Created by Pokeshipper99

Created by Pokeshipper99

Oldrivalshipping and Specialshipping!

Introducing the characters:

Main Characters

Red (aged 20)

Gender: Male

Crush on: Yellow

Hobby: Pokemon

Dislikes: Con girls, like Green

Owns: Poliwrath Lv90, Venusaur Lv100,

Pikachu Lv 93, Snorlax Lv100, Gyarados Lv98,

Aerodactyl Lv90

Yellow (aged 18)

Gender: Female

Crush on: Red

Hobby: Making friends

Dislikes: Blushing

Owns: Pikachu Lv60, Raticate Lv45, Golem Lv50, Omastar Lv60, Dodrio Lv49, Butterfree Lv32

Blue(aged 20)

Gender: Male

Crush on: Green

Hobby: Training his pokemon

Dislikes: Weaklings and Red's cocky attitude

Owns: Charizard Lv100, Scizor Lv98, Golduck Lv100, Machamp Lv95, Rhydon Lv92, Porygon2 Lv89

Green(aged 20)

Gender: Female

Crush on: Blue

Hobby: Con people(former hobby!!), Collecting accessories and cute shoes

Dislikes: Anyone who messes with her

Owns: Blastoise Lv99, Wigglytuff Lv85, Ditto Lv78, Clefable Lv87, Nidoqueen Lv89,

Granbull Lv55