Disclaimer: I don't own anything no matter how much I wish Edward was all mine

Disclaimer: I don't own anything no matter how much I wish Edward was all mine. sighs

A/N: Hello all twilighters! I'm Héla and this is my first Twilight story.

I discovered Stephenie's wonderful world only a few weeks ago (read all three books in five days) and ever since I can't get all those plot bunnies out of my head. I drove crazy my cousin talking non stop about my undying love for super hot super dreamy and unfortunately very fictional Edward Cullen.

So instead of writing an ongoing story that I would have a lot of difficulty updating and will probably never end, I decided to regroup all my one shots in one piece of work. Less problematic and (I dare say) funnier. They do all have on e thing in common, a theme of some sorts: they will be AUs in which Bella and Edward meet under different circumstances. After all, isn't it the basics of Fan fiction? Writing about 'what ifs?' I've already about 20 ideas so this must be going on for a little while.

So, here's the first story. I really didn't intend to write this one first but ever since I got the idea, it's been begging to be written. Hope you'll enjoy and please tell me what you thought of it.

Much better than a dream.

I was having the most wonderful and vivid dream I ever had in my life. I knew it was a dream because the things I was currently involved in could not and did not happen to me. They simply never did. The few times I was involved in such activities it was not really worth being mentioned and certainly did not reach the level of intensity my mind came up with at the instant. It really is fantastic how the human brain functions. The way it can create situations and sensations that you actually never experienced.

And right now, in all my unconsciousness, I was thanking God for letting me enjoy those little moments of bliss, as fleeting and unrealistic as they were.

I was enveloped in a pair of very strong and yet so gentle arms. Their embrace was so comforting I could have lived an entire life, conscious or not, being held there. I could feel hands on my naked back drawing circles and making me shiver with pleasure from head to toe. A perfect nose was gliding along my jaw, so delicately and oh so lovingly I could feel my heart soar in happiness. A pair of soft and warm lips would depose a tender a kiss on the skin they could reach and make my entire being warm in a way I never experienced before. As dreams went, it was already enough to rank this one in my top list but those wonderful feelings were nothing compared to the soft murmurs my ears were hearing. Soft, strong and velvety, the voice of the stranger was like honey and my body's only response to it was to get as closer to his tall and strong one.

Never in my life have I ever felt more loved and cherished that I did in this short lapse of unconsciousness. I was actually wishing that the real world would forget me this morning. That I could stay in the stranger's arms as long as possible and enjoy the intimacy it seemed only he could provide. I looked up from his chest, trying to memorize every inch of his perfect face, of his soft skin but most of all the way his gorgeous green eyes looked down at me; as if I was all that mattered, as if he had found what he was desperately looking for, as if the only place he belonged was here next to me. I sighed contentedly and let consciousness creep in.

The first thing I was aware of was the blinding sunlight that was bathing my room and made it difficult for me to focus on anything else for several seconds. It bugged me to no end, a fact that I found surprising for someone who loved sunshine as much as I did. It took me only a second to realize why; a monstrous headache took over all of my senses and the sun was certainly not helping. I moaned in agony. I hated being hangover but then again I couldn't really complain, not after all the alcohol I (voluntarily and very happily) ingurgitated last night.

Note to self: decline any other invitation Alice throws my way. No matter how much I loved the girl, she was definitely a bad influence when alcohol was involved. Ugh! I couldn't even blame her this time. I drank so much on my own will… oh wait! This is still her fault, it was her bachelorette party!

Note to self number 2: Kill Alice!

I moaned once again before deciding that plotting Alice's murder two days before her wedding would only make Jasper very much unhappy and very much angry at me. I shivered at the thought and forgot about Alice all together. I then tried to get out of bed, fully intending on taking a shower to relax my complaining body but I found that task impossible to accomplish. Something strong and yet gentle was keeping me firmly in place. It trigged a shadow of a memory and suddenly the dream I was having last night came crashing back to me. When I looked down at my very naked form under the sheet and took notice of a pair of arms attached to my hips I wondered if it was really a dream after all. The stranger was still asleep or so it seemed judging by his even breathing and (after unsuccessfully fighting a blush so strong it sent my whole body in an embarrassing fire) I tried disconnecting my body from his. It was the only thing I could thing to do and not only did I have to fight his grip (how someone sound asleep could be so strong was beyond my understanding) I was also trying to silence the little voice in my head (or was it my heart?) that was literally begging me to stay right where I was. After a few moments of squirming under his embrace I came to the conclusion that I would have to wait for him to wake up. I sighed and tried to rationalize the situation. So I had a wonderful night with a perfect stranger. So what? It happened all the time. Not to me, sure, but it still happened to other people. I am an adult after all; it's really not a big deal, right? There's a first time for everything and this was definitely a first.

