Okay, I know, I said the story was over. I was unhappy with the way the final scene ended, I felt it needed just a bit more - something. So, I wrote a few more paragraphs - not a lot, but I feel better about where I've finished. And, well, B/B love - there's never enough of that, right? Thanks so much for all of your great reviews, and new stories will be posted as soon as possible.


He tightened his grip until her lips again met his. They were sinking again – drifting through time together, unhurriedly sampling the sweetness and savoring their newly discovered release. Heedless of time and place, mindless of the step that had been taken by both, they pressed closer, until finally the need for air parted them.

She twined her arms around his body and pressed her face to his chest, trembling violently. She'd meant to alleviate his pain, but, in doing so, had finally come to understand the truth of what was between them. She heard the wild tumbling of his heart; felt his arms around her, his lips on her hair. The emotions were so profound, so immense, that she knew she would never be the same. I want to stay here forever.

"Temperance." He gently kissed her hair once more, twining his hands in the soft auburn richness, and raised her face to his. "You see, now, how it is for me. There's no going back. We can only go forward, but I swear to you we'll go forward together." His brown eyes, so full of tenderness and love, held her motionless, and demanded her honesty.

"I'm scared. I'm so scared, Seeley." Desperately, she searched out his mouth with her own. "Kiss me…if you kiss me I won't be afraid." Her voice shook, and silvery tears glistened in her eyes. She needed the reassurance of his closeness, this man who, she finally realized, had won her heart. Reason and logic fell like a house of cards before the sweeping storm of her love for him. He belonged to her, and she to him, forever. Her request was finally granted as his lips clashed with hers, his tongue tasting the honeyed depths of her mouth. As they embraced he whispered incomprehensibly, words of longing and love, promises and vows.

Finally he pulled away, panting, and stopped her before she could lean in again. "Temperance. I'm scared too. We'd be fools if we weren't afraid. But I'm not afraid for us – we're still the center. We will always hold."

She looked deeply into his eyes, this man, the only person who had never let her down, would never let her down. Her heart was healed. He stood before her, and she trusted. Her lips trembled, then parted. "I promise." Their breath mingled as his lips skimmed hers, and slowly everything else faded away.