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So, Mike was in the shower, currently washing of the paint that we shot at him. And what were we doing? We were going around Mike's house, taking every bit of clothing that lay around, and making it magically disappear from the house. We had decided to string every bit of clothing throughout the trees outside of Mike's house.

The only item we left was a pair of Wiggles underpants. Not boxers, not briefs, but underwear, and small ones at that.

Edward and I were in Mike's room, snooping around, taking all the clothes and throwing them out the window where Emmett and Rose we down below, catching the items and scurrying up a nearby tree, strewing the various pieces of clothing everywhere.

"Shouldn't we be moving a bit faster, Edward?" I asked, seeing as though he was walking slowly, like we weren't doing something that was dangerous and would get caught at any second.

"Silly Bella, Mike won't be out of the bathroom for a while, seeing as we shot him with permanent paintballs, and he'll be scrubbing for a while." He replied, covering up the laugh I knew he wanted to let loose.

"Oh…alright," I said, throwing some jeans out the window, along with some of Mike's boxer shorts. I made a gagging sound as I held them away from my body, and they sailed out the window.

Edward laughed at my disgusted expression. Just then, Alice and Jasper came in the room, they had been putting Mike's parents clothes in the attic, so Mike wouldn't be tempted to put his father's clothes on for his lack of clothing.

"I really am going to miss this place," I said, looking out the window at the green trees and moss that surrounded us. Edward came up and wrapped his arms around my waist, whispering in my ear.

"You know, we don't have to leave." Edward stated, trying to get me to remain human. Psh, yeah right.

"Shut up Edward, you are changing me, now get over it." I snapped back at him. I instantly felt bad. "I'm sorry," I whispered, ducking my head.

"No, Bella, I'm sorry, that wasn't necessary." He replied, twirling me around in his arms, and bringing his lips to mine. "I am going to change you, being the selfish creature that I am," He started, "because I love you more than words can explain." And with that, he brought his lips back down to mine.

Almost immediately, I brought my fingers to his soft, silky bronze locks, clutching at his hair for dear life, and tried to deepen the kiss. To my surprise, Edward licked my bottom lip, begging for entrance, and obviously I obliged, parting my lips. He slid his ice cold tongue into my mouth, exploring every detail. Our tongues twisted together in the heat of passion, and I heard someone clear their throat behind us.

"Ahem!" I released Edward's lips, missing the contact already, and spun around to meet Emmett, Rose, Alice, and Jasper, all of whom had their jaws dropped. I blushed a brilliant shade of red, turning back into Edward's chest.

"Sorry," I whispered to Edward. I was beyond embarrassed, sure, I had kissed Edward in front of everyone before, but I had never let it get that far.

"Bella! I didn't know you had it in you!" Emmett roared, not loud enough for Mike to hear, though. I blushed another shade darker. I looked up at Edward, who was grinning from ear to ear, clearly pleased he didn't kill me.

"Ha ha, now that we're all done embarrassing me, can we set the next part of this plan up?" I pleaded.

"Surely, Bella." Edward answered. "Rose, go shut off the hot water, no warm water will reach Mike, got it?" He instructed Rose. She nodded, and sped off. "Emmet, and Alice, go put the bucket of paint above the bathroom door, please." They too, sped out the door, leaving me, Edward, and Jasper.

"Hmm, Bella, what else should we do?" Edward turned towards me, closing the distance between us, making my heart start to beat rapidly.

"Whoa, Bella, keep it in check, there, would ya?" Jasper chuckled, my emotions overriding his.

I laughed. "Sorry Jazz," I answered, giving him a big toothy grin. Rose, Emmett, and Alice came back into the room.

"The hot water should run out in 30 seconds, and we need to get out on the roof." Alice said. "Lets go Jazzy," she finished, grabbing Jasper's arm and pulling him out the window, grabbing the gutter, and swinging their bodies up onto the roof. Rose and Emmett followed.

"Okay Bella, when Mike comes out, he's going to change into the underwear, and he will see the clothes outside. When he comes outside to get the clothes down, we want you to walk around the side of the house and catch him in only the underwear, okay?" Edward's eyes sparkled.

"Lets go." All of a sudden, I heard a loud shriek coming from the bathroom. That must be Mike, and the water must have turned cold.

I covered my mouth with my hand to suppress my laughter, and Edward just rolled his eyes. He grabbed onto my waist, and we jumped out the window, landing quietly on the ground. We ran around to the side of the house, leaning against the siding.

I could still hear everything that was going on inside the house, thanks to the microphones. I heard Mike muttering to himself about the hot water, and how the paint had tinged his skin red and green.

"What the fuck?!" Mike yelled, obviously seeing that his clothes were no where to be found. A few shuffled steps reverberated through the tiny earpiece, I assumed Mike was at the bed, seeing the Wiggles underwear.

"Shit." He said. "I am going to kill the person that did this," Fat chance, I thought. He muttered a few things to himself, and then he looked out the window. "WHAT THE HELL?!" Seeing the clothes strung out through the trees. And then he growled, he actually growled. I laughed, and Edward did too.

"This is probably the funniest thing I have ever experienced." I told Edward, and he gave me a crooked grin. I got up on my tippy toes and gave him the kiss of his life, sliding my tongue along his bottom lip, and he immediately complied, and I explored his mouth, being careful of his razor sharp teeth. He pulled away after a few moments and smiled down at me.

The next sound I heard was the back door to Mike's house being opened.


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