The most I've got to say is that this my first OHSHC fanfiction, but not my first as a whole. Hopefully, I portrayed the characters right o.o;

"Hey! Did you hear…?" and "No way!" were the most common phrases used as Haruhi passed through Ouran towards the Third Music Room where the Host Club was waiting for her. Deciding to shrug off whatever rumor was going through the school, not that she cared to listen anyway, she pushed open the large doors leading to the club she was forced to join.

Funny, there wasn't a "welcome" being chorused anywhere. Haruhi peered inside cautiously, wondering where the usual greeting went. Taking a step inside was mistake number one as Tamaki decided to jump out ever so frighteningly, causing poor Haruhi to have a heart attack.

"My dear Daughter!! Thank goodness!" Tamaki yelled as he was soon joined by the Hitachiin Twins.

"Ugh…! Tamaki-senpai! Let go!" Haruhi grumbled as Tamaki refused to do such. She noticed, though it took a lot of effort, that Hikaru and Kaoru were crying fake tears, standing near Tamaki and promptly rubbing themselves on either side of her, though Tamaki was trying to fend them off. The rest of the club had joined the crying group, though Hunny looked ready to cry too as he clutched his rabbit with such force, the arm was threatening to come off.

"What's going on?" Haruhi urged out as she had gotten Tamaki off by pinching the back of his hand. She had absolutely no clue as to what was happening.

"Haru-chan!!" Hunny shouted as he threw himself onto her, surprising her but not answering her question at all. Her eyes turned to Kyoya, who was standing with them, his notebook not opened nor his laptop out. Giving him a questioning look, he readjusted his glasses and cleared his throat.

"Haruhi, it seems that the entire school seems to have found that you are female."

"…eh?" Silence flooded the room as Haruhi took as much time as needed to process what he just said into her mind. So the whole school knew? What about it?

"You do know what this means, right?" Kyoya asked, the rest of the club giving her a look that made realization hit her like a ton of bricks.

"That means I can't be in the host club anymore, right?"

"That's correct." Silence ensued them all once more until Tamaki broke out into sobs, engulfing Haruhi in another bone crushing hug. Struggling to breath, she found a way to pop herself out of his grasp.

"So…this means I can't pay off my debt, right?" Haruhi seemed more worried about the debt than all else at the moment, sending a pang of hurt throughout the twins and Tamaki.

"Yes, Haruhi. That means you are free of your debt, as well as the host club. I suggest leaving in the next thirty seconds," Kyoya pointed out, which got him a confused look from Haruhi. A bit shocked, Haruhi didn't notice the large doors behind her burst open, a mob of screaming fangrils immediately filling the room.

"Ah!" Haruhi called in despair as she jumped to a side to avoid being trampled over. Throughout the crowd, the club could hear the girls yelling out for Haruhi, which caught the attention of said host. Standing up and brushing herself off, Haruhi looked at the crowd, which had, in turn, stared back at her with wonder. A bit nervous and scared, Haruhi just stood there, staring into the sea of girls and, surprisingly, boys.

"Haruhi-kun! Is it true that you're a girl?!" A brave soul ventured as Haruhi just stood there, shell-shocked. Turning her head back to the club behind her, she shot them looks that just screamed "Help me!" at them.

"Well, Haruhi. Are you going to tell them the truth?" Kyoya pushed, making Haruhi attempt a glare with however much strength she had left.

"Uh…yes?" That sent the crowd in an uproar as the host club froze behind her. Half of them had expected her to say no. Suddenly clutching onto Haruhi, Tamaki shook her until her brain felt too rattled to think.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki yelled at her desperately, though her brain was so shaken she didn't care to listen.

"Haruhi! You could've told them you weren't a girl!" Hikaru yelled at her, though she had probably already let her mind float away.

"How did this information leak out in the first place?" Kyoya wondered as everybody in the room looked at him. Then, this boy came bounding to the front of the crowd, in his hand was something everyone in the host club feared: a camera.

