The rosebush can tell what is in your heart, the natives tell Sheppard

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Spoilers: none

Season: 2

The Rosebush

The rosebush knows what is in your heart, the natives tell Sheppard. Lovers use it as a test; white roses for loyalty without affection, pink for friendship, red for love. If the rose turns black when picked it represents adultery. Woe betide those trying to pick a rose untruthfully, for the rosebush inflicts a deep scratch that can only be healed by a poultice made bush's leaves.

Of course, Sheppard has to pick a rose.

Pink, for Teyla.

"Very good, Colonel," she concedes, and picks a pink one for him in return.

Ronon glares at the bush, distrustful.

As they prepare to leave, Teyla bows to the mayor and thanks him for his people's hospitality. There is a yell of pain. Teyla turns to see Sheppard, blood pouring from his hand. On the floor is a pink rose.

"Colonel?" Teyla asks, concerned.

"I'll get a poultice," a native women offers.

"Told you I didn't trust that bush," Ronan says, pointing his gun at it threateningly.

"What happened"? Teyla asks, supporting Sheppard's elbow. "Why did it attack you?"

Sheppard is clearly shaken. All he says as he looks at the fallen pink flower is, "Don't tell Elizabeth. Please, don't tell Elizabeth."