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A/N: So, I read some really great Pong and Tetris stories on here, but even though I thought they were odd and off the wall, I had the need to write one myself. So, here it is. My very first, and probably only, Pong fanfic.

Disclaimer: I do not own Atari or Pong, or even the game or console. I only barely own this plot. And I must say, I got the inspiration for this story from another of the site's authors. But I did not steal this idea, so if anyone gets that idea, then he/she should just get a life and realize that this story is harmless.

- -

Paddle A was feeling particularly frisky, so he sent Ball soaring at Paddle B with more force than normal, hoping to get the other's attention. Paddle B felt the force with which Ball was sent at him and knew something was up with Paddle A. Paddle B sent Ball back softly, hoping that the absence of force would convey his curiosity.

When Paddle A got Ball back, he realized that it would take more than one strongly served Ball to get Paddle B to understand his meaning. So, with a silent grunt, he sent Ball reeling towards his friend across the screen.

Paddle B started to get excited at the hard impact of Ball against his front. In his excitement, he sent Ball back with undue force, causing Paddle A to moan internally. For many minutes, Paddle A and Paddle B continued to excite each other by throwing Ball back and forth.

Finally, after too many minutes attacking both Paddles, Ball grew tired of being unfulfilled. He gathered all of his slight gravitational force and stopped himself mid-flight. Paddle A and Paddle B both stared at Ball's amazing feat, wondering how he managed to do it, and why he had stopped in the first place.

In another display of unknown talents, Ball spoke. "Paddles A and B, I grow weary of this back and forth game that we all play. I know not why you deign to throw me at each other so hard, but I no longer wish to take part. I am merely a pawn in this game made up by the creator, but even a pawn has feelings. Even a mere pawn has needs, urges. I wish to be fulfilled!"

Paddle A was shocked into silence. Paddle B looked at Ball and was enlightened. Even their little friend Ball got horny.