"With this!" The boy proclaimed as he held the camera up proudly. Everybody was staring up at it at this point.

"I was wandering around school this afternoon…" the boy started as everyone listened intently to his story.


I was wandering around the school and I happened to run into Fujioka-san in the hallway, spilling a cup of tea I had with me at the moment. The tea spilled all over him, or her, and I quickly stood up to apologize.

"I'm sorry!" I bowed deeply as Haruhi stood up and smiled at me with a brilliantly charming smile. I couldn't help myself from blushing at the sight.

"It's alright! I'll just go change before heading to club activities," Haruhi said as he/she dashed off towards the restroom. As I looked after her, I saw her running into the women's bathroom and I started to get a bit suspicious, if not curious. I followed her/him. Though I felt it was very wrong, I peered into the bathroom, but I saw no sign of Fujioka-san. Walking in deeper, though against my better judgment, I peered into a half open stall, only to see Fujioka-san in the middle of changing. She hadn't noticed me yet, but my hand somehow found its way to my camera and instantly began to snap away, the first flash surprising Fujioka-san, making her turn around to see what it was.

I could swear that instantly, my face began to turn red as the only clothing she wore was a pair of the boy's uniform pants.


"At that point, I instantly made a dash for it, not really caring who I passed." The boy had finished his story, but he was still unaware of the incredibly evil glares emanating from the host club in front of him. Haruhi put her pointer finger to her chin, thinking it over.

"Ah! That did happen!" Haruha announced, causing everyone in the host club to look at her.

"Haruhi! Why didn't you close the bathroom stall?! And why did you enter the female bathroom?!" Tamaki cried out in despair, capturing Haruhi into the third hug that afternoon, letting a small sound come from her.

"I can't go inside the men's bathroom! And I didn't close the stall because I decided it wouldn't matter since I change fast anyway," Haruhi answered, shrugging as much she could in the Host Club King's arms. Hikaru and Kaoru were glaring menacingly at the boy with the camera, Hikaru tempted to beat the crap out of the kid with a baseball bat. The boy noticed this and instantly tried to run, but to no avail as Kaoru had already latched onto the back of boy's uniform.

"Here's the pervert! There's only one thing we can do now!" Kaoru announced, giving off as evil an aura as his brother. They both nodded as Kaoru held on tight, much to the dismay of the victim. Before him, Hikaru had the bat in a swinging position that looked ready to send him to the galaxy.

"That's right! We need to beat the memories out of this guy!" The bat was threatening to swing at any moment as the boy dropped the camera and blocked his face. They had all temporarily forgotten that they had an audience. AKA, the whole student body.

"Hey, wait a minute!" Haruhi called, causing the two twins to look at her, Hikaru putting the bat away for a moment.

"Haruhi! How can you let this guy go around telling everyone?" Hikaru demanded of her, both of them standing at attention in front of her.

"It doesn't really matter. They were all bound to find out eventually, seeing as though you guys crossdress me so much," Haruhi pointed out, looking at the twins with an all-knowing face. They all turned to attention as they noticed Kyoya picking up the camera that had fallen out of the boy's hands.

"Hey, that's—"

"Now property of the Host Club," Kyoya shot the boy a menacing glance, shutting him up instantly. Turning the camera on, the rest of the club decided to look at the pictures inside, just to check. Yeah, right.

"Who're the perverts now?" Haruhi asked, looking at them all accusingly, but they paid her no mind. Instantly, the camera pictures were being flipped through. Everyone, as in everyone, noticed that after the first two seconds of flipping, the camera had been promptly shut off by a silent host club, their king already having been sprawled on the ground after turning completely red and letting blood slowly drip from his nose. The twins had joined him, while the other three were just completely silent. Haruhi just looked at them, staring at their positions as she just heaved a great big sigh.

"We wanna see the pictures!" Some people from the long forgotten crowd yelled, mostly around the boy's section of the large crowd, as the rest of the student body went into an uproar. Haruhi twitched at all the pushing people who were trying to get past Mori and Hunny.

