A/N Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I do not. Okay, give this story a chance. It's got all the cannon pairings plus a new character: Sabrina Kingston, best friends with Bella, Alice and the whole gang. Sabrina was new to Forks right after Bella moved there in their Junior year of high school. Sabrina is a strong female character, sort of what I wanted Bella to be like but she wasn't. This takes place at the end of Junior year in college. All human. Some drama, but if you're looking for tons of drama, this is not the story for you. Mostly humor and fluff. Different PoVs but mostly Sabrina, Bella and Edward. Enjoy and review.

Chapter 1

"Stupid servers….oh please, oh please, oh please…"

I was quietly but bitterly cursing technology and glowering at my laptop when I heard someone say my name.

"Hi, Sabrina. What's up?" It was Alice.

I looked up to see Alice bouncing towards me holding her coffee cup with her brother Edward in tow. Edward, as usual, looked unbelievably gorgeous but unbelievably tortured. They came and sat down with me at our usual table at the coffee/taco house Café O le.

"My blood pressure," I reply casually.

"Uh-Oh. What's the matter?" Alice asked. I glanced up at them both. They both actually looked a bit concerned.

"Ugh! Just pray for me, okay? My online professional teaching portfolio has disappeared from the website. Well, actually, the entire website isn't coming up. Yeah, it's only two years of my life at stake here. No biggie. I'm actually concentrating on not hyperventilating." Without realizing it, I started fanning myself with my hands as I felt beads of sweat forming on my forehead. "I hope to god the server went down. Wow, there's something you don't say everyday."

Edward actually chuckled. I was a little surprised. He usually doesn't laugh at my jokes. He usually just rolls his eyes.

Alice texted Jasper, her boyfriend, who is a computer genius, to see if he knew what was up with the server. Jasper knows the guys in the computer lab so he contacted them before answering back. "Yes, you're right. It's just the server. They should have it back up by noon."

"Good." I closed my computer with a snap and shook my head. "I don't want to think about this anymore. Distract me please."

"Can I get you a refill?" Edward asked eying my empty cup.

I spoke quickly. "No, thanks. I think my heart's going to explode if I have any more caffeine today. Don't be scared, but I've already had three cups plus a triple espresso this morning." They both gave a sharp intake of breath and pulled their heads back infinitesimally. They know my limit is two cups. "No, I'm cool. I'm good." I was drumming my fingers on the table and nodding at them reassuringly. "How are you guys? Geez, Edward, cheer up would you?" He was still looking all broody, again.

He and Tanya were probably fighting again. I swear those two need to break up permanently, but they keep hanging on to whatever remnants of this alleged relationship they had left. They've been dating since our senior year in high school.

When I moved to Forks I had assumed that Edward and Bella were an item. You would have thought that too by looking at how the two interacted. They were really cute together. I thought they'd finally get together at prom, but, alas, much to Bella's and the rest of our chagrin, Edward was oblivious to her in that way.

Bella was ready to confess her feelings to Edward and ask him to prom, but then he had met Tanya at a party that Emmett had dragged him to. Emmett was in college at the time. Tanya was a perspective student and whomever she was staying with took her to that party. The rest is history. They were gaga for each other. Edward was the only one gaga over Tanya. The rest of us tolerated her, but she was never really a part of our inner sanctum of friendship.

Tanya's really self-centered and mocks the rest of us no matter what we are doing. Don't get me wrong. I can take teasing with the best of them. I can tease right back. She couldn't take a joke though. There's just something different about when your good friend is making fun of you and when someone who doesn't know you like that is making fun of you. It's a subtle difference. So, if she gave me crap, I'd give it right back to her but then she'd get her feelings hurt. My philosophy is, don't dish it if you can't take it, but Edward always defended her.

Anyway, none of us have liked Tanya. Especially since she's broken up with Edward more times than I care to count or even think about. Like I said, she's self-centered. Anytime anyone of the opposite sex pays attention to her she breaks it off with Edward. Inevitably, she'd lose interest in each new guy and ask Edward to take her back, which, inevitably, he does every time. It's infuriating. Especially since Bella's been crushing on him since I moved to Forks, probably even when she moved to Forks herself.