Giving up trying to get away I settled for turning around to, at least, take a look of who I spent my night with. When I was finally able to look at his face my breath caught in my throat and my eyes widened in wonder. It was my dream stranger. More perfect than my memories of him, he looked so peaceful it made me smile, thinking that maybe I was in some way the reason behind his serene expression. For once, I silenced the horrible voice that told me a creature like this one could never settle for someone as plain an unoriginal as Isabella Swan.

Instead I watched him breath in and out and… well simply enjoyed the view for as long as I could. The reality of the situation was still in my mind, reminding me that as soon as he would open his eyes to find me lying next to him, he would find the first excuse that crossed his mind to get away as fast as he could. So I memorized every inch of his wonderful face trying to hold on to him a little while longer. The sudden surge to touch him was overwhelming and quite frankly a little stupid since every inch of my body was pressed to his naked form. Oh yes he was naked, and I dare say, wonderfully so.

My hands took a life of their own and wondered slowly up his chest. I caressed his skin as delicately as I could (it was the least he deserved) and marveled in the feeling of his extraordinarily soft skin. Rays of sun was bouncing of his uncovered chest, making him look like an angel. My fingers finally reached his chin, and slowly I started tracing the lines of his beautiful face. His warm lips, his straight nose, his high cheekbones, his still closed eyelids and perfect eyebrows. I smiled to myself. He was indescribable, beyond words and dreams and he was in my bed… not so bad Bella, not so bad. I snuggled closer to him and as if I hadn't had enough my nostrils filled with the loveliest and most intoxicating smell ever. Ever as in there was no other smell like his in the world. My mind swirled and even though it might have driven me to madness I inhaled again. Oh dear God, he was too good to be true.

Not really caring about my actions, I deposed a sweet kiss at the base of his collarbone and let my lips linger there. My already very busy mind only had time to register the delectability of his skin before the stranger stirred slightly.

I froze and my brain screamed how idiot it thought I was. I agreed with it. I put an end to the best moment of my life all on my own. Ugh! 'You can say that again!' came my brain's reply. I watched helplessly as he blinked and winced against the daylight. He closed his eyes again, apparently not aware that he was in a stranger's bed, and groaned. He buried his head more deeply in what he thought was his pillow before realizing that it was, in fact the right side of my neck. I shivered at the feeling of lips brushing softly against my uncovered shoulder. He froze suddenly and I waited as patiently as I could for him to look up again. My Lungs were screaming for attention but my brain had actually forget it needed air to survive.

I thought I knew what his reaction would be like, frowns and several mumbles about an important meeting he had to go to. Perhaps even an apology or a promise to call soon, a promise we knew he wouldn't keep. What I wasn't expecting was the boyish grin that took over his splendid face making him look even more magnificent than he already was. I couldn't help but smile back, unable either to avoid the light blush that crept up my cheeks. His grin widened and his adorable green eyes danced with mirth.

"Lovely blush," he murmured his voice husky and oh so alluring. Still smiling he added, "I was hoping it wasn't just a dream."

The only response I came up with was blurted out before I could stop it, "We're naked!"

Smooth Bella, real smooth. He laughed heartily and I decided that it was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard.

"So I've noticed," he grinned. "I like it actually," he added his grin turning into a smirk. I blushed again. Will I ever have a conversation with him without doing so? That thought caused a less happy one: will I ever speak to him again after he left my apartment? I frowned and he noticed.

"What's wrong?" he asked and the concern was so obvious in his voice that my reply was less a lie than it was when it formed in my head.

"Nothing." He didn't buy it so I elaborated on the semi-lie. "I just can't remember you from last night and that's quite a sad thought."

"Oh well, I'm Jasper's best friend. I know men weren't allowed last night but Jasper had an important message for Alice. I volunteered to deliver it," he explained calmly and a flash of last night came to me as his lovely voice filled my brain. I saw him as he entered the bar, looking disheveled from the winter wind and absolutely delicious. I lowered my gaze when the image crossed my mind, a small smile in my lips.

"Right, I remember now. You're Edward," I said still not looking at him. He put a finger under my chin and gently made me look up.

"And you're Bella," he whispered so softly, his gaze so penetrating that I stopped breathing. The next thing I was aware of was his soft and warm lips caressing mine in the most delicate way, as if he was afraid to scare me off. Like that could happen. I responded to the kiss with the same delicacy and brought my hand in the pretty mess that was his hair in order to bring him a little closer. I must have done something good in another life. Yes, this sweet moment with Edward was a reward for something brilliant I had done in a previous life.

He broke the kiss and I almost whimpered. I would have complained if he had not said the sweetest, heart melting thing I had ever heard coming out of the mouth of a guy, "Hummm so much better than my dreams." I smiled in agreement and brought my lips for another round of kissing pleasures.

This was only the beginning of the journey, I could feel it.

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