2: Nothing good can come of this

Shino rang the door bell with an impassive expression. He viewed this "date festival" as a mission he simply had to complete.

A blond man opened the door, smiling widely at him.

"Hello there, Shino. Ino will be out in a moment. You know how girls are!" he started to laugh.

Shino nodded, although he had no idea what Mr. Yamanaka was talking about. The only girl he had a closer relationship with was always on time to everything.

"Ah, there she is now! Mustn't keep your date waiting, princess!" Mr. Yamanaka spoke, moving away from the doorstep to make room for his daughter.

"Yes, father." Ino spoke, glaring at him.

"Well…you two have a good time!" Inoichi said, hurrying to shut her door so his daughter wouldn't see him giggle.

Ino took a deep breath and forced on her most brilliant smile.

"Shino-kun! I'm so happy to go out with you."

"It's a pleasure, Yamanaka-san." he bowed. "I didn't know which flowers you like, so I picked some myself. I hope you find them satisfactory."

Picked them himself…?

Ino stared at the bouquet of violets in Shino's hand.

"How did you know I like purple?"
"It's the most noble of colors." he replied.

Suddenly Ino was seeing him in a different light. He seemed to know a lot more than she gave him credit for. And he didn't look half-bad in a tux…the sunglasses were a nice touch too…gave him a badass sort of look.

"Thank you." She beamed, taking the bouquet. "Where are we going?"

"I took the liberty of making reservations at "The Bloody Kunai"." He told her nonchalantly.

"The Bloody Kunai"? That's like THE most expensive restaurant in Konoha! And it's shinobi exclusive…

Ino stared.

"Shall we? You look wonderful tonight, by the way." Shino said, offering her his arm.

Ino blinked.

This is…Shino?!


Sasuke made his way to the Hyuuga residence slowly, figuring he should be at least ten minutes late. I mean, he was THE last Uchiha (well that back-stabbing brother of his didn't count, he was as good as dead anyway) and he should act with pride. He had to show the Hyuuga he considered himself superior.

Straightening his bow-tie, he rang the door bell.

"Yes…?" an old lady answered the door.

"I'm here for Hyuuga Hinata." he said in an arrogant tone.
"Speak up sonny, I can't hear you." the old lady told him.

"I said, I'M HERE FOR HYUUGA HINATA!." Sasuke yelled.

"Oh! Well why didn't you say so? Come in, come in. Hiashi-sama is expecting you."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, stepping in. It was just a date festival, why did he have to meet with her father?

He couldn't hide the fact that he disliked the Hyuuga for considering themselves above the Uchiha clan. Well he'd show the old geezer what the Uchiha were made of!

"Well don't just stand there, boy!" the old woman said, pulling him after her.

Hiashi was standing on a futon, sipping his tea and his superior attitude was driving Sasuke nuts. He had been standing there for like five minutes and the leader of the Hyuuga had yet to notice him.

Sasuke coughed loudly.

"Oh, you're finally here." Hiashi spoke, dignifying him with a glance.

Sasuke nodded, not bothering to hide his resentment.

"You're ten minutes late." Hiashi noticed.

"I'm aware of than, Hiashi-san." He had added san on purpose, knowing everyone addressed him by Hiashi-sama.

Hiashi narrowed his eyes at him, but Sasuke sustained his gaze unwavering.

"Hinata!" he finally called, annoyed.

A sound of rushing footsteps filled the room and Hinata burst in.

"Yes, father?"

"Your…date is here."

"Oh…" Hinata spoke, blushing. "How do you do?" she adressed Sasuke.

"I'm very pleased to be going out with you." Sasuke answered. "May we go?" he asked, losing his patience.

Honestly, the Hyuuga were such stuck-up, arrogant bastards…

Hiashi gestured them to leave, concentrating on his tea again.

As Sasuke exited the room, he heard him mumble:

"Just Hinata's luck to pick an Uchiha of all people."

Hinata heard it too and looked as Sasuke, who had turned red with anger. She gently touched his shoulder.

"Can we just go…please?"

She heard him breathe in deeply, probably to calm down and he walked away with determined footsteps.

When they were out of the house, Hinata pulled his arm, making him stop.

"Thank you. I'm sorry about my father. He can be…tiring."

Sasuke shrugged.

"Don't mention it."

Suddenly, he felt a mental slap.