Bella was the new kid up until I moved there with a couple months left of our junior year. We had a few of the same classes and we bonded right away. Alice, Bella, and I have been best friends since then. Edward and Alice are both the same age. They were adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen separately but grew up together, and so Edward has become a very close friend to Bella and me as well. I see Edward as a brother, but Bella is head over heels in love with him. He's such an idiot. I don't' know how he doesn't see it. For whatever reason he only sees Tanya through his rose colored glasses. Poor Bella has to pretend to only be friends with Edward even though she wants so much more. We try to not hang out with Edward when Tanya is around so Bella doesn't have to feel the agony of seeing those two together.

I know how Bella feels seeing the man of her dreams with another woman. It's like being punched in the stomach each time you see them together. It makes you question your desirability level. Will he ever see you in a romantic way? Why is he with her? I'm talking about Wes. He's the man I've been crushing on since senior year in high school. He went to a different high school than us. I met him during a tennis tournament in Portland. We had actually played mixed doubles together and won a couple junior tournaments. He noticed me playing singles and asked if I wanted to team up with him for a mixed doubles tournament. I really liked him but didn't know he had a steady girlfriend at the time. He suffers from oblivious boy syndrome as well. We became fast friends, but that was the extent of it since he had a girlfriend. It wasn't as if he had led me on or anything. We just hit it off and had good chemistry as doubles partners. We practiced together a lot and talked strategy. His girlfriend, Sasha, came to watch us play in our second tournament. After we won the championship match she had congratulated him with quite a public display of affection, which made me really uncomfortable. I got a smile from her and a plutonic high five and a fist pound from Wes. Yea, friendship right? Unrequited love's a bitch.

All my friends knew I was falling for him too. That's what really made it difficult to be around him. I knew their hearts broke for me when they saw Sasha with him. Like Bella, I was ready to confess to Wes just as she was ready to confess to Edward. Luck and timing were never on our side. But we ended up going to prom together, Bella and I. Thank goodness Wes went to a different school so I didn't have to see him and Sasha together, but Bella had to endure the pain of seeing Edward with Tanya at our prom, at post prom, every summer and even at university now every once in a while though

Tanya didn't care to hang out with us. Bella's pain is my pain though. I can't count how many nights we cried on each other's shoulder or how many pints of ice cream we have consumed because of our heartache.

I see Wes every once in a while. He does go to school with us, but he runs with a different crowd. He does play tennis here for UW-Seattle and I've watched a couple of his matches, but Sasha is usually there and I really can't bear to be around the two of them. Though Sasha has always been superficially nice to me, I know she doesn't really want me hanging around Wes. How do I know? She's actually told me, "Stop hanging around my boyfriend." Well, she texted me. She didn't have the guts to tell me to my face though I've done nothing to her.

She's also told Wes to not hang out with me. He told me that himself. Though Wes and I have never been anything more than friends, she's threatened by me. He said so. He doesn't know why she feels threatened by me though. It's just something he's surmised. Honestly, I would never disrespect anyone's relationship by trying to break them up so I don't get her attitude. Despite the fact that Sasha doesn't want Wes hanging out with me, he does call me to talk sometimes. Usually it's to see how I'm doing and to complain to me about problems he and Sasha are having. They seem to have a lot of problems too, but again, I can't o anything about it. If the girl hits on other guys like she hit on Edward then Wes should be wising up soon right? Whatever. Anyway, back to the present.

Alice eyed me warily. "I'm good too. Not quite as good as you apparently." She giggled. "How long have you been up? Have you had breakfast yet?

"I've been up forever working on a paper and now my portfolio. I would love some breakfast. I'm meeting Bella first though. I came here way early to work on my portfolio. She had to turn in a paper first thing then she's coming here, though it's taking her a while." Alice and I grinned at each other and then looked over at Edward. He remained as stoic as always giving nothing away. We've been trying to get those two together since…well, for along time now. If it weren't for Tanya I'm sure they'd be together. Anyway, Bella has been my roommate for the past three years.

