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Chapter 18

Sam could almost feel his brother slipping away from him. The thoughts running through his head were slowing but somehow becoming more and more jumbled as Dean's over taxed mind began shutting down on him. Sam spoke to him, tried to rouse him but Dean was dropping out of reach, he was losing him. He felt the tears prick his eyes. What the hell was taking them so long to call back? It was a simple update damn it, it should have been done by now. Dean chest gave a hitch and for one moment Sam thought that his brother had stopped breathing. He watched carefully only realising that he was holding his own breath when Dean's chest started to rise again slowly. Sam had had enough, he was not just going to sit her and watch his brother die, not again. He called to Missouri.

"What's wrong Sam?" She took in Sam's strained looking face and Dean's pallid colour knowing that things had worsened.

"I need you to sit with Dean; I've something that I've got to do." He handed Dean's hand to Missouri, giving it one final squeeze before he let go. "I'll be right back."

Missouri watched opened mouthed as Sam left, whatever he was going to do must be pretty damned important to make him leave Dean on his own. She touched Dean's head and a frown crossed her face. Dean's pain that had filled her head earlier was now almost completely gone and that she knew just couldn't be a good sign. She wrapped her fingers tighter round his hand. "Dean honey, Sam's going to fix this for you, you just need to him a little more time. Just a little more ok?"

Sam ran out to the car and rummaged through the trunk looking for his duffle, Bobby watching him with a quizzical look on his face. "What's up?" He took in the haunted look on Sam's face and knew the news on Dean couldn't be good.

"It nothing, Dean's still hanging in there, I just needed something from my bag that's all." Sam grabbed the bottle and headed back to the house. He was desperate and he now longer cared what Dean wanted only that he lived long enough to tear him a new one for what he was about to do.

Sam was on his way back into the room when the phone rang. Missouri had left it on the arm of the couch when she had hurried through to help him.

"Speak to me, is it up? many hits?" Sam knew that it wasn't enough, that it wasn't going to change the story fast enough for Dean. "Call me when it's climbed a bit, when you've got every one online ok?... Thanks."

He hung up and walked into the bedroom. He sat down and unwrapped Dean's damaged arm, it was still swollen and the purple hue had spread, working its way up, up to his shoulder now, starting to spread slowly across Dean's chest. Sam knew that the website would eventually reverse this but he didn't know if his brother would still be with him by the time it did. He sat on the bed and took Dean's head in his hand, pausing for a moment to apologise mentally to his brother for what he was about to do. He opened the bottle and lifted it to Dean's lips forcing the liquid down and over his throat. Sam knew that it should be done in two smaller doses but Dean didn't have the time, if he did Sam wouldn't have to be doing this at all. Missouri was looking at him questioningly, worried that he seemed to have managed to block her from his thoughts completely.

"Sam what did you just do to your brother?"

Sam dropped his eyes and couldn't look at her. "At worst, given him a little more time."

"And at best?"

Sam looked at the bottle. "Don't think there is an at best at the moment Missouri."

Before Missouri could question him further Dean groaned, a small pain filled groan. Missouri realised that Dean was coming round. His eyes fluttered slightly and he let out another groan. His body jerked as a spasm shot through it, his pain returning, and then his breath evened out, his colour starting to return to his face. He gave a cough and opened his eyes fully. Sam knelt over him and Missouri couldn't help notice the look of guilt on his face.

"Hey Dean."

"Sammy, that you?" Dean was finding it hard to focus. The pain was coursing through him again, worse now that he was awake. "The website, it worked?" He tried to lift his bad arm to look at it and almost passed out again as a bolt of agony shot up and through his shoulder. He looked up at Sam, waiting expectantly for him to explain what was going on.

"It will, eventually, you just need to lie still for now ok? Please. Once enough people have read it it'll work, your arm'll heal."

Dean was more awake now, alarm bells ringing in his head. "Sammy, I was dying, so if the website didn't bring me back, didn't fix this mess"…he raised his good arm and gestured to the other…."what the hell did?"

Sam looked at Missouri and she got the message without having to read him. "I'm going to see if Bobby needs me, give you boys a minute."

Dean watched her leave and then turned back to his brother, noticing how he skilfully managed to avoid looking into his eyes as he spoke.

"I'm sorry, I was losing you, I couldn't…..I couldn't let it happen again. I couldn't go through that twice."

Dean looked down and saw the bottle in his brother hand, the sight bringing back the strange taste of the liquid in his mouth and he knew what his brother had done.

"The elixir?"

Sam nodded.

"Thought you had to have more than one shot of that stuff for it to work."

"I kinda gave you a double dose." Sam tone was nervous, almost fearful. He was waiting for his brother's wrath to ignite.

"Well at least we know that it works now eh?" Dean tried to keep his tone neutral, not willing to fight with his brother at this moment.

Sam was stunned. "You're not mad?"

"Didn't say I wasn't mad Sammy, but it's done, shouting at you ain't gonna change that. I'm thirsty; will you get me a drink?"

"Sure." Sam walked to the door. "You sure you're ok with this?"

Dean didn't trust himself to speak, so he nodded and Sam left to fetch the water. Immortal. The very word stuck in Dean's throat, better to be dead than live forever he thought bitterly.

"You should tell him how you feel." Dean looked up and Missouri was standing in the doorway.

"I'm done talking, I appreciate everything you did for me Missouri, I really do but can you please stay the hell out of my head now." Dean closed his eyes wanting to blot out everything and everybody.

"Have it your way."

