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Chapter 13

Harry was awoken on a snowy December morning by the sounds of arguing downstairs. After quickly throwing on jeans and a sweater, he made his way down the stairs and limped into the hallway, looking into the living room where his parents were fighting.

"It's a special holiday so we're having a real tree!" Lily shouted, angrily.

"The plastic one is real enough!" James shouted back. "Look, who knows what kinds of… things a real tree would have? I don't want Harry getting sick. Do you?"

"Well, of course I don't want Harry getting sick!" Lily snapped. "But a stupid pine tree isn't going to kill him!"

Going to the kitchen where Izzy was sipping a glass of orange juice, Harry asked, "How long have they been fighting?"

"About half an hour," Izzy replied, looking amused.

"What are they going on about now?" Claire asked as she joined her grandchildren.

"Real Christmas tree or an artificial tree," Izzy replied.

"Oh, for Heaven's sake!" Claire exclaimed. Going to the living room, she said, "Just go with an artificial tree! If there's any debate it's best to err on the side of caution."

"Thank you, Mum," James replied, giving Lily a smug look.

"You are…" Lily said in mock-anger. "Oooh!" She said, turning around and leaving the room. In the kitchen, Harry and Izzy watched as their mother started pulling out eggs, bacon, and bread to make breakfast.

"Angry cooking, Harry," Izzy said, her voice fairly dripping with sarcasm. "Maybe we should skip breakfast."

"Good idea," Harry replied, nodding. "Remember last Christmas at breakfast?"

"OUT!" Lily shouted, pointing upstairs, her face in a glare but there was a twinkle in her eye.

"Let's go, Iz," Harry replied, grinning. "We wouldn't want to get Mum angry with us."

When the two were up in Harry's room, Lily couldn't hold it in any more and she started to laugh.

"Lily?" James said, looking a bit worried when his wife's ringing laugh wouldn't stop.

Lily shook her head, still laughing as she said, "I'm sorry… It's just…"

James started laughing as well as he hugged Lily. "I love you, Lily…"

Lily was breathless as she stared into James' dark brown eyes. "I love you…" She breathed as she kissed James.

'I can't remember the last time

That we just laughed

Stared into each other's eyes

Till an hour passed

Holding you like you're the

Last girl on earth

You're more valuable to me

Than my whole life's worth

James picked Lily up in his arms and carried her to their bedroom as Claire started making a breakfast casserole. "You've got about two hours!" Claire warned her son and daughter-in-law as the bedroom door closed.

Laying Lily down on the bed and pulling off his sweater and shirt, James slowly pulled Lily's shirt off before starting meandering kisses up from the waistband of her jeans, all the way up to her neck as he reached around and unhooked Lily's bra.

When was the last time we made out?

Just you and me together

Not worrying about all the things

We have to think of now?

Back when it was just you and me?

Lily moaned as James undid her jeans and pulled them off, leaving her only wearing panties as he removed his own pants, throwing them onto the floor before laying down next to her, still touching and kissing every inch of her he could.

It had been a long time since they'd been able to act like newlyweds, not worrying that something would happen to Harry…

As James's hand slowly slid down Lily's slightly swollen abdomen, he stopped when he felt the baby move.

"What?" Lily asked, her voice soft and breathless. When James took her hand and placed it on her abdomen, she smiled when she felt the baby move and then kick. "Did you…?" she asked, smiling.

"Yeah," James replied, moving his hand down to the inside of Lily's right thigh. "And now… I'm doing this…"

Lily gave a second breathy moan as she and James made love on a beautiful, snowy, December morning.


While their parents were copulating, Harry and Izzy were upstairs discussing something Harry had noticed at Thanksgiving dinner.

"How long have you and Draco been dating?" Harry asked his sister as she sat on the bed.

Izzy smirked. "Just a few months," she replied, shrugging. "We've been good friends since I started Hogwarts, but lately… We've just been growing closer and closer." Looking at her brother, she asked, "Harry, if you don't want me dating Draco…"

Harry smiled. "Isabelle, if I could pick anyone for you to date it would be Draco."

