AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story came from an idea I'd had a few weeks ago: What if there was some kind of magical condition which prevented magical healing of injuries?

Then I thought about having this pair with another idea which was: What would have happened if Tom Marvolo Riddle hadn't grown up in the prphanage but instead was taken in by loving parents?

Next chapter will jump ahead to Harry's 5th year where we meet a very different Ron and Hermione and Harry's best friend isn't who you'd imagine.

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"It's called Mattisons Magical Immunity," Healer Julian Somerset said to Lily and James Potter as she sat in the small office at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. "Basically, Harry's system won't allow magical healing of injuries."

Lily leaned back in her seat, feeling like her world had just come crashing down. Two days ago, Harry—5-years-old last Friday—had fallen out of the tree he was climbing and had broken his leg. But no matter what Lily tried to heal the bone, nothing happened.

James looked over at his wife and took her hand. "Well… how does this develop? Is there anything you can do about it?"

"It's a very rare condition, James," Somerset replied. "We're not sure yet what causes it and there really isn't any way to reverse the condition." Leaning forward, he added, "You're going to have to be very careful with Harry. Muggle children are prone to injuries, but since your son in still a potential wizard, he'll be even more susceptible to injuries and illnesses."

"What about when he gets his Hogwarts letter?" James wanted to know, thinking of when Harry would officially come into his magic.

Somerset thought for a moment. "Disabled witches and wizards are rare," he began, flipping through the papers on his desk. "But there's a school in New Zealand that specializes in disabled students and those with MMI." Handing over a booklet, he added, "I'd suggest you send Harry there. In the meantime, we've set Harry's leg. You can take him home in a little bit."


Sirius had just gotten Lily and James' daughter, Isabelle to sleep when they arrived home with Harry whose left leg was in a muggle cast. "What's going on?" Sirius asked as Lily carried her son to his room.

James pulled his best friend downstairs as he explained Harry's condition. "Healer Somerset said there's no way to reverse the condition, and… what?" Seeing the look on Sirius's face, James knew there was more bad news coming.

"Mattisons generally only occurs when the child has one pureblood parent and one muggleborn parent," Sirius said, sadly.

"What's… what's the ratio?" James asked.

"9 out of 10," Sirius replied. Putting a hand on his best friend's shoulder, Sirius added, "Harry will be okay, Prongs."

"I just… I never imagined anything like this could happen," James said, sitting down.

"Look, it's not exactly a life-threatening condition," Sirius said, sitting down as well. "It just means that if Harry gets hurt he'll have to heal like a muggle."

"Yeah… I guess so," James replied. "This is still… It's still scary…"

5 Years Later

Sitting at his desk drawing the woods outsidein one of his notebooks , Harry wished he could go out and play like a normal kid. But after his most recent accident—actually a year ago—his mother had wanted him to stay inside.


Looking up, Harry saw his godfather and his 8-year-old sister, Isabelle, standing in the doorway. "Hi, Sirius."

"We were heading to London… The zoo actually," Sirius said, smiling. "Your mum said you can come with if you wanted… as long as you're careful, of course."

"It's not like I'm trying to get hurt," Harry protested as he got up and limped over to his closet for his jacket. Catching his reflection in the full length mirror on the back of his closet door, Harry frowned a bit at what he saw. He was a bit on the short side but his mum kept assuring him he'd get a growth spurt any day now. His hair was messy and black—just like his father's—and he had his mother's eyes.

But what made him frown were the braces he wore on his legs. He'd talked his parents into getting him a bicycle for his birthday last year and even though he'd been wearing protective gear, that hadn't done much when a speeding car had plowed into him, breaking both his legs and his back. The muggle doctors had commented repeatedly that it was a miracle not only that Harry hadn't been paralyzed but also that he was able to walk.

Well, he could walk short distances on his own. But for going to the zoo… Harry sighed miserably as he reached for the ring crutches he'd been using the past 4 months after he'd finally gotten out of the wheelchair.

Finally ready for his outing, Harry limped after his sister and godfather.


Ever since he could remember, Harry had loved snakes. There was just something about them… the flexibility… the power… In the reptile house at the zoo, Harry walked over to an enclosure with a Burmese python and leaned forward, watching the sun as it basked in the sun from the glass ceiling. "I wish I was powerful and strong like you," Harry said, wistfully. "I get hurt easily." The snake raised its head and winked at Harry. "I sometimes talk to the snakes in the yard at home," Harry explained. "Professor Riddle says it's called parseltounge. He taught me how to speak it when I was in hospital a few years ago."

"Mum, Dad, look at this snake!" Harry felt himself be roughly pushed aside and fell to the floor, groaning as his thigh collided with one of his crutches.

"Hey, watch it!" Harry said, angrily.

"Harry, are you alright?" Sirius said, running up to Harry and helping him back on his feet.

"I'm fine," Harry muttered, glaring at the heavy boy who had pushed him.

The boy's mother had turned and gaped when she saw Harry. Her eyes went from Harry to Sirius to Isabelle before she grabbed her son's hand and said, sharply, "We're leaving!"

"But Mum!" the boy whined.

"Now, Dudley!"


