If I could just point my toe a little more and then bring back my leg I could…


Bella is a 16 yr old Olympic gymnast for the USA. Edward Cullen is the all around American and World Swimming Champion, and gold medal favorite at only 18. Bella is a down-to-earth newcomer. Edward is a rich boy with a playboy reputation. Going for the Gold takes on a whole new meaning when these two champions meet in an all out competition that goes beyond the gym and the pool. AU. All human.

Ok, I'm an Olympic freak, and between Michael Phelps AWESOMNESS and Nastia Luiken and Shawn Johnson's triumphs I have been glued to my TV. I haven't been able to concentrate on my other fanfics so I decided to write this instead. They seem a little OOC in the first few chapters, but that is to set up for later chapters. Let me know if it is any good or if I should drop it and pretend it never happened. Review.




If I could just point my toe a little more and then bring back my leg I could…

" Excuse me." A voice cut into to my concentration.

I looked up in shock and then irritation. Couldn't whoever it was see that I wasn't really up for talking. I mean my plane seat was reclined, my I-pod was on, and I had one of those stupid eye-covering things on to block out everything. He didn't say anything else for a minute and I figured he thought I was asleep.

" Excuse me," the voice said again.

This time I opened my eyes in irritation, then realized that I needed to take off the eye mask. I pulled it off, and looked up- way up, to see the eyes of the one and only Edward Cullen, world champion swimmer extraordinaire, and Olympic favorite, who was looking at me expectantly.

Wow, he is gorgeous I thought… too bad he's a total ass. Yeah, I know you all just pulled out the pitchforks, how could America's Aquaman, ever be a jerk? Well his sweet façade is just an act for the cameras. In reality, he is an egotistical playboy of a snob.

How do I know this? Well, I'm on the American gymnast team heading for the 2012 Olympics in London, and on the team with me is none other than Alice Cullen, his sister. And the American coach? Carlisle Cullen, his father. So needless to say Edward hung around the gym a lot since qualifications, and I might be a newcomer to this level of gymnastics, but the others on the team aren't and let me tell you, they have stories about him. At first I tried not to judge him, you know going along with the old adage never judge a book by its cover. But then every time I walked past and said hi or whatever he would just look away and ignore me, so whatever, my opinion… jerk.

" Is this seat taken? Cause mine is too near the stewardess cabin and they are fawning all over me."

" I guess not," I answered, as he sat down without waiting for permission. I stuck my headphones back in, pulled my eye cover back on and tried to get my concentration back. "Ugh," I sighed. It was no use; now that I was interrupted I couldn't get it back. I decided to go back to the bathroom and had to practically hop over his ridiculously long legs. He smirked, ruining his sleeping pretense. I glared and turned around just to walk into a human mountain.

Emmett Cullen, Edward's cousin and Olympic weightlifter, was walking down the aisle along with his supermodel wife, Rosalie Hale Cullen. Her twin brother Jasper, an Olympic runner was Alice's fiancée.

"Oops sorry," I mumbled.

"Watch where your going shrimp, you don't want to injure my husband," Rosalie snapped.

Ok then apparently sweetness runs in the family. Olympians also run in the family, Edward and Alice's parents were both Olympic gold medallists in gymnastics, then there is Edward and Alice, then their dad's brother was a silver medallist in trampoline, and then there was Emmett, the man could probably lift this plane off the ground- ok obviously, I'm exaggerating.

I made my way back to my seat and fell into a deep sleep until the captain announcing our descent into London woke me.

I had forgotten all about my seatmate until his voice cut into my stretching.

"Sleeptalker hmm?"

That woke me up real quick. Oh crap, I thought I had gotten over this when I was younger. I guess cause I'm so excited for the Olympics; it came back… perfect, just perfect.

" Maybe, it depends on what I said." I covered my face with my hands in embarrassment, as we landed. The possibilities were horrifying.

" You said I was hot." I could here the smirk in his voice.

I groaned.

I heard him stand and grab his bags from the overhead. I was planning on staying hidden until he disembarked.

" Your pretty hot yourself," he flirted, walking away.

I looked up in shock, but he was already gone.

I disembarked followed through Customs, gathered my bags, and located the taxi sent for me by the Olympic committee all in a daze.

Did Edward Cullen say he thought I was hot? And more importantly than that, why did I care?

Ok I wanted to make Bella graceful for once, cause being a klutz my self; it would be awesome to have enough grace to be a gymnast. I might switch POVs; let me know what you think. The first chapter is a little angry, but I'm in a bad mood and my writing tends to reflect that. R and R and let me know what you think. The more reviews the faster I update.