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A/N: If you continue reading this author's note, there is a spoiler for Breaking Dawn. You've been warned. Okay, so I'm going to give a twilight story a try. I usually stick with The Covenant and wrestling stories, but I've been trying to broaden my horizons lately, and I just go into Twilight a few months ago and totally fell in love with Jacob Black since I have a huge thing for Native American guys. I feel like he was created specifically for me to like haha. This story takes place right after Eclipse, and disregards pretty much all of Breaking Dawn since I was not happy with that book at all, as many others weren't. Sorry, but the idea of vampires, which are dead, reproducing was just stupid. The whole thing was far too fairy tale for such a previously great series. It was like a fanfiction, and a bad one at that. Disappointed. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this story. I noticed the severe lack of original Jacob/OC stories out there, so I'm going to see how my idea works out, since I haven't seen it done yet.



His touch always made her shiver. It was cold as stone, hard as granite, but she craved it over anything else. No drug could ever give her the high he could.

A soft moan passed through her lips, hardly audible, but easily detected by him as his cool lips brushed over the smooth, tender skin on her wrist. He stayed like that for what felt like forever, savoring the feeling of her veins pumping over his mouth. The sensation of the blood flowing under her skin only increased the desire he had for her. He sat on the edge of her bed while she sat more in the middle, waiting as patiently as she could. He wouldn't deprive her or himself any longer.

A small, strangled gasp of a cry passed her parted lips as he sunk his teeth inside her. She relished in the feeling, the pain immediately dying to the overwhelming pleasure that was convulsing through her body. She anticipated his visits as if they were holidays, marking them on her colander. When he was absent, she craved his presence and his actions, which were an addiction to her. She could never resist him.

And her, she was perfect for him. No blood tasted sweeter, smelled stronger. It topped any orgasm he would ever have. The delicious red liquid filled his mouth, alerting all his senses. He could taste the bitter poison from his fangs mixed in with the nectar, tainting the flavor. But as he continued to drink, the venom became fainter until there were no longer traces of it mixed into his delicious feast.

His instincts screamed. He wanted to drain her, completely. But he had never been particularly vicious for his species. His control was greater than many, years of immortal life adding to his discipline. When he found her, his desire nearly cause him to tear her to shreds. But as their bargain came about, he kept the idea tucked in the back of his mind.

If she died, he would never taste her again.

His nostrils flared, inhaling her potency once more before he unlatched himself from her limb, stepping back immediately for good measure. Distance would lessen the throbbing temptation.

Her lids were heavy as she smiled up at him, rolling in her own ecstasy. Her tousled hair splayed over the plush pillow under her head, the wound on her wrist continuing to leek blood. He would take her right there if he hadn't just used her body for nourishment.

His tongue darted out to dry his lips as he stepped forward again, lifting her paled arm to his mouth again, licking off the fresh blood. His eyes squeezed shut at the taste and he stopped his cleaning method, willing himself not to continue less he kill her.

He wished he could feed off her forever, but he had to leave before his lust got the better of him and his control withered. Dropping her leaking arm, he disappeared at the speed of light, returning mere seconds later with gauze and a bandage.

His hands shook as he pressed the gauze down on the wound. His finger dipped into some smeared blood and he brought it immediately to his lips, relishing his final taste for a long while. He wrapped her wrist in the bandage tight as a tourniquet before kissing her forehead, tasting the salt from the beads of sweat that had gathered there as result of her high.

"You'll see me again after the month has passed. I need to stay away for a while longer. I almost lost it this time love."