Sam had been alternating between Dean and the website for the last two hours. Dean was sleeping, his arm was slowly improving, the purple receding and the vicious bites marks closing and fading. The website was working.

Missouri had asked Bobby to take her to the train, realising that there was little she could do now, that anything further the boys could discuss without her help.

"Look after your brother, that boy's got more lives than a cat but it doesn't mean that he should be trying to use them all up, you hear?" Sam smiled and drew her close. "Thanks Missouri, I'll call you, let you know how things are."

She went through to see Dean. "You go easy on that brother of yours boy or I will come back and whoop on your backside." Dean nodded.

"Well Mr Singer, can I impeach on your good nature for a lift now?"

"Bobby, use the Impala." Dean watched as the three exchanged glances.

"What?" Dean looked at Sam who immediately looked at Bobby.

"She got a little beat up saving your ass from hell but don't worry she'll fix." Bobby walked to the door and muttered under his breath. "Once I rebuild her that is." He didn't stop just grabbed Missouri's arm and hustled her outside.

Dean tried to sit up but Sam stopped him. "What did he mean rebuild? What the hell did he do to her?"

Sam gave up trying to hold him down and helped him stand. "Devil's Gate, seems it's not really made Impala size, just a little too narrow for a comfortable fit."

"Help me outside."

Sam did as he was told not wanting to give Dean another reason to be mad at him.

"Son of a bitch!" Dean shouted after the tail lights of Bobby's rapidly disappearing car. "You'd better run Singer! My damned car!"

Dean stood and looked at the car shaking his head. "That's it, from now on, no one but me gets to drive her.

"What did I do?"

"Hello, demon truck driver you drove in front of."

"He hit me."

"Yeah, well you were still driving at the time!"

Sam sighed and went back in the house, leaving Dean to slowly wander round his beloved car issued expletives every no and again that would have made a hooker blush.


They had been at Bobby's three months now and both Sam and Dean were more than ready to hit the road. The Impala was fixed and Dean was just itching to get her out on the road and open her up. Sam had something that he had to sort and he knew just were he wanted to go to do it.

He took great delight in making Dean do the whole trip blind-folded, Sam's excuse being he wanted to surprise his brother with their destination. This also annoyed Dean further as he couldn't drive and he sat shotgun moaning bitterly about Sam getting to test the rebuilt car first and how he shouldn't be driving her anyway, that they would probably crash.

Dean had only been allowed to remove the blind-fold to go to the bathroom in the motel, so he wouldn't catch a name anywhere and spoil Sam's fun and by the time they got to where they were going Dean's temper was at breaking point.

"Dude, are we there yet? If you don't let me take this thing off soon I gonna strangle you with it!"

Sam smiled and pulled the car off the road. "We're there, just a minute or too longer, I promise." Sam got out the car and took his bag from the trunk. Walking round to the passenger side he opened his brother's door and help him out. Dean tried to remove the blind-fold but Sam stopped him. "Just one more minute, ok?"

Dean muttered under his breath but held his hands out for Sam to take. He could feel the dust under his feet and the sun was baking hot on his back. "Feels like a desert. Sammy you aren't just going leave me here?"

"Would I do that?"

"Let me think about that, hell yeah."

"Just stand there and don't move ok."

Sam spread the old blanket out on the ground and helped Dean sit down. "Ok, now you can take it off."

Dean lifted the blind-fold and for a moment was completely blinded by the brightness of the sun, still unable to see where he was. Sam handed him a pair of sunglasses and he put them on and looked around and then back at his brother, his mouth opened, for once unable to think of a single thing to say.

"Well it was on your to do list before you went to hell and we never managed it, but I thought you'd still want to so, here we are."

Dean was sitting looking out over the Grand Canyon. He turned to his brother with a goofy grin that Sam hadn't seen for a long time. "My god, this is so great."

"It gets better, I brought supplies." Sam pulled out a couple of bottles of beer and a giant packet of his brother's favourite M&Ms.

"My life is now complete, I can die happy." Sam saw the look that crossed Dean's face, watched as a little of the happiness drained from him.

"About that." Sam reached into his bag again and pulled out two bottles and handed one to Dean.

"What's this?" He eyed the odd coloured liquid suspiciously.

"I found your e-mail to my buddy at Stanford, asking if the immortality elixir worked could you create a formula to reverse the effect. He thinks you're mad you know! Anyway this is what he came up with."

"This, this gunk will reverse the immortality? Are you sure?"

"He seems to think so, hypothetically speaking of course since being immortal in the first is obviously impossible."

"You college boys all lead such sheltered lives." Dean laughed and opened his bottle. "Well bottoms up." He tipped the bottle up and drank it dry in one go. "God you guys really have to work on the taste thing you know." He quickly took a swig of beer and then a mouthful of the M&Ms to get rid of the taste.

"That bad huh?" Sam tipped his bottle and drained his too almost gagging on the taste.

The two brothers sat and looked at one another for a moment.

Dean spoke first. "D'you feel different?"

"No, you?"


"Well how do we know that it's worked?"

"You could always go stand at the edge and I'll push you, if you climb back up we'd know it was a dud." Dean's grin was evil.

Sam retaliated. "I could always stab you in the neck, see if you bleed to death."

"Yeah, or I could shot in the heart."

"That'll work or….."

The two brother sat discussing various ways to prove whether or not they were still immortal, ridiculous enjoying the view, drinking beer and with Dean hogging the M&Ms!

Just your average Winchester road trip.

The End