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Haruhi's life had just blown into a million pieces. Why? Well, the first disaster in her life was her mother's death, bless her poor dead soul, which was a very big happening in her life. The second disaster was going to Ouran Academy, the school that was full of rich kids who just liked to pick on her because she was poor. The third disaster: Meeting and being forced to join the Ouran High School Host Club because she broke an eight million yen vase. Not only that, but the host club just stretched her imagination of how much worse a bunch of rich kids could really make fun of her, namely through trying out the traditions of "the commoners". And finally, disaster four, the worst out of everything. Her life had been videotaped, against her will and including even her most embarrassing scenes, and turned into a DVD for the general public to enjoy. If her life didn't suck, then I guess the world must be one hell of a cruel place. At the moment, the student body and the host club were taking a break after watching episodes one and two of her life at Ouran and frankly, it was still a shock to the host club.

"Ah well, it doesn't get much crazier than this. Where did that projector and DVD player come from anyway? Isn't this a music room?" Haruhi told herself as she sat off to the side in an empty couch. It felt so fluffy and comfortable, like a cloud she decided. She was so lost in being comfortable on the "cloud", she almost didn't hear someone calling her name.

"Haruhi! We're continuing the DVD now!" Hikaru called as Haruhi lazily pulled herself away from the couch and trudged over to the huge projector. The third episode started with the opening theme and the normal cosplay in the host club. This time around, it was a cherry blossom viewing banquet. The club was doing its usual activities, much to the audience's great pleasure. The episode continued along as well as the others, smoothly and without much fault other than the occasional whining from Tamaki. Then the phrase "fall for me yet?" came from video Tamaki's mouth and the crowd watched in anticipation, even though it was stated before that they had already seen the entire series, for Haruhi's answer. Of course, the answer was always no, or she would be exasperated by something else.

"What's that kite that keeps appearing for?" Haruhi asked out of the blue, surprising the people watching next to her.

"We have no idea, but apparently it symbolizes something later," the student answered back, shrugging at the prospect. As the video continued, others could not help but laugh at Tamaki's demise in the video when the twins had so evidently teased him by mentioning to him that they were in the same class as Haruhi. Points were flying all around as the crowd decided on who to vote for. The sparkly scene with the twins and Haruhi persuaded some, but the "Father-Mother" scene between Tamaki and Kyoya got a new pairing up. Apparently, they were all open for ideas.

"Ah, Tono! It still hurt from that time you called us unscrupulous," Kaoru pointed out when the video Tamaki had called them unscrupulous. The girls squealed at all the funny-art moments and how 

cute they looked on screen. Apparently, that counts as points all around. And none of them could really suppress a squeal when the screen decided to show topless Kyoya and Tamaki look alikes for examples of the physical examination. At this point, Kyoya's notebook was probably filled with several pages on that one episode alone. That brings up the wonder of whether his notebook ever runs out of pages. But that's a different story altogether. The crowd was probably going wild again once Tamaki's "fantasy" started up.

"Tamaki-senpai…you weren't actually thinking that I would say that, were you?" Tamaki was hiding from the wrath of the third demon among them. However, it was interrupted when several cries of disagreement were shot out at the other host club members being "homo side characters". Even Haruhi had to crack a smile at that.

"Well, we got revenge for being called 'homo characters'," the twins chimed, which got Tamaki to remember all about it.

"You…you devilish twins! You told me it would work!" Tamaki cried as the crowd just marveled the screen. The twins just snickered at him, pointing and laughing at him. The crowd behind them had recently decided to add their points to Tamaki, just because he was holding Haruhi so close and had called her the club's very own "princess". However, the twins got points as well for just mentioning that they would be pissed if other guys talked to Haruhi. Everyone almost broke out in laughter at Haruhi's un-cooperative attitude towards the plan. Everyone had to break out in laughter once the Ootoro was mentioned. As rich kids, they probably at the stuff every day, so it was a huge hit to them when all it took was Ootoro to get Haruhi motivated.

"Geez, this is a horrible first impression in a rich society, isn't it?" Haruhi huffed to herself. She couldn't help herself from thinking they were all just a bunch of rich bastards every day. Then again, thinking that was going to get her nowhere. Every girl squealed when the screen moved across the host club's faces, which were all smiling, and made them all want to shout, but the part afterwards with Haruhi was the last straw.


"I'm going to go deaf one of these days," Haruhi mumbled to herself, recalling all events afterwards.

"Haruhi, you didn't think that it was like a regular physical examination?" Hikaru asked, looking at her expression on the screen when they first entered the examination room. Her face practically screamed "Are you kidding me?" at Hikaru's as he decided to withdraw his question. And although the females were there during the actual physical examination, they couldn't help but squeal, AGAIN, when the Hitachiin brothers did their physicals. Points were all flying towards Tamaki the moment Haruhi had fallen into the curtains and Tamaki had grabbed her. Though everything afterwards was quite hilarious, the student body was particularly surprised that the so called "imposter doctor" had gone into the examination room that Haruhi was in. The reaction from the host club was rather funny though.