When Harry, Sirius, and Isabelle finished their zoo trip, Harry asked, "Did you know that woman?" At Sirius's questioning look, he clarified, "That woman whose son pushed me down?"

Sirius flagged down a cab and once they were in and heading for home, Sirius replied, "That was your mother's sister, Petunia, and her son, Dudley."

"Mum never mentioned she had a sister," Isabelle said, curiously.

"Lily and Petunia never really got along," Sirius explained. "If you want to know why, ask your mum when we get home."


While Lily finished preparing an early dinner, James went to get the mail. When he came back, she noticed the down look on his face. "Harry got his Hogwarts letter, didn't he?"

James held up the letter, nodding. "I know he can't go… It's too dangerous."

"Well… maybe he can't go right now," Lily said, thinking. "Right now all Harry knows is that when he gets hurt we can't heal his injuries or fix him when he gets sick. But… maybe when he's older and learns how to protect himself… maybe we can send him to Hogwarts then. When he's 15, maybe. Then he'll be able to get his OWLs and NEWTs from Hogwarts."

James thought this over and nodded. "It's a good idea. But until he's 15, we'll send him to that school in New Zealand. According to Dumbledore, the students take a muggle airplane to the school. They have an orientation for new students next weekend."

Lily set the table and just as she was pouring drinks, Sirius came in followed by Isabelle and Harry. "You're home just in time," Lily said, as she put dinner on the table. "Your favorite, Harry… lamb chops and rice pilaf." Once they were all seated, Lily asked, "How was the zoo?"

"Fine," Harry said, "We saw your sister."

Lily froze and after a minute she said, "The fact that we're related… isn't something I'd like brought up in this house, if you don't mind, Harry."

Harry nodded and as he was cutting his lamb chops, he noticed a parchment envelope on the counter. "Is that from Hogwarts?" Seeing the look on his parents' faces he sighed. "I'm not going, am I?"

"Not right away, no," James said. "But you'll be starting when you're 15."

Harry nodded. "I hate this." Getting up from his chair, he headed to his room where he grabbed a piece of parchment and a quill and started writing a letter to Professor Riddle.

In a small cabin in Darby, Professor Tom Marvolo Riddle smiled as he saw the letter from Harry Potter. He couldn't explain the connection he felt with the boy… but they always seemed to be alike somehow.

Tom had been orphaned when his mother had died shortly after giving birth but had been taken in by a wonderful muggle couple who had raised him like their own child. Even after finding out he was a wizard, Tom parents had continued to love and encourage their son and had pushed him to succeed. Now he taught potions at Hogwarts when he wasn't visiting with Harry.

After finding out Harry had Mattisons Magical Immunity, Tom knew that he'd never have the boy in his classes, but that didn't stop him from trying to mentor Harry when Lily wasn't around.

Opening the letter, Tom read over the note from Harry.

Dear Professor Riddle,

I met a Burmese python at the zoo today. He seemed friendly. I'm doing okay; still using the crutches but otherwise my legs are getting better… I think.

Mum and Dad said I can't come to Hogwarts when I'm 11 but they're planning on me transferring from this school for disabled students in New Zealand when I'm 15. There's this orientation we're going to next weekend. I know you're probably busy but if you're free…

Are you coming for my birthday this year? I'd really like it if you did.

Harry Potter

Tom knew which school Harry was referring to. The Waldron Academy for Disabled Wizards and Witches was actually one of the top schools in the world—on rank with Hogwarts, in fact—but the curriculum was tailored to those students who had special needs.

Leaning back in his armchair, Tom knew why Harry wanted him to go to the orientation. Only Tom and Sirius Black treated Harry with any sense of normality. James tried to keep Harry safe, but Lily wouldn't even let Harry out of the house after the car accident except to go to physical therapy.

MMI didn't mean that a student had to be locked up… it just meant that a certain amount of caution needed to be exercised.

Setting the letter aside and grabbing his cloak, Tom started to wonder if James and lily had ever directly explained to Harry what was wrong with him.

"Harry, Professor Riddle's here to see you," Lily said, entering Harry's bedroom.

Harry looked up from his worn copy of Advanced Potion Making to see the older wizard enter the room, his cloak over his arm. "Hi, Professor."

"Harry, I wonder if we could talk?" Tom asked, sitting on the bed and looking pointedly at Lily. "Alone?" Lily left, closing the door and Harry seemed to be happy she wasn't listening. Looking at Harry, Tom said, "How long are you in the braces?"

Harry shrugged. "Don't know. All the doctors tell me when I ask is that I'm lucky to be walking at all."

"I wanted to talk to you about something," Tom began. "You do know what's wrong with you, right?"

Harry looked surprised by the question. "I… get hurt easily…"

Tom sighed and replied, "No… you get hurt just like a normal kid. What you have is called Mattisons Magical Immunity. Now, what that means is that your injuries can't be instantly healed by magic. If, say… you break your leg… instead of your mother or father waving their wand and healing the bone you have to go to a muggle doctor and have your leg put in a cast." Seeing that Harry was starting to understand better about his disorder, Tom proceeded to talk about Waldron Academy.