"Oh my! Then this whole time, Haruhi-kun was actually a girl in disguise?!" Several of the fangrils screamed as they all nearly shrieked "MOE!!" at all the moments they remembered that Haruhi had been involved in. After getting over the initial shock, Kyoya came over and put a hand on Haruhi's shoulder.

"…Haruhi, your pictures will serve as good merchandise and pay off the rest of your debt." Haruhi twitched even more. Now her pictures were for merchandise? Privacy was no longer a word. Heaving another great sigh, Haruhi seated herself in a chair and sat there, thinking over what she would do since she was no longer in the host club. Wouldn't that mean she was to wear the girl uniform from now on? Suddenly, a shrill cry from the crowd broke her out of her thoughts as something she thought she would never hear echoed through the room.

"KYAAAH!! Haruhi-chan has a male harem!" Everybody in the club froze as more cries of excitement rose through the building. Soon, Haruhi was more or less being attacked by the entire school, asking her about her activities and what the host club did knowing she was a girl. Tamaki and the twins, noticing her position in the sea of students, quickly went to her rescue as Mori left his bodyguard duty and lifted Haruhi off the ground.

"Ah, Mori-senpai!" Haruhi cried as Mori just stepped out of the crowd that was now attacking him.

"Operation Save Haruhi Complete! Tono!" The twins called to their leader as Tamaki nodded. The entire host club dashed out of the room, taking quick refuge into an empty room at the back of the music room. As Haruhi was put down, she started to gulp in large amounts of air.

"What was that for?!" Haruhi almost yelled, if not for everyone shushing her. Everybody had surrounded Haruhi as she just looked at them, angry yet confused.

"Haruhi, you're in big trouble!" Kaoru whispered harshly.


"Because now that everyone thinks we're your –shiver—male harem, nobody'll leave you alone!" Hikaru pointed out to the oblivious girl as everyone nodded. Haruhi thought of what might happen, shivering at the very thought of having the host club as her male harem.

"So, how am I supposed to go to school now? If nobody will leave me alone, then how do I get anywhere?" Haruhi whispered harshly back at them, which got them all into thinking mode. Suddenly, Kyoya snapped shut his notebook, though nobody knows when he had opened it in the first place.

"Perhaps, it would profit for the host club if we were to pretend and be her male harem. It will please the customers as well as bring us a large profit from any merchandise we happen to make out of it," Kyoya suggested as Haruhi just heaved a sigh. The Shadow King worked for merits, that was that. Suddenly, the devilish twins glanced at each other, an evil idea seemingly flashing between them.

"Tono! You wanna play a game?" Kaoru announced to the leader of their club.

"Yeah, it's called the "Whoever-gets-the-most-fans" game! We all pretend to be her male harem and whichever pair, or triple, gets the most fans wins the pictures inside of that camera!" Hikaru suggested evilly as they almost all stared wide-eyed at him.

"No! I will not expose my daughter to the likes of the general public like that!" Tamaki explained as he swung his arms around Haruhi possessively. Haruhi was too shocked to care anymore.

"Are you quitting then? I'm sure we'd love to share our love with Haruhi, right Hikaru?" Kaoru asked his brother mischievously, but the reaction was slightly different than normal.

"Y-yeah…" everybody caught the stutter, but decided to put it off. Tamaki, who realized it right away, decided it best to win the competition anyway, just so they couldn't threaten him with the photos.

"Fine! I'll take on your challenge! And as King, everybody has to participate!" Tamaki announced quietly, which woke everybody up. Haruhi heaved a long sigh again that day as the door to the music room was pushed open.

Let the games begin.

Eh, originally, I was going to have Tamaki accidentally blurt it out during lunch and have everybody hear it, but I decided not to. I think I made them slightly OOC, except for Mori. He didn't say anything, so he's okay I guess. The pairing in the end is a secret. Just don't think that majority vote will mean much, since it IS a surprise. I just kind of wrote this to get it off my mind.