Though the situation was dire, the entire boy population was drooling when Haruhi was about to do her examination. Tamaki had already jumped out in front of the screen, though his body covered only a small fraction. However, the twins, Hunny, and that means Mori too, jumped at the screen as well.

"No! I will not allow my daughter to be seen in such a way in public! NEVER!" As Tamaki made a huge scene out of it, Haruhi decided to blow it back in his face.

"But they've all already seen the entire DVD box collection, so wouldn't they have seen it already?" The corner of woe was already occupied by the blonde as he silently wept his fake tears.

"…Daddy was just trying to help…" Haruhi just sighed. Though, that didn't mean that nobody went wild when the host club appeared and "left their mark" with a short(long) introduction of who they were to the fake doctor. They all found it odd when the guy suddenly started telling his life story, though. Everybody had to go "awww" when Haruhi made her speech about staying in the host club, though. But, it all turned into laughter as the screen panned into the sky and the ending theme appeared.

"And somehow, I regret ever doing that now," Haruhi admitted, though it was only half true.

"Haruhi! Are you still mad at Daddy for that?!"

"No. Can we just go to the next episode please?"

Episode four turned out to be the welcoming of Renge's character. The episode was fairly Renge-Haruhi centric, so interest was yet to be piqued. Apparently, though, the boy population decided that it would be great to have a girl-girl pairing in the mix. So yet another pairing was born as points began to fly about the room once more, at some point towards one pairing and at another point to another pairing. To the victim of it all, it was total hell. Episode five was complete Haruhi and the twins heaven. Several votes were thrown towards the three way triple as the twins held up the victory signs for their obvious win. Episode five was probably dedicated to them anyway, so a few extra points wouldn't matter. Hikaru got points for trying to feed Haruhi, Kaoru got points towards the pairing of his brother and himself when he ate the food instead. Both twins got votes near the end and at the beginning of the episode. Tamaki got a few points as well for being added into the mix Renge pointed out near the middle.

"It's true, though. Haruhi is the first one to tell us apart," Kaoru pointed out to the crowd before them. Apparently, it was a miracle anybody could tell them apart.

"And she's only known us for less than a year?" Hikaru interjected, looking at his brother.

"That's amazing," they said in unison as they looked at Haruhi, who was still a bit confused on the whole thing.

"It really isn't that hard. If someone were to take a moment to observe, they could obviously see the difference," Haruhi argued, pushing them off of her. She desperately wanted to go home now, almost instantly remembering their original mission. She was about to ask for a bobby pin when the large crowd began to argue over something again, their voices and volume level overpowering that of poor Haruhi.

"I'll just ask later." It was break time once more and the next CD was going to have episodes six through ten. Haruhi sighed, the afternoon hadn't even started yet and she already wanted to run home and hide herself for the next few weeks. These rich kids were driving her absolutely nuts. Up the wall she told herself, right up that wall. One day, she would probably run right into it. And then where would she be? Sighing to herself, she plopped right down and decided to take a nap, but it was so rudely—not really—interrupted by the Shadow King himself.

"Yes, Kyoya-senpai? Did you need something?"

"Not enjoying yourself, Haruhi?"

"Not really. I'm the victim of some person who likes to stalk me and personally make my life into a DVD series. Yeah, I really should be enjoying myself." Mock sarcasm mixed into her words. A smirk appeared on his face, his black notebook having written down everything she just said.

"A very interesting point of view. Though, your life seems to reflect greatly on the masses. They rather enjoy the ordeal you are in. I myself am quite enjoying in how your life fares while you are in this club. It is rather…entertaining, if I do say so myself."

"Oh? An Ootori interested in the life of a poor commoner such as myself? Wow, what an honor." The sarcasm practically dripped from her mouth as a mock smile appeared on her companion's.

"Though Ootoris do not interest themselves in such, I find you to be quite an interesting person." He walked away, a smile Haruhi had seen only twice before plastered on his face. It still puzzled her on what it meant though. Haruhi did not have time to think about it as someone called her back over for the next episodes to start.

Scoreboard(in story): Tamaki: 6 Hikaru: 2 Kaoru: 2 Hunny: 0 Mori: 1 Kyoya: 3 Twins: 1 KyoTama: 1 Renge: 1

Scoreboard(reviews): Tamaki: 3 Hikaru: 2 Kaoru: 1 Hunny: 1 Mori: 2 Kyoya: 5 Twins: 2 KyoTama: 0 Renge: 0

"Oh! See, Haruhi! I'm winning!"

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"Tamaki, I am only losing by one point."

"Ah, we got votes!"

"Takashi! Takashi! Someone voted for me! But, I didn't want to waste their vote…"

"Mitsukini, they voted to make you happy."

"Okay, whoever voted for Hunny gets another free vote." That was me.

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