I was really lucky to have become friends with them so quickly when I moved to Forks. Bella was the first friend I made there. She and Alice were best friends and I met everyone else through them. Alice and Edward have an older brother, Emmett. Emmett is engaged to Rosalie, and Jasper is Rosalie's twin brother. Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper are all done with undergrad. Emmett just opened his own sporting goods store. He had double majored in exercise physiology and business. Rosalie is a civil engineer for the city of Seattle. She has quite the mechanical mind. Jasper is working on his PhD in psychology. I think he wants to teach at the college level. I mean why else would he put himself through the torture of all the schooling? A bachelor's degree and even a master's degree are one thing, but doctorates take forever! I couldn't do it so kudos to Jasper, I guess.

"Sit down and wait with me guys," I said to Alice and Edward.

"Okay," Alice said. "But I have class in half an hour so I can't eat with you and Bella. But let's meet up for lunch?

"Sounds good," I replied. I looked at Edward, "Are you staying or going, McMoody?"

He scowled at me. "I'm not moody. I can stay a while. I don't have class until ten." I checked the time. It was almost eight.

"Cool. Do you want breakfast with me and Bells?"


He sat down to wait with me after he got a coffee for himself. Alice and I were talking about plans for the weekend. She and Jasper were going to dinner and a movie tomorrow night. She was nearly bouncing off the booth seat with excitement. I couldn't help but laugh. She was so cute. It's nice to see how excited she still is to spend time with Jasper. They've been together for almost four years now. Many marriages don't even last that long. As depressed as Bella and I were about our own social lives, or lack thereof, we were genuinely happy for Alice. She was so blessed to have found her soul mate already. At least one of the three of us was lucky in love.

"What do you have planned this weekend, Sabrina?" Alice asked.

"Well, Bella and I were going to visit the art museum sometime if you want to join us, but other than that I'll be laying low as per usual. I'm planning on running ten miles in the morning. Care to join me?" Alice looked at me as if I had a third eye. I laughed. "Unless of course Prince Charming comes riding in on his white horse and whisks me off into the sunset." We all laughed. "What? It could totally happen!" I said sarcastically. I'm running to train for the Seattle Marathon coming up in a month and a half right on my twenty-first birthday. I was pretty excited for it actually. I've always wanted to complete a marathon.

"Too bad Prince Charming is an idiot though," Alice said.

"Yeah," I sighed. "Edward, why are boys so dumb?" I had an edge of agitation to my voice and my eyes narrowed.

"What?" He was confused. "What are you talking about? Wes?"

"I'm talking about not only him but guys in general. What do you have to say to defend your entire gender? Why are you with mean brainless girls when there are beautiful women of substance right in front of you? Are you guys blinded by big boobs and long legs? I don't get it. Help me understand." Maybe it was the caffeine but my feistiness was starting to scare even me. Edward looked frightened as well. "Well?" I pressed.

"Ummm," He stammered.

"Wow, well, I have class. See you at lunch Sabrina! Good luck, Edward! Let me know if you make any breakthroughs regarding the inner workings of male mind." She laughed and patted her brother on his back and bounced out of the coffee shop.

I was still staring at him waiting for an explanation.

"Sabrina, I think you've had a little too much caffeine this morning. You're feistier than usual. Did you talk to Wes or something?" He sounded concerned.

That was beside the point. Wes did call me the other night, but it was to vent about Sasha. I don't know why he calls me up randomly to complain about his girl troubles. The last thing I want to hear about is how much he loves her but that she makes it so difficult, blah, blah, blah. Oh, and the best part is when he thanks me for listening to him. "You're such a good friend, Sabrina. I'm glad I can call you up anytime and talk." Why doesn't he just stab me in my heart physically and get it all over with. It would feel better than hearing him say that.

Just then Bella came in right before I could answer. She looked a little confused and flustered. Maybe she sensed our argument.

"Hey, Bells, did you turn in your paper on time?" I asked her. "Why do you have that weird look on your face?

"Hi, guys. Yes, I turned it in. Ready for breakfast? Coming with us, Edward? Are you two fighting?" She looked at him. I can tell she looked at him longingly, but of course Edward has no clue.

