Kingdom of Lovers

By Dlynn

Chapter I

Princess Isabella Swan:

"Your highness, your escort is almost ready for your departure," The captain informed me at the entrence of my room.

"Thank you captain, I would like to be alone for a minute right now."

"Of course princess," he quickly bowed and closed the doors behind him.

After I was alone, I took one last walk through my room. All of my furniture was covered with white sheets. My personal belongings were packed in crates and were stored up against the northern wall. I was told by my mother that I wasn't allowed to bring anything of mine to La Push. I walked out on my balcony that over looked into the gardens. As I smelled the flowers, a falshback came to my mind, the day my parents told me I was engaged.

I was summoned to my father's study, I thought I was in trouble and I was going to have another lecture. When I entered the room I saw my father sitting at his desk looking over paper work and my mother standing next to him with her hands clasped in front of her.

"Come in Bella, we have an important matter to discuss." Charlie muttered without glancing up at me. I knew my father was busy with royal business and I respected that, but I felt neglected by him since I was a child.

I took a few steps forward, "yes father?"

He nodded to my mother, and then returned to his paper work. Renee walked around the desk to face me, "Sweetheart, you are twelve now and it's time to find you a husband."

My thoart was dry, I couldn't speak, I just stared at my mother, I knew in my heart I was not ready to be a wife.

"Your father had just signed a treaty with the king of La Push for you to marry his son the crown prince."

I glanced at Charlie, but he wasn't paying any attention to our conversation.

"Of course you're not going to marry him now, we agreed to wait until you're old enough."

"How long?" I quietly asked.

"Five years," Charlie interupted.

Ever since that day, foreign tutors have been teaching me how to be a wife to the crown prince. The last five years were miserable, I wasn't allowed to marry for love, although I might love this prince I'm going to marry. When the ladies of the court from La Push came to visit, I heard them talking about the Prince. He was tall with dark golden skin, and strong features...whatever that means.

I was seventeen now and it was time for me to marry the crown Prince of La Push, it's my duty as Princess of Forks to produce a male heir and to keep the people of my country safe. I continued saying that over and over again, as I was walking down the main staircase for the last time. The captain opened the carriage door and helped me up. As we were pulling away I took on last glance at the palace where I was born, and where I lived the last seventeen years. Suddenly a single tear fell down my cheek and hit the palm of my hand that was resting on my lap.

The carriage began crossing the bridge, that led into the forest trail. The captain and five soliders that my father hand pick to escort me stood tall and proud. I wish I could do the same, instead I slumpped in my seat looking out into the dark forest. My eyelids soon became heavy and I drifted off to sleep.

My dream was peaceful, I was in a beautiful flower field with the sun shinning on my face with a slight breeze sweeping across the field. As I was enjoying the sights, two hands gently gripped my shoulders. I froze by the touch, but I didn't dare to move. I was being pulled close to the person who was holding me. Suddenly I felt lips touching the side of neck, a shiver feel done my spine, almost like an electric shock. Soon I heard a whisper next to my ear, "hello my beautiful angel." I quickly turned around to see who it was, but he disappeared and I was alone in the flower field.

"WE'RE UNDER ATTACK PROTECT THE PRINCESS!" the captain shouted to the soliders outside. I quickly woke up and heard fighting on both sides of the carriage. I was too terrified to look out, instead I crouched down hugging my knees to my chest. I did my best not to scream. The fight continued and I didn't know who was winning, but when I heard the captain howlering in pain the fighting stopped. My heart was pounding out of control, I listened very carefully outside what was going on. There were foot steps coming close to the carriage. My body started to shake out of control.

The carriage latch unhooked and the door opened slowly and I saw a man with his long blond hair tied into a ponytail, his white shirt had blood stains and I also noticed his knife was hooked up to his belt. His sinister smile was not reasurring. "Your highness, it seems there has been a change of plans for you." I couldn't contain my shivering boday as he watched me. The man took his gaze off me and looked at his men, "MEN, TAKE THE HORSES," and then he turned to look at me again, "and I'll take the princess." He started climbing in and I quickly tried to escape through the other door, but I was not fast enough. He wrapped his arm around me waist. I began to scream but the man covered my mouth with his hand. I was spun around to face him, his terrifying eyes were only inches away from mine, "relax princess, I'm James, your guide from now on."

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