Becca: you cant do that! thats so mean mainly b-cuz i noe wats happening!

me: i can so!

Becca; your evil and i bet Cornellia hates you very much and caleb and E-

me: you cant say his name!it'll ruin the secret!

becca: fine! well Bel

me: her either!

Becca:and they call me bossy!!

so theres the hint of the two new charectors... who i do not own either. so dont flame me about that but anything else. FINE BY ME!!

Caleb Crazy

i ran home and slammed the door shut to my room as Lily came up. I soon drifted off to sleep with a soggy pillow and a broken heart.

"stop contacting me through your dreams!" Caleb spat acidly. what happened? why was Caleb acting so weird?

"Caleb, what ever it is we'll get through it I swear." i said worried, worried that he would leave for ever and i would never taste his soft lips ever again.

"you dont get it Corneilia! i'm a monstar. I'm not worth it. i've never seen my self like this before. I went to Seatle... And i got in the way of some hunting... The girl she screamed but it was too late the boy had... JUST LEAVE!" Caleb


I looked at him my eyes were watering and every thing was blurry. my eyelids slowly closed as i screamed.

"Caleb, please come back.

i woke up and burst into sudden tears again. Then my phone rang. i picked it up. hands shaking i slowly lifted it to my ear.

"HEEEY! whats up? how was the date? gimmi the details every thing dont leave one bit out!" Hay lin screamed through the phone. her enthusium ringing in my ear. i sobbed then hung up. tiredly i unplugged the phone and tried to sleep.

May be this time.. Caleb might tell me what was happening. Maybe. he didnt. not one bit. He just stared at me angrily then left and i was all alone in the dark.

"honey, dinner time." my mum called from downstairs. i wiped my eyes hoping no one could tell but my damp hair and the bags under my eyes were a dead give away. Dinner was over quick. when i finally went up to sleep i was sure i

heard Calebs voice.

"sorry!" he whispered. but that was all...