed to have everything, and I was no doubt overly spoiled to have someone as amazing as her for a mother. My mother wanted me, and at one time she was the only one. She loved me before anyone else. Someone who loved me so much... I could have had her forever. Of course they couldn't let that happen, now could they? I'd been hogging her, and now... no one got her. My family was all gone, and it was all my fault. They'd died protecting me. They'd died defending me against a false claim. The people who loved me had died in vein.

I slipped out of Jake's arms to think about what was next. The pack. Jake had also lost everyone. For me. Leah, Seth, Sam, and many others. As far as we both knew, they were all dead. Jake took me and ran once my mother screamed, and we ran so fast that it was hard for me to stay on his back. The air lifted me, and I gripped my tiny hands tighter to his fur... that was standing straight up from complete horror. I looked to him. He was still looking at me. I knew he knew what I was thinking about. Those were real tears in his eyes. "Jake... I'm.."

"Shh. Stop."

I thought about the airport. Jacob pacing around and trying to hold himself together, every few seconds his eyes darting back to me. I was looking though the bag my mother had put on my back as she was preparing to leave me forever. Letters for Charlie, Renee, Billy...Some papers to make life easier, and about four hundred thousand dollars.
We'd mailed the letters right away, as soon as we'd gotten settled in this comfy little bungalow in northern Rio De Janeiro. We were right by the beach, and I remember being so amazed at the starry night sky. It was much different than home. Billy and Charlie knew that we left. Were they waiting for us to come back?

Jacob interrupted my thoughts. "What are you going to do in school anyway? Hate to break it to you, kiddo... your Spanish isn't that great." Of course it wasn't, because I was never allowed to leave the house. Never allowed to leave his sight. Sometimes he'd take me places, but never around any people, so I never really had the opportunity to educate myself about the country's language. Jacob was always afraid that someone might see me, and recognize me. Even if I wasn't an immortal child, I fled a Volturi execution... injustice or not, that's a death sentence.

"No, no... I don't want to go to school here." I bit my lip. "Jacob. I want to go to Forks."


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