Be nicer, you idiot! Remember! The plan is to revive the Uchiha!

Sasuke knit his eyebrows at the annoying thought. Well, annoying or not, it was true. From now, it wasn't a date. It was a mission!
"I have taken it upon myself to make reservations for us at "The bloody Kunai"." he told her, flashing a brilliant smile.

Now that should impress her!

"Uhm…Okay. My family dines there often. They have good food." she answered politely.

I'm so bored of that place!...Hinata thought.

"I'm glad you think so. Shall we go?" he asked, offering her his arms.

Hinata nodded, letting a small sigh escape her lips.

If I were with Naruto-kun, he'd probably take me to Ichiraku's!

The thought made her smile warmly and Sasuke felt proud of himself for making her feel so good.


Neji rang Sakura's doorbell, checking his wristwatch again. Five minutes late. Perfect.

As he waited for her to answer, he eyed the exterior of her house with little interest. The Haruno residence was certainly not much to look at, not compared to his estate anyway.

Why such a noble clan as the Hyuuga would be forced to mingle with the commoners, he would never understand.

"Oh, Hyuuga Neji-sama!" a middle-aged woman exclaimed, opening the door. She had bright pink hair, just like Sakura. "It's such an honour to have you take my little girl on a date!" she beamed at him.

Neji nodded, his expression the perfect mix of arrogance and cold politeness.

"Shannaro!" Sakura yelled from somewhere inside the house. "Mom, don't you have other things to do?"

There she goes, embarrassing me again!

"Are you ready dear? Mustn't keep the young man waiting!"

Sakura straightened her dress and quickly replaced her angry expression with a brilliant smile, as she stepped out.

"Neji-kun! Sorry to keep you waiting."

"No problem." he replied, offering her his arm.
She wasn't bad-looking, but her choice of apparel was nothing short of a strain on the eyes. I mean wasn't it enough that she had pink hair? She had to wear a matching dress too?

"You look…nice." he said, figuring this was the sort of thing he was supposed to say.

Sakura blushed, lowering her eyes.

"Thank you."

"Shall we go? I hope you like "The Bloody Kunai"."

Figures that Hyuuga Neji would pick the hottest restaurant in town! Sakura thought, smiling at him.

"Oh, almost forgot." Neji handed her a small box wrapped us a present.

"For me? Oh, you shouldn't have!" Sakura unwrapped it quickly, finding a small bottle of perfume.

"Sakura blossoms…"

How unoriginal…

"I just love it!"

Neji smirked, satisfied with himself. Really girls were so easy to impress.


Choji waited patiently on Tenten's sofa, while the girl was busy preparing herself upstairs. It wasn't her fault; really, he had arrived five minutes early.

Tenten had no parents and Choji felt kind of sad for her as he fidgeted with his bow tie nervously.

He took a small bag out of his pocket, wondering if she would like what he had gotten for her. He didn't really know her at all so at first he thought about buying some flowers. But fortunately, he had run into Lee as he was going to Yamanaka's flower shop.

"Flowers for Tenten?" Lee laughed. "She is a flower of course, like all girls are, but I think she'd appreciate a kunai or two more."

And Choji had taken his advice to heart and even told his father about it. Choza had helped his son happily to prepare a little surprise for his date. He was still nervous, not knowing if she'd like it or not.

"I'm ready! Sorry I made you wait." Tenten said, walking down the stairs.

He certainly isn't much to look at…she thought.

"Oh, I didn't mind at all! Uhm…" he handed her the small bag. "This is for you."

But he seems very polite and thoughtful.

"Thank you." said Tenten and her eyes widened as she took her surprise out of the bag. It was the most beautiful kunai she'd ever laid eyes on! On the shiny surface a TT made of small sparkling crystals was encrusted.

"It's not really useful in real battle…it sticks out too much and it's not wise to throw weapons with your initials on them, but I hope you like it." Choji said, a bit flustered.

Tenten looked at him with wide eyes, seeing him in a totally new light.
"It's beautiful! I love it! Thank you."

Choji smiled happily.

"Also, I didn't know which place you'd like more so I picked "The Bloody Kunai", because…well the name sounded like something you'd like."

Tenten started to laugh, which made Choji a little more embarrassed.

"You were right! Let's go."

She took his arm as they both left the house.

Next chapter: The Bloody Kunai. Let the madness begin!