Uhm.. It's my 1st Atelier Iris Fanfic And I'm not a good writer.. So 4give me if u don't like it .. It's also my 1st english fanfic.. So I apologize 4 my bad grammars..

Title : Little Bro/Sis Pleasee...?

Viese is doing some experiments in her workshop while Iris is sitting quietly watching her

Iris : Sis Viese?

Viese : Yes Iris?

Iris : Where is Bro Felt?

Viese : Oh.. He's training with his sword I guess

Iris : Oh.. Um.. Sis??

Viese : ?

Iris : Can I call you mommy?

Viese : Eh? Ow,sure Iris

Iris : And call Bro Felt daddy?

Viese : Uh?? Ehmm?? (Blush)

Iris : Can I ?

Viese : Uhmm.. You can.. I guesss.. Hehe

Iris : So mommy.. When I will have a younger sis/bro??

Viese : Uhmm.. I guess I can't adopt another little girl or boy Iris.. Sorry

Iris : No.. I don't want an adopted little bro/sis.. But a little bro/sis from you and Daddy Felt..

Viese : What?! (Blush again )

A very simple story huh .? I really like Viese-Felt-Iris family relationship.. I hope one day Felt will married with Viese and adopt Iris.. So they'll be a real family.. But I don't know how to express it in a good story.. So I wrote this simple-boring story..

and... Review me pls I want 2 know ur honest opinion bout this boring story Thx b4.. XD