Caleb is about to break up with cornelia! why nobody knows.

Cornelia was so happy, she herself has never felt as cheerful and giddy. that was Irma's job. Cornelia was going to see Caleb on their 6month annerversery and she couldnt wait. Remembering how he kissed her just the other day she wanted it to be the end of school already. Mrs hellwicked was being so evil, of course she took after her own name. She made Cornelia stay back and hour after school yesterday because she drew a picture of a dog when the were meant to draw a picture of an angry dog! big dif. gpd she was always picking on me.

"Heya corny what your doing after school?" Irma asked sheepishly,

i was too happy to be annoyed with the fact she calle me corny. so i just shruged and smiled.

"ohhhh, someone has the blinding brightness on them! who are you seeing? YOUR GOING TO SEEE CALEEEEB!!" Hay lin stared happily, and i thought i was happy! as soon as the bell rang I elbowed my way out of the door and ran all the way to goodnight park, of course you would be thinking (try-hard)? but Caleb knew me and i knew him so why did it matter if i showed him i liked him? Caleb turned up minutes after me. He shifted nervously and when i reached for his hand he pulled it away ever so slightly. What was wrong? I let it slide thinking that he was nervous because he probably havent been this serious about a girl in ages, almost never. i felt the excitment grow onto me as i wondered where he was taking me.

"Cornelia...," Caleb started, something in his voice told me it was all wrong. "i dont knkow how to say this but...i think w-w-we sh-sho-should b-b-break up." he said softly barely moving his lips but skimming over the words. Had i heard right? no of course i hadnt. only a few days ago Caleb was telling me how much he loved me, the way he kissed me the other day showed he loved me.loved.he didnt love me, he loved me!

"w-w-what?" i asked uselessly as he cupped my face and gentlely kissed me.

"the magics gone." he explained, but something in his eyes told me he was lying but before i could say anything he had stood up and left!