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I spotted a bedroom and put my feet to brake mode. I rushed inside and locked the door. I carefully let down Red. I turned to went out of the room. I had to fight back. Gastly are ghosts, and ghosts can go through locked doors. As I turned, Red gripped my hand. "Yellow…."

Yellow's POV:

Despite the impact of the attack, Red still managed to stand up. He had a grin. "If you fight back, I'm am too. We'll face this together." he smiled. I hesitated before agreeing.

I was fixed on his eyes. They looked beautiful. With a smash, all the Gastly appeared and began attacking. "Alright, let's go! Venusaur, Pikachu, Poliwrath, Snorlax, Aerodactyl, Gyarados come on out now!" Red called out his entire team. "Pikachu, Dodrio, Golem, Omastar, Butterfree, Raticate, let's go!" I followed Red, throwing out six pokeballs.

We had twelve pokemon on our side. "Snorlax, Strength!" ordered Red. But the Gastly were too fast! "Damn!" Red said angrily. Suddenly, out of the blue, a woman appeared. She had a walking stick. And I could tell she was commanding the Gastly. "Gengar, Shadow Ball." the old woman said calmly, as a Gengar appeared and fired a Shadow Ball at us. We dodged quickly.

"Pikachu, get rid of that Gengar! Agilty, then Shockwave!" Red yelled. Red's Pikachu boosted up some speed, then did an incredible ultra super fast Shockwave. Gengar was shocked instantly! "Golem, Rock Slide, then wrap it up with Mega Punch!" I ordered.

The Gengar fainted by Golem's attacks! The woman strode up towards us. "Impressive, youngsters, but it takes more than that to beat…. One of the Elite Four…. To be precise, me." The old woman jumped out from the gloom. For her age, she was incredibly fast and can jump quite high. "Behold, Agatha of the Elite Four!" sniggered the woman. Agatha!

"Why the rotting stinky hell are you back?!" remarked Red angrily. I could tell he was quite cross. "I had to get revenge on you sucklings! And, reminds me, Giovanni was the one who supplied me with the money while I helped him…." Before Agatha could finish her sentence. Red had already yelled. "GIOVANNI?! GIOVANNI?! What's your motive?!"

"Poliwrath use Ice Punch!" Red shouted. But as Poliwrath moved forward, Agatha just smiled. "Arbok use your Acid attack!" Agatha commanded, as an Arbok slithered out of its pokeball and spit blue stuff out of its mouth. Poliwrath was knocked out!

"Argh…. Venusaur use your Frenzy Plant!" Red called Venusaur once again. He had quite a determined look on his face. Venusaur managed to attack Arbok. Arbok fainted! Agatha returned Arbok. "I'm gonna play rough now." Agatha grinned. "Gastly, Haunter, Gengar!" she threw out three pokeballs.

"If my plan to hypnotize you fails, let's try killing you by a battle! Gastly, Haunter, Gengar team up for one big powerful Shadow Ball!" ordered Agatha, laughing. "DIE! DIE!! Muhahahahaha!" she yelled. She reminded me of Giovanni! What arrogance!

The Shadow Ball hit my ENTIRE TEAM. And guess what? Yep, they all fainted! With just one blast! "Be careful, Red." I warned, as I returned my pokemon. "This old hag is not easy to deal with."

"Who are you calling old hag, girl?! Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, do it again!" Agatha shouted. As the three pokemon charged up their Shadow Ball, Red was already commanding his pokemon. "Aerodactyl and Gyarados! Team up for one powerful Hyper Beam!" Red ordered. "We'll use the same tatics as use. Combine, is that correct." Red smiled. He was getting too cocky.

The Hyper Beam launched itself at the three ghost pokemon just as they fired the Shadow Ball. The three pokemon was knocked out, and the Shadow Ball blasted the wall! The wall crumbled, and so did the ceiling! We had no place to run. The crumbling wall was blocking our way. We had only a small space.

"Brats! What're we gonna do now?!" Agatha yelled. "How the heck do I know?!" Red screamed back.

"You're a sorry excuse for a trainer, Red!"

"I'm not!"

"You are!"

"I'm not!"

"You are!"

"You are a sorry excuse for an Elite Four member then!"

"Oh shut up! What do youngsters know?"

Agatha and Red and got into their argument. I sighed. "Can you people stop arguing and find a way to get out?!" I yelled at them. "Hah, I'll escape with my ghost pokemon. You two can stay here!" Agatha said with a laughed. Then we all heard a voice. "Have no fear! Mewtwo is here!" Then suddenly we were caught in a powerful and also HIDEOUS Psywave. "What the heck… what's going on!" Agatha screamed.

Mewtwo flew to Red and I and brought us out of the raging psychic wind tornado while Agatha was trapped inside. "She's gonna get blowed away to God-Knows-Where!" chuckled Red. He was right. After the tornado decided to finish playing with Agatha, she was swept to the sky. "YOU BRATTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!" we heard her yelled, as she disappeared to the sky. "Thanks Mewtwo! You showed up at a great timing!" I smiled, giving Mewtwo a thumbs-up sign.

"Actually, I couldn't have unleashed such a powerful one with this lil' guy here." Mewtwo grinned, pointing to a ball of pink. It revealed itself to be Mew. "I disappeared to find Mew but little did I know that Aga-aga woman, or Ataha, or A-Haha woman would ambush you here. Red snorted. "The name's Agatha."

The End

Tune in to Oldrivalshipping and Specialshipping 2! I'll tell you all a little about it. It's about how Red struggles to try to ask Yellow to marry him. But unfortunately, there's some obstacles(as usual). And the obstacles are Red's shyness, Red's whatever whatever…. And of course, the baddies! I can't reveal the baddies yet. Oldrivalshipping and Specialshipping 2 will come out after I finish with my 3rd story which is going to be about humans who turned into pokemon. Stay tuned!