Tsunade stood watching as the two prisoners were forced to kneel in front of her by a pair of Ambu and one very angery Kurenai. They looked like theyed just come out of a match with a very large cat.

"So would you like to tell me just what you did to them or would you like to go a few more rounds." she said while pointing one finger at the two strechers being rushed from the room then shifting over to the ten or so angery people standing along the far wall.

One of the prisoners got a very amused smurk on his face or what was left of it anyway.
"I'm not sure, I just throw something togther as a distraction" he coughted.

"I'll take that as a no." Tsunade said shakeing her blond head before picking up said prisoner by the collar and heading for an armoured intarigation room. "Don't wait for me just go check on Hinata and Naruto." before closing the door.

Hanabi sat next to the bed that held her sister's still form. She didn't care to much for her elder sister but when her father said go she went.

Hinata shifted in her sleep and gave Hanabi a good look at her long blue-black hair, and keep sleeping.

Hanabi couldn't help turning red with envy at the sight of that hair and the fact that she could sleep at a time like this.

The door opened just then causing Hanabi to jump a little in her chair as her father and several other people walked in.

"Any changes so far" he asked.

"No father" she said then got an evil smerk on her face "unless you count sawing logs a change"

Lord Huugha couldn't help doing a double take as he heard the snores coming from the bed "Hinata? snoring? but Hinata dosn't snore? not to mention that she could never sleep in a room this bightly lit?"

Hanabi just swrugged her shoulders and watched the rest of the people find seats or just stand along the wall and waited for Hinata to wakeup.

A few doors down the hall a silver-haired man sat next to the bed of a black and ornage clad ninja with blond hair and read his favorite book.

Kakashi looked up every once in a while too check on Naruto before going back to his book.

The door opened and a pink hair girl stuck her head in.

"Is Naruto awake yet sensei?" she asked loudly.

Kakashi looked over at the bed and saw some movement.

"Ya it looks like it" he said before going back to his book and continuing to read. Sakura walked over and started to check his vitals as the boy pushed himself up and rub his eyes.

"How you feel'in Naruto?" Sakura asked as she took his blood pressure, Naruto's head popped up and started looking around franticaly and a quit almost timid voice squiked out.

"Naruto? wheres Naruto? is he alright?" it said as Naruto's headed continued to scan fanticaly.

Sakura felt a singled large sweat drop form on the side of her headed.

"But your Naruto, I mean you must have some sort of--" Sakura started to say but was interupted by Kakashi who had actally put his book aside as he studdied Naruto's strang behavior.

"Hinata is that you?" when the blond head nodded he moved to confirm "If you are really Hinata Huugha then tell me something that you know but Naruto dosn't." he commanded.

Naruto went red in the faces and mombled something unintelligiable.

"Sorry didn't catch that Hinata." Kakashi said.

Naruto went even redder and finally managed to say "I love Naruto more than anything but he just wont notice." in a high shrill voice before the head dropped and a few sobs come out.

Sakura sat on the edge of the bed in stuned silences and staired at the sobbing form in front of her.

"Hinata?" she finally managed to push out, a pair of dull blue eyes looked up at her "well if your in there where the hell is Naruto?" she asked.

"What do you mean 'in there' and 'wheres Naruto' ?" Hinata asked.

Sakura pulled out her compact and flipped it open then held it up for Hinata to see, Hinata felt her voice catch as she look at not her pale face, white eyes and blue-black hair but Naruto's tan face, blue eyes and blond hair.

It took five full seconds for the truth to sink in then Hinata let out a scream the could be heard a mile naugh two miles away.

Back in the room labeled 'Huugha, Hinata' everyone jerked awake at the sound of a hipitched scream from down the hall. Hanabi thought it sounded alot like her sister but when she checked she saw Hinata fast asleep in her bed and chewing on her pellow. WHAT!!, after doing a fast double check Hanabi confirmed that in fact her sister was chewing on her pellow and making yum yum sounds too.

"DAD! " Hanabi sputtered out "I think whatever happened to her messed with Hinata's brain cause she starting to act like how you discrived Naruto?" Lord Huugha turned to check his daughter and felt a massive sweat drop form on the side of his head.

"I've really got to get her away from that Naruto kid." he thought out loud and would've continued but was interupted by a loud bang on the door.

"Would someone get that." he ordered and his nephie Neji went and opened the door.

Through the door walked Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto. Lord Huugha wasn't at all happy to see the Naruto brat that was the object of his daughter's crush and had in his mind caused this whole mess.

Naruto for his part seemed to be completely crushed by something for he was very pale and nervsely twitled his fingers and wouldn't look at anyone.

Hanabi saw this and started feeling very waried, she sat quietly and watched as Sakura walked up and started poking Hinata.

"Hey " Lord Huugha said loudly "let her sleep." at the Naruto gave a sob and moved behind Kakashi, Lord Huugha saw this and started to wounder why Naruto was acting so much like Hinata.

Almost as if he could read minds as easily as his book Kakashi look at Hinata's father and stated, "Lord Huugha we have a slight problem."

Before anyone could ask what kind of problem Sakura, who had moved from poking to shaking Hinata got a reply.

"Not now Sakura I'll go on a date with you in the morning." said the sleeping figure in Naruto's voice and went back to sleeping, Sakura went bright red then became Sakurasaurus and stomped out of the room. Hanabi was too stuned to speak and was only just setting thing straight when Sakurasaurus stomped back into the room with a bucket filled with five gallons of ice slush and dumped it on Hinata.

Hinata jumped five feet into the air with a stragled yelp and began to demand why Sakura had done that, to which Sakura called her three kinds of moron and piledrived Hinata throught the bed and into the floor, But what everyone found most disturbing was the fact that it was all said in Naruto's voice.

"Hey! why did you just cream my daughter!" Lord Huugha yelled in Sakura's direction, Naruto gave a sob from behind Kakashi in Hinata's quiet voice and Sakura and Hinata both rounded on him and yelled.

"Who you call'in daughter!!" Everyone stood in shock as Hinata continued to speak with Naruto's voice and acting just like him.

"WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!" Hanabi finally yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Yes I think thats an exellent idea." Kakashi said before things could get out off hand aguin. He looked staight at Hinata and said, "Sorry Naruto but it would appear that when you and Hinata went to round up those two prisoner you were hit with a soul switching jutsu and had your bodies switched."

"But I feel fin" Sakura flashed her compact in Hinata's face. Hinata took one look, screamed and fainted. this caused Naruto to sob even harder and run from the room.

"And things just got worse!" Kakashi thought to himself.