"Yeah, I'm coming. Let's go." He answered. "And no, we're not fighting.

"We're having a colorful discussion," I clarified.

We left the coffee shop to make our way to the student union cafeteria. The walk only took five minutes. I recounted to Bella my morning events thus far up to just now when I was prosecuting Edward about the male species.

"How much coffee did you have, Sabrina?" She asked warily.

"Caffeine has nothing to do with this, Bella. I just want Edward to answer the question. Why are boys so dumb? Inquiring minds want to know, Edward."

"Bella, help me out here," Edward begged her.

She laughed. "I think you need to answer the question, Edward. Please enlighten us."

We were sitting at a table with our bagels and juices. Edward started to tear his bagel apart nervously stalling.

"I don't know what you want me to say. I guess Wes just doesn't realize how he feels about you because you haven't told him how you feel."

"Of course he won't know how I feel. Why the hell would I tell him when he is clearly in a relationship? A stupid relationship, but it's a relationship nonetheless. What I want to know is why is he with her? I mean she blatantly told him to not hang out with me. How supportive is that? She begrudges him outside friendships? That sucks. Plus, he's always telling me how difficult she is. Would you still be with Tanya if she were to tell you to not hang out with me and Bella?" I demanded.

He was taking too long to answer. I could tell Bella was holding her breath waiting for his reply. It definitely wasn't what I expected.

"Actually," Edward started to answer. "She's already told me that." He looked down at what used to be his bagel. It was now a pile of crumbs.

"What?" Bella and I said in unison trying to keep our voices down.

"When did she say that?" I demanded.

"And what did you say in response?" Bella wanted to know.

We were both angry with both Edward and Tanya. At least I was.

"Last night. She was mad again about how much time I spent with you guys the other day at your apartment."

"What are you talking about? We were eating pizza and watching Seinfeld. What you can't watch a sitcom with us anymore?" We always watched Seinfeld and had pizza after classes on Wednesdays. The only difference was that Alice was over at Jasper's and not with us that last time.

"Well, I can if Alice is there too she said," Edward responded lamely.

Bella and I looked at each other, and we each made a face. I knew Bella wasn't going to say anything even though she was as livid as I was. I shook my head in disbelief. "And you told her you'll do as you please, right, Edward?" I asked with a definite edge to my voice.

"Well, I told her that we've been friends for a long time and it wouldn't be fair of her to make such a demand. I asked if she trusted me and…" he trailed off.

"And what?" I asked urging him to finish.

"She says she trusts me but not you two." He bit his lip and looked up at us to gage our reactions.

Bella's jaw dropped. She just looked hurt and confused. I, on the other hand, was pissed. I didn't want to even dignify Tanya's accusations with a response. I wanted to cut to the chase though. "What's the bottom line here, Edward?"

"Well, I thought we'd compromise. I'll spend more time with her and I can still hang out with you guys when Alice or the others are around."

"Oh, gee, Edward. Thanks for throwing us a bone. So what would she think of you sitting in the cafeteria with us now?" I asked not even trying to hide my irritation.

"Well, since this is a public place I think it's okay," he answered thoughtfully.

Unbelievable! I can't believe he just said that. Just then Bella stood up and started moving away from the table.

"Well, Sabrina, I don't want to get Edward in trouble with his girlfriend by hanging out with us so why don't we just go?" Bella definitely didn't hide the hurt in her voice. I even saw tears brimming in her eyes right before she turned away from us. I also was on the verge of tears only mine were tears of hurt and anger while Bella was genuinely heart broken.

I was about to follow my friend out. But before I did, I turned to look Edward in the eye. He looked upset and guilty and my anger wavered slightly. Only slightly though. I merely shook my head in disbelief again. "I guess we'll see you around. Maybe." I added the last part quietly as I trailed behind Bella.

"Wait. You guys don't have to go. We can still hang out here?" Edward pleaded. Bella kept going, but I stopped.

I turned around and smiled ruefully at him still shaking my head ruefully. "No we can't, Edward." I said as quietly as Bella did. And I left.