"Really?" Izzy asked, a bit surprised.

"Draco is a good guy," Harry replied. "He's my best friend. I know he'll be good for you."

"Thanks, big brother," Izzy said, getting up and hugging Harry.


With Harry unable to play outside in the snow, he and Izzy decided to spend the days leading to Christmas the way they'd used to right after Harry's accident years ago—watching movies and providing their own commentary.

"I think 'Rudolph' is my favorite Christmas movie," Harry said as the video ended.

"You like a movie about a bunch of misfits?" Izzy asked, loading the next tape into the VCR in Harry's room.

"No, I…" Harry tried to think of how best to explain. "It's hard to be different. I think it's.. Okay... While it's nice being with other people who are different, it's nice to be accepted with normal people too."

"I guess…" Izzy said, shrugging. "As far as Christmas specials, I've always liked 'Frosty'." Looking at Harry she said, "I'm glad you're going to be okay, Harry."

"Iz…" Harry replied, not looking at his little sister. "I just want to move on, you know?"

"I know… but I've been worried…" Izzy said. "You're my big brother and—"

"Just what were you thinking bringing her here, you son of a—!"

Izzy looked at Harry, her brow furrowed. "Is that Grams?"

Harry nodded and he and Izzy left the room, heading downstairs where Claire Potter was in the kitchen currently giving death glares to Michael Potter, known to Harry and Izzy as Gramps. And next to Michael was a woman wearing very chic and expensive clothes with bubblegum pink hair that was spiked.

"Claire, you and I are divorced," Michael said, simply. "Tonks and I have been seeing each other for two years and—"

"Two years?!" Claire shouted. "You mean the two of you were… while we were married?!" Pulling out a well-worn pine wand, she pointed it at Michael. "You just turn around and get out of here now before—"

"Gramps!" Izzy said, running to her grandfather and giving him a hug.

Harry walked over, hugging him as well.

"Harry, Izzy… I… don't think you should be here right now," Michael said, still eyeing Claire. After a moment, he pleaded, "Just let me stay for dinner?" Digging into his pocket, he pulled out rose quartz pendant on a silver chain. "I found this at the old house last summer." Handing the necklace to Claire, he said, "I know how much you liked that necklace… I wanted to make sure you got it."

"You gave me this on our first anniversary," Claire replied, looking at the necklace. "Fine. But after dinner, you're gone."

"Understood, ma'am," Michael said as he nodded, respectfully. "So… where's James and Lily?"

Claire gave an exasperated sigh. "They're… busy…"

Michael gave a knowing nod before looking at Harry and Izzy. "In that case, let's talk over hot chocolate…. Catch up. How have you been, Harry?"

"This might take more than hot chocolate," Izzy said, looking at her grandmother. "Grams? Why don't we make up some snacks?"

Claire nodded, eager for the excuse to be away from her ex-husband and in the kitchen, she and Izzy started making a couple of Harry's favorites, seafood salad in puff pastry cups and mini calzones. "I can't believe he brought that… that… woman into this house," Claire muttered angrily.

"Gramps wanted to see Harry," Izzy said, as she filled the baked pastry cups with seafood salad. "Look… I don't know if this makes it better or worse, but… Gramps' girlfriend is Nymphadora Tonks… She's the daughter of Sirius' cousin, Andromeda."

"What house was she in at Hogwarts?" Claire asked.

"Hufflepuff," Izzy replied. "She's funny…. A klutz, but…" With a small smile, she added, "She can't cook. Maybe that's really why Gramps came… He misses your cooking."

"Are you trying to make me feel better?" Claire asked, giving her granddaughter a smile.

"Yeah, I am," Izzy replied. "Is it working?"

"It helps a bit," Claire admitted returning the smile. Looking back over at Michael she added, "It does look like no one's been feeding him